Tuesday Two: Flightress - Doprah

Flightress - The Room.

Background - “The Room” is the latest offering from Perth acoustic duo Flightress, and explores the idea of homelessness, and one version of how it could feel to be put in that place personally.

Songwriter Minky G says, “I wasn’t trying to make a political statement on being a refugee or losing your home, this is just how it feels to me when something that you thought was solid and immovable is taken from you, and you have to rely on other people to get you out of that place. But sometimes, that’s when you find the best parts of others, because it’s so much easier for them to walk away, and sometimes they don’t”.

Recorded by the sea at Driftwood Studios in Trigg, WA, and produced by the talented Rene de Vries, “The Room” takes on a uniquely Australian sound, with the duo including sounds from the garden outside the studio (check out the magpies at the end of the track!) They also enlisted a cello player, who rocked up with a 19th century instrument to include on the song.

Flightress combines songwriter Minky G’s mellifluous melodies with duo buddy Rosco’s seriously awesome guitar licks, the pair create a unique sound that makes them one of Perth’s most prolific live acts. Between them, they’ve jammed with Beyoncé's band (and taken them surfing!), supported UK artist Passenger, jazz muso James Morrison, John Butler, and once accidentally supported Gyroscope as well as a cheeky gig at the Queens Jubilee Celebrations in England in 2012.

This is a gentle and sincere song. Vocals skip above the acoustic soundtrack, and the addition of a cello really does add depth, to this well produced song.


Doprah - Lucid Visions.

Background - Doprah are very proud to share Lucid Visions, the first single and video from their forthcoming album called Wasting. The video features an intriguing religious cult based plot, set amongst a hazed out and spooky forest.

Producer/Director Julian Vares has an interesting story about the video, which may even reveal a missing link to the infamous Parker-Hulme murder as portrayed in the Peter Jackson movie Heavenly Creatures. We shot most of this video in a random spot of forest up at Victoria park, just off Dyers pass road. The day before the shoot we doing doing some location tests and I had my wardrobe designer sitting under the tree we planned on shooting. She felt something sharp buried underneath the tree roots and actually un-earthed half a brick wrapped in what looked like an old 1950's girls-high issue stocking. The Parker-Hulme murder happened not far away after all. I did some research and apparently the actual murder weapon sits on some police-commissioner's desk as a paperweight. I'll never know if we found the legitimate other half brick, a relic from the Heavenly Creatures production, or simple fell victim to some weird prank. I've since lost the brick anyway so I guess we'll never know.

Doprah - a Christchurch New Zealand band - released their debut EP in 2014 to widespread acclaim and featuring a brilliant video for the track Stranger People. This was followed by a trip to CMJ New York, various festival slots including St Jerome’s Laneway Festival and performing with Lorde, Silicon, The Phoenix Foundation and more.

The video for 'Lucid Visions' has been added to our BeeVids page. It's no wonder the band have been getting noticed amongst music pundits, their imaginative and quite intriguing songs really do have that 'special something'. Lucid Visions has a trippy psychedelic vibe for me, whilst the video is something else and worthy of a check.