Alternative Take: Mantocliff - Future Unlimited

Mantocliff - These Words.

Background promo - Basel, Switzerland-based quintet Mantocliff make their debut with a powerful orchestral electronic composition. Their intense blend of emotional vocals, ethereal instrumentation, and refined production will leave you in awe.

Caveman Sound writes "Led by the brilliant vocals of singer Nives Onori and steeped in a vibrant atmosphere built by the groups five instrumentalists, "These Words" is an exceptionally stunning debut. It's creativity is made apparent from the start, with cleverly echoed arrangements of lighter-than-air guitar plucks, resonant percussion and poignant lyrics drawing us in. These lend themselves organically into a rhythmic ebb and flow of energy, combining orchestral elements with exploratory pop and spirited dance. They’ve created a magnetic web that will leave you with the feeling of having experienced something cinematic, endlessly expressive, and the affirmation that Mantocliff are definitely ones to keep a keen eye on." Look out for their debut album Umbilical, arriving March 4th.

'These Words' is one of those slow building songs, that becomes increasingly layered, however they keep everything in balance and create a really fine piece of heartfelt music.


Future Unlimited - Calm Me Down.

Background promo - After a three year release hiatus, Future Unlimited haved delivered their sophomore EP, Calm Down. Shortly after collaborating with Shia Labeouf for their video "Haunted Love," the band decided to incorporate additional members and focus on a more live-driven, organic sound.

The lead single "Calm Me Down" is the direct result of the union between a gritty, pulsing live presence and the glossy synth-pop heard on the band's 2012 single "Golden".

The six song EP is a dynamic collection of the band's live sound, incorporating vicious arpeggiated rhythms and bombastic live drums. While pop elements can be found in songs like "In The City" and "Calm Me Down," the EP seeks to pierce the glassy synth-pop surface with tracks like "Come Back" and "Destroyer."

The title and featured track from this six song EP is driven by a synth, that to me sounds a little reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder production on Donna Summers 'I Feel Love'. There the similarity ends. The EP is a really good collection of songs, plenty of variety in style and not one dull moment.