Thursday Two: Three Tree Town - Ghost Wave

Three Tree Town - Two Birds.

Background Promo - The pleasantly contrasting vocals and war-drum beats of Three Tree Town’s latest track “Two Birds” marks the beginning of the bands delve into their new sound. After several successful festival sets and over ten years playing together, the band now takes their countryside popularity and head for bigger lights. 

In an unprecedented alliance with renowned musician and studio owner Beau McKee (Closure In Moscow) the band have managed to capture their alt/folk roots and combine them with new percussion grooves to form an en/rely alternate sound. “We never tire of this track” says one of two lead singers Dylan Berends. “And now with the alternate arrangement, this apple landed nowhere near the tree it fell from!” 

With a “pull and go” style guitar technique, mix of female and male vocals and bouncing drum rhythms, “Two Birds” is an upward journey, speeding towards eternity, gaining momentum with each bar. The raspy vocals Dylan Berends are relieved by the sweet and innocent return vocals of Tania Lodge that show hints of hit band Of Monsters and Men while maintaining reviews that Three Tree Town is Australia’s answer to an early Mumford & Sons. 

A story of crossed paths, misconceptions and everlasting effects it echoes a tale of how the slightest interactions can result in catastrophic results. “Two Birds” finishes with a smooth sigh, giving closure to the listener but reminding them that there is more to come from Three Tree Town.

This is a really good song. The contrasting vocals, intricate guitar work and 'marching' drums are so well woven together, the end result is one short and sweet song.


Ghost Wave - Blues Signal '79.

Background words - Yesterday Ghost Wave released their Blues Signal '79 single, taken from a forthcoming album out early in 2016. The album was recorded in Auckland and mastered by Sonic Boom....more details to come.

The band explain the background to the song as follows - Blues Signal '79 kinda eventuated out of this other song that we used to play called Jazz Style. The original of the version of the song was way different to what you hear, and I'm really glad that after playing Jazz Style for 3 years, we scrapped it. I'm a big one for throwing songs away, even when I really like them... 3 years later, recorded, the song just wasn't meant to be. I just heard the original recording on the drum stem and was like "nope, this isn't happening", so deleted it. Within 5 minutes the new organ hook had arrived, we dropped the bass on it, and felt like we had a way more captivating piece of music. 

We decided to put this song out first cause it's kinda different to stuff we've released before. Ghost Wave isn't a singles band, but we're super proud to release Blues Signal 79 off our upcoming LP Radio Norfolk (Flying Nun). It's a slice of GW's future (album on the way), looking at the past (don't forget), wondering why nothing makes sense (or does it?).

This is one of those songs that's hard to pigeon hole in a specific genre. Whatever, it's catchy, clever and does the trick in making me look forward to checking out the new album, when it lands next year.