Globetrotting: Billy Momo - Aquila Young - Johnny Dread - The Hourglass Cats - Her Harbour

Billy Momo - Drive.

Background - A Swedish 7-piece band with a distinctive sound, their musical roots running deep in the soil of the rural American South as well as cruising the big city streets, combining bluesy feel with gritty sounds and greasy grooves, yet also loaded with highly polished pop hooks. Billy Momo's third album 'Seven Rivers Wild' takes the band to new, dazzling heights with soaring choruses and powerful music. In concert, a Billy Momo performance is a joyous experience, energetic, personable and unforgettable.

Not all that long ago two weathered musicians, Tomas Juto and Oskar Hovell, decided to leave the comforts and tribulations of their previous music endeavors. They went into the Swedish woods to collaborate and eventually give birth to an idea that would become Billy Momo.

Billy Momo has matured and expanded since its beginnings. Two talented and eager men have become seven independent but like minded souls on a journey that has led Billy Momo into uncharted and exciting music landscapes. Brilliant music videos, as well as being featured in the international TV sensation Better Call Saul and now a brand new best-to-date album; Seven Rivers Wild.

Coming into your own, confidence in freedom to expand and explore is human nature. The experiences life affords the seekers of honesty is never complete but groundwork for stages in eras we all thrive in. Billy Momo have completed their most achieved work to date with their new album Seven Rivers Wild.

Blazon roots rock, timeless pop in a one-of-kind sound that travels genres while staying true to the 7 piece band’s core sound. Seven Rivers Wild showcases solidly that Billy Momo have come into their own, not afraid to reach further into unexplored depths not touched on with their previous two releases. Using real life experiences to write stories we instantly relate to. Website here, Facebook here.

'Drive' typifies the quality the band consistently deliver with the new album. So whats a Swedish band doing, creating high quality Americana rock? Your guess is as good as mine, but boy, does it work. Like song equals love album.


Aquila Young - Crimson Criminal.

Background - A fleeting moment, a fleeting high. From conversation to temptation. From temptation to intoxication. Crimson Criminal is the intoxicating new song from Aquila Young. It’s smooth and spine-tingling, infusing deep washes of synths into lucid dreaming.

With the tension of seduction and the chase of desire, Crimson Criminal brings a new twist with an evocative notoriety. It’s a delicate cry of vulnerability and a vulnerable plea towards the unrequited love, torn in corrupted game, dancing between danger and desire. Last year the songstress made waves with debut EP Distance Echoes, gaining airplay from Triple J as well as US and UK radio. Her debut single Vagabond gathered substantial following and landed placement in Spotify’s official playlisting.

Following on from a successful year Aquila Young has been establishing a local following captivating live audiences with her alluring presence and electric energy. She shared stages with the likes of Boo Seeka, MT Warning and Airling alongside boutique festival appearances including Bleach, GLOW and 2High. With electrical performances capturing onlookers both locally and nationally, and an increasing support and following for the artist, she followed on to a highly coveted live showcase at this year’s Bigsound Live.

A brazen world of isolated mystique and curiosity surrounds the artist known as Aquila Young. Her influence exudes a warmth and charisma that is both fearless and fearsome. An unwavering charm artfully provoking the senses: igniting the flame, playing with fire. Crimson Criminal will be available on iTunes and all other digital outlets on Friday 18th November. Facebook here.

Nov 25-26 - Jungle Love Festival - Sunshine Coast 
Dec 31 - NightQuarter - Gold Coast

'Crimson Criminal' is a mixture of Aquila Young's passionate and atmospheric vocals, alongside an equally dreamy and synthy soundtrack. The song builds and grows into something quite powerful, I reckon this track will get noticed far and wide.


Johnny Dread - Full Circle.

Background - Cuban-American reggae ambassador, Johnny Dread, has released the video for his single "Full Circle". Off of his album Full Circle available on iTunes and on all major global digital formats, the title track "Full Circle" infuses Caribbean beats and was written by Dread, produced by Stephen Lashley and David Simmons for Heddrokk Productions and recorded at HeddRockk Studios in Miami, FL. The video, directed by Christian Brayant of Positive Studio, was shot in the cities of Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo in Costa Rica.

Submerged into the Rasta music community in the late 80's Dread formed the group Copacetic alongside Anthony Booker (Bob Marley's step brother), Ras Bagga, and recorded the album Ghetto Rock which peaked to #7 on the Billboard Reggae Charts in 1990. Shortly after, he embarked on a solo career and travelled to Jamaica to record his first solo album, Scarecrow (1997), with internationally acclaimed drummer/producer, Wilburn Squidly Cole, of Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. In 2000, Dread released Chapter One, his second solo album and the first one of the seven Revelations, a series of seven albums that includes thus far the sophomore release, Magnificent People (2003) and his current album, Full Circle.

Twenty-five years of touring like a true troubadour, Dread is gearing up for his November performances as part of the Corona Reggae Rock Fest in Puerto Rico and a special performance on December 10 at Cuba Ocho in Miami, FL. Facebook here.

There is a wonderfully classic reggae feel going on with 'Full Circle', that it could be mistaken as a homage to Bob Marley. This is more than that, the odd twist of a more modern vibe, is mixed in with traditional reggae, and Johnny Dread adds the energy and passion. Love it!


The Hourglass Cats - Bailar Para Mi.

Background - The Hourglass Cats are a Desert Reggae & RockNRoll collective based out of Phoenix, AZ. Formed in 2011 by frontman Cori Rios and drummer “Hot” Karl Maier. The Hourglass Cats consist of Chaz Fertal (Saxophone), Lisa Lizanec (Trombone), Seth Gory (Bass), Jesse Morrrison (Keys/Vox),  Enrique Naranjo (Drums) and Cori Rios (Guitar/Vox). The aforementioned Rios, whom Jeff Moses of Phoenix New times referred to as a “Bona-fide Rock Star” at last years Apache Lake Music Festival where they performed an “unforgettable” set, has been writing his own music since he was 16 years old.

2016 saw the release of Portraits of Cats, THC’s second and most diverse album to date. Recorded and produced by their very own Jesse Morrison of Studio at The Farm. “Portraits of Cats will take you on a musical journey of THC’s influences”. From the “intoxicating reggae pop” of the opening track, Rainchecks, to the Latin inspired Bailar Para Mi, which will “transport you south of the border for a few minutes of fantasy,” all the way to the “prowling, growling, edgy Garage-Rock sound of Downtown Funk,” you will get a sample of their wide range of influences.

The Hourglass Cats are on their way to becoming one of Phoenix’s premiere bands. Having most recently performed on the Main Stage at Mcdowell Mountain Music Festival, The Hourglass Cats have toured the west coast and southwest regions including California, Texas, and even as far south as parts of Mexico. They have twice headlined an AZ showcase at SXSW and have shared bills with Passion Pit, Portugal The Man, Thievery Corporation, Slightly Stoopid, Kongos, STRFKR, Allen Stone, Dispatch, Tribal Seeds, and more! Website here.

Released earlier this year 'Bailar Para Mi' came my way from the band, after we featured music from a good friend of theirs. Mixing genres and styles and creating a wonderful sound, the music is fabulous and so, so catchy. Trying to pin the band to any one, two or even more genres, is a non starter, the sheer ability, energy and commitment appears to ensure whatever direction they take, they do it in style.


Her Harbour - Hewing Crowns.

Background from Her Harbour (Gabrielle Giguère) - “Hewing Crowns” is the first single from my sophomore release, and is the oldest song on the album. I chose it as the opening track and first release as I felt it introduced the space from which I started writing Go Gently Into the Night and that it could serve as a preface to the demons I attempted to quell in making the album.

Out on February 3, 2017 with E-Tron Records, 'Go Gently Into the Night' is about cycles. I wrote the songs at a time where death felt omnipresent. This album has been my attempt at making peace with death as a character of growing importance in my life.

Edited by Mike Dubue, the video is made up of found footage from the 1966 short film “Silent Snow, Secret Snow” by Conrad Aiken. I wrote and produced the album in Ottawa and recorded with Dave Draves at Little Bullhorn Studio. Facebook here.

'Hewing Crowns' is a beautiful and tender song, where Gabrielle Giguère's wonderful vocals are supported by a haunting piano lead background, that develops slowly through the song. The video is edited with imagination, giving the song another storyline. I'm looking forward to the album.