Genre Wander: Consilience - So Below - The Fireworks

Consilience - Soft And Slow.

Background promo - Consilience will transport you to dream worlds with sophisticated pop tunes that sail smoothly under Tasy Hudson's hypnotic vocals, often building to powerful crescendos under soaring lead guitar lines.  Yesterday, Consilience announced their upcoming album, Under Our Beds, and share first track "Soft and Slow".

Multi-instrumentalist Tasy Hudson started performing solo with a guitar, synthesizer and a loop pedal under this name in 2011 and was quick to realize that her music is better suited with a band. Louis Mendez, Dylan Howard (Truthful Work Films) and Aidan Lucas-Buckland (Wool on Wolves, The Whitsundays, Diamond Mind) brought Consilience to life as the band broke into the Edmonton music scene. Consilience released a 4-track EP titled "Walking Through a Dead Night", recorded by Jesse Northey at Riverdale Recorders. The EP is a collection of four songs that give a glimpse of their energetic live shows, described as "all things dusky, dreamy, and just a little haunted" (All Our Blaring Lights). Consilience is releasing their first full-length piano-driven album in the July 1st 2016. Hudson performed vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards, and Northey taking the role of producer. Using a unique blend of organic and synthetic sounds, it is an inquisitive exploration of conflict and contrast within the themes of self-empowerment and vulnerability.

Consilience has shared the stage with notable acts such as Library Voices and Calvin Love in addition to being invited to play at Pop Montreal in September 2015. They're currently focusing on touring across Canada to promote their music while laying the groundwork for their upcoming full length. The members of Consilience are active in the local and national music scene having performed individually as members of Wool On Wolves, Doug Hoyer, Born Gold, Faith Healer, The Whitsundays, and many others. These opportunities have allowed them to gain crucial experience while performing at major festivals and opening for marquee acts like St. Vincent, Warpaint, and Chad VanGaalen. This emerging group of musicians is determined to make art that matters.

Tour Dates
07/08 Edmonton, Canada @ 9910
07/23 Victoria BC, Canada @ Copper Owl
07/28 Calgary AB, Canada @ Broken City with Jesse And The Dandelions

I have to say I really do like the song 'Soft And Slow'. It's musically so full of varying sounds and the vocals are a delight. It is almost a mini opera as the song twists and turns and the pace varies. The album 'Under Our Beds' will definitely be on my personal radar.


So Below - Far.

Background promo - Since making her musical debut with her single ‘Drift’ and attracting over 60,000 SoundCloud plays in just a few short months, So Below has become the mysterious goth pop chanteuse that everyone can’t stop talking about.

After leaving her native New Zealand, Madeline North began exploring her vocal talents inspired by her new surroundings. Layering heavily processed vocals and harmonies over simple yet dark laptop beats, North began to formulate her style into what would so uniquely become So Below. Wanting to carry on this darker, moodier style of electro-pop, North reached out to fellow Kiwi musicians Aaron Short (The Naked And Famous), Sam McCarthy (Kids Of 88) and Leroy Clampitt (Taste Nasa) to help her produce her demos and ultimately complete what has become her debut self-titled EP.

Having a combined 165,000 plays on SoundCloud with her singles ‘Drift’, ‘Sleep’ and ‘Luna’, the support of notable sites such as as V Magazine, HillyDilly and Neon Gold and receiving high rotation on New Zealand alternative radio, So Below is poised to be one of 2016’s artists to watch. Don’t say you weren’t warned…

'Far' is a goth pop song that occasionally morphs into a dance track, (and then back out again). Vocals are intriguing as Madeline North adds layers, that really do complement the soundtrack. Having checked some of So Belows other songs, I reckon the one to watch label is fair, to say the least.


The Fireworks - All The Time.

Background promo - Shelflife is proud to bring you the Black and Blue EP, the first release by London and Brighton-based group The Fireworks since their debut LP, 2015's Switch Me On. The heavily anticipated four-track EP will be out July 15 on limited 10" blue vinyl and digital formats.

Following a handful of fantastic 7" singles and a self-titled EP, the quartet exceeded already high expectations on their debut album. Switch Me On's 13 tracks soar by in a blur of warm, fuzzed-out feedback, infectious hooks and pure unadulterated energy. One reviewers comparison of their sound to "the Shangri-Las after eight pints of Harvest Pale" is a telling testament to both their pop songwriting prowess, and also how flat-out fun their music is. Fans old and new of The Fireworks will not be let down by their new Black and Blue EP.

The release may only be four tracks long, but you'll be needing to take a breather after it's done. These songs mark the most rocking we've heard The Fireworks thus far, while still keeping the catchy melodies and pop sensibility we've come to expect from them. The driving opener "All the Time" is an instant favourite, and the dynamic track tells listeners right off the bat that this is no mellow, passive listen. "The Ghost Of You" features jangly guitar work and fantastic dual vocals from Matthew Rimell and Emma Hall, making the track a shimmering pop gem. Of course, the distortion that smattered Switch Me On is still present, and tracks like "Bury Me" will have you jumping around in a fit of uncontrollable vigor (perhaps why they chose to name this the Black and Blue EP?). The band touches down on all bases on this new release, making it an essential listen whether or not you've been a fan in the past.

'All The Time' is most definitely a power packed and pretty potent punky song (try saying that three times quickly). Raw energy and passion by the ton, based on this song the band are most aptly named.