Friday With: Barons Of Hiddenhausen - Renders

Barons Of Hiddenhausen - Realm Of The Edge (V.2).

Background - Barons Of Hiddenhausen is based out of Vienna, and is an experimental "one man duo" founded in 2012.. I grew up near the "Waterwoods", an isolated place in the upper Austrian outskirts. I was handed a guitar pick by BB King when I was 11 years old for being the youngest person at the show. A year later I begged my father to buy me an electric guitar. 

After being in several bands I decided to move to Vienna and locked myself up in a small flat for two years to start writing my first debut album. I recorded and mixed it entirely alone on just one macbook and decided to self release it by late 2012. It was around the very same time when an opportunity came along to collaborate on Digital Noise Academy in Los Angeles with one of my childhood hero's, Ken Andrews (Failure, M83, A.P.C.).

From a five track EP 'Realm Of The Edge (V.2)' has a chunky, deep and at times quite edgy vibe flowing through it. All five tracks have a distinct sound, that mixes power and precision with energy and determined vocals. Together the five songs are both moody and majestic.

Renders - I Am Gone.

Background words - Renders recently released her debut single ‘I Am Gone'. The track was produced by Mark Andrade of the band Paradise Animals.

Empowerment and Independence: the standard of purity and truth is reclaimed through the heart. The repetition of the honesty of love is imbued in the song writing, crystallised in the synth chords, and rendered with the strength of willing autonomy. We've all had our hearts broken; we've all felt lonely; but not all of us have stood tall and free; pushed back when pushed over. 'I Am Gone' does just that: takes a stand and raises a collective fist.

Kelly McMichael, aka Renders aka the new pop princess, pours her sensitive heart into this debut single. Asserting herself in the discourse of pop music, Renders is a love letter to herself and the state of moving on. Renders is deliberate: Renders is becoming: Renders is providing: Renders is Kelly McMichael.

We featured Paradise Animals not that long ago. The production by band member Mark Andrade on this song is good, however what really helps, is having a vocalist of the calibre of Kelly McMichael (Renders), and a beautiful song to go with her. A song that is good for the soul.