Double Delights: Art d'Ecco - Darling Cora

Art d'Ecco - She So Hot.

Background - After a period of dark, personal turmoil, d’Ecco escaped the city life and relocated to the Gulf Islands of British Columbia to embark on a journey of much needed soul searching and personal rediscovery. He spent three years in relative seclusion on the island retooling, writing, and overcoming the obstacles of isolation and regret.

“I’d fled a bad scene in Vancouver – my life was spinning out of control and I needed a refresh. I was burnt out and over playing music. The scene. The debauchery...” - Art d'Ecco

With Day Fevers, d’Ecco peers through a lens of nostalgia with nods to glam rock, classic rock n roll, krautrock, spaghetti westerns, and new wave psychedelia. He sought to deliver an album that flowed like a playlist, spanning different genres with himself as the sonic rug that ties it all together. Starting with “Sunrise” and closing with “Sunset,” Day Fevers travels through themes of desire, isolation, nostalgia, and personal discovery, taking listeners through the lows and the highs.

The new debut album 'Day Fevers' is set for release this September 9, 2016. There is a brand new video for the featured track, that I will be adding to BeeVids asap. There are nine songs on the forthcoming album and wow! has Art d'Ecco come up with something very special. If you read the final paragraph from the abridged biography above, you might just see it as "over the top promoter speak", however cutting to the chase, in my opinion it's actually something of an under statement.


Darling Cora - Yearn.

And Darlene Cuevas (aka Darling Cora) has this to say - Yearn' is one of the simplest tunes on the album, and is also the most heartfelt and optimistic.  It is about being in love with someone who you so strongly believe is your destiny and future, to the point where you have such faith that they will return to you when the time is right.  Is this a song about true love?  Maybe, maybe not.  But it certainly is about as honest and sincere a longing for it (true love) as there can be, whether grounded in reality or not.

With my project Darling Cora I've looked to blend and bend genres to create evocative, well-crafted songs that please both head and heart. 

My forthcoming album is a time capsule into my years as a young woman figuring out matters of the heart, especially to do with love -- the good, the bad, the sweet, and the ugly.  I wrote about different facets of loving, and how its lack or excess can wear upon the heart and psyche. 

Having described 'Yearn' as one of the simplest tunes on the awaited album, I am intrigued to hear more. Musically the crisp and fresh mix of instruments provide a wonderfully light background, whilst Darlene's vocals are exquisite, and blend perfectly creating the melody, in what is as much art, as it is music.