Paradise Animals - Monday Morning (from the album Day Bed).

Paradise Animals - Monday Morning.

And the band tell us - Appropriately, we're releasing our new single/video "Monday Morning" today. The single is from our LP "Day Bed" it's our very first full length. The album was recorded and produced by the whole band in both Northern Ontario and Toronto.  

Day Bed is the place we go to rest in the daylight. A place where memories wash over us; a place where we pause and think about life. It's a collection of songs that highlights the warmth and happiness of family and childhood, the heartbreak of relationships, and the randomness of social life in the 21st century (album out November 13th).

I listened to the single and thought to myself, that this was 'an absolute must to feature'. I started putting this together, then upon opening both eyes noticed they had also sent a link for the album. So one album listen later, I reckon I have another contender for my top ten favourites of 2015. Seriously if you like the single, the album is a must have. I try to avoid that cliche as much as I can, but hey when something is 'a must have', it's 'a must have'. Understated, intricate music, supports stunning vocals and harmonies, in a collection of superbly crafted songs.