Southern End - Lost Girl

Southern End - Lost Girl.

Background promo - Newcastle band Southern End, formed in early March 2014 with members Patrick McBeath on lead vocals/rhythm guitar, Aidan Liddle on lead guitar, Duncan Brown on Drums/percussion and Andrew Gray on bass guitar and backing vocals. After getting together in high school through similar influences, they decided to jam out a few of their favourite songs and have since then written and recorded many songs. 

Lead singer Patrick McBeath brought ‘Lost Girl’ to the band’s rehearsal the day before their scheduled recording session at Trackdown Studios with producer/engineer Evan McHugh. Impressed by the songs potential the band quickly stuck the pieces together and recorded it in the studio the next day. “We had heaps of originals to go in with, but after we finished it at rehearsal we all knew it was the right song to use” says Southern End. 

The finished product was a track that took an atmospheric pop approach to blues. Southern End are looking to start off 2016 with a slew of shows on the east coast supporting the launch of their new single. “Lost Girl” by Southern End will be released 15th of January 2016.

This is a really cool bluesy rock track. Patrick McBeath has vocals just right for this type of song. The band are clearly a long way beyond jamming their favourite songs, 'Lost Girl' has all the right ingredients, and production is spot on.



Paul Liddle said…
Very nice, well performed, well written and a good structure with a catchy chorus too.