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Weekend Wonders: Droplet - MOTSA - M.I.L.K. - Nouvelle Vague - Laughed the Boy - Brandt Brauer Frick

Droplet - Powerful Mind

Background promo - ‘Powerful Mind’ is the debut single by Melbourne’s newest and most elaborate electronic artist, Droplet. A track entirely about retrospect, ‘Powerful Mind’ attempts to empower listeners with messages of self-awareness and a complete acceptance of reality that alters one’s perception of themselves and others around the them.

“Before I started adding lyrics, the two words that kept floating in my head were resilience and perseverance, it was almost like a person in a boxing ring completely on their own, fighting someone that is invisible to others but so visible to them,” says the brainchild behind the project, singer-songwriter and producer Demi Papazoglou.

The talented Papazoglou paints a picture of a troubled past, interwoven with splashes of minimalist electronica and soaring vocals, evoking passion and drive from an artist that is committed to success. A change in tone from verse to chorus signals personal strength and assertiveness, that …

Genre Wander: Penny Mob - Catch Prichard - H.C.Love - His Clancyness

Penny Mob - Love Not Hate.

Background bio - Glaswegian musician and actor Jamie Quinn (BBC’s “Bluestone 42”, BAFTA Award winning “Still Game” and Friday Night BBC hit “Two Doors Down”) having watched the Brit Awards in his North London flat, was totally alienated by the factory line of pretty boy X Factor types that dominate the modern music scene. He realized that the only logical conclusion was to create a band that would stand up against all of this; a band with soul and guts who sang from the heart about the world they lived in and – most importantly – would write great rock n roll songs.

After recruiting drummer Andrew Mullan, an old friend whom he met at an ‘intense method acting school’, on the grounds that they both felt the same about modern music and because – according to Quinn – “Mullan had what all the great drummers have, plenty of soul and was completely nuts. I knew straight away he was the man for the job”. It was through this meeting of minds that Penny Mob was born.


Quality Not Quantity: Anousheh - On-The-Go

Anousheh - Bones.

Background promo - Electro-Pop artist Anousheh has just launched her latest, buzz-worthy single, "Bones." Anousheh's fresh style combines Pop sensibilities that offers a unique, and slightly nostalgic sound for your ears. The songstress has been garnering the praise of fans and critics alike who can't get enough of her hypnotic vocals and captivating instrumentation.

Anousheh is known for her epic melodies, and the Grammy-nominated songwriter has captivated audiences both overseas and in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Drawing early influences from some of her 90's music idols like Tori Amos, Bjork, and Radiohead, her songwriting style has always been rooted in introspection and metaphor. As an adult, Anousheh's love of pop music, hip hop and indie rock has focused her songwriting into hook-driven, thoughtful pop songs-- and in line with artists like Tove Lo, Ellie Goulding and Halsey. Facebook here.

'Bones' is one fine electro po…

Wednesdays Treasure: Def Neon - Roni - MFC Chicken - Hope and Social - Anna Atkinson

Def Neon - Stand Aside. 

Background promo - Welsh electro-rock outfit Def Neon have just dropped their new track Stand Aside. It's the latest offering from their upcoming, self-titled debut album due for release on the 25th of November. There's a press release about the album plus other materials available here and i'll be happy to send you a pre-release copy of the whole thing for review if you'd like.

The album will be officially launched at new DIY music festival Foundations in Manchester this November, with a UK tour planned for 2017. Hailing from Wrexham, North Wales, Def Neon are a band that fuses elements of rock, electro, synthpop and bass music to create a sound that has been described by critics as energetic, intense and unique.

The band's infectious and accessible sound coupled with their engaging live performances across the UK have proven popular with live event organisers, club promoters and fans alike, leading to a number of headline shows, festival …

Globetrotting: Ipanema Cosmonauts - Lewis Fieldhouse - The Person & The People - Crocodiles - Tropical Nasty

Ipanema Cosmonauts - Kites.

Background promo - Ipanema Cosmonauts is the dream-pop, post-rock, nu-gaze, you-name-it duo formed by Alice and Serge in the cold, cold city of Saransk, Russia. Blending ambient guitar textures and pop laden progressions against effortless, serine and soaring vocal melodies, the band's thoughtfully crafted songs have a maturity and spaciousness that both hooks you in and lets you drift.

Influenced only in part by newer Russian bands, Ipanema Cosmonauts reach past cultural barriers to incorporate American jazz progressions, shoegaze lushness, pop melodies, and international collaborations with other US, European, and Japanese based artists.

Their debut release, Adrift starts with their most accessible and pop driven tracks, "Kites" and "Return", followed by their more well known tracks, "Black Helicopters" and "Washed", that originally propelled their success on music streaming services. Adrift will be released on al…

Monday Mix: The Raveonettes - The New Respects - Kosi

The Raveonettes - This Is Where It Ends.

Background promo - The Raveonettes have released the new track "This Is Where It Ends" .

"This Is Where It Ends" is the ninth track release from the band's official Rave-Sound-Of-The-Month playlist where the duo will continue to upload a freshly recorded track on the last Friday of every month until December.  The 'anti-album' will feature a collection of new tracks that aren't bound by the constraints of the format.  Join the Rave-Sound-Of-The-Month and subscribe to the playlist here.

The Raveonettes also continue their new Pledge Music Campaign where fans can pledge for the CD and vinyl of the forthcoming new album. Sign up for the Pledge Music Campaign here. Bands website here.

'This Is Where It Ends' the latest song from The Raveonettes 'anti album' is melodic and quite atmospheric. Whispered vocals and a sometimes sparse musical background gently lead into a sweeping soundtrack. Love it!


Genre Wander: Del Caesar - Arc Iris - Lara Filip - The Alpacas - Alton Ellis & The Flames

Del Caesar - Like They Always Say.

Background promo - Del Caesar, are a phenomenal new garage/psych trio based in Brooklyn. The band is gearing up to release their second EP, aptly titled EP 2, on November 11th through their imprint Reheated Spaghetti, and in conjunction with the announcement, they’re sharing the raucous lead single “Like They Always Say”

Del Caesar is comprised of frontman/songwriter/guitarist Aaron Lloyd Barr, who doubles as a visual artist by day, and Eric Arikian (Let’s Be Loveless) on bass and Ben Reynolds (Slang King) on drums. Recorded straight to tape, EP 2’s sound embodies riff-driven, upbeat garage rock, snarling in a way that betrays some swagger, but never hostility. Their lyrics that point to the everyday: relationships, ambitions, stuff we all experience, combined with a stripped-down mono recording sound that leaves us with songs that could have been recorded last month or in 1965.

That’s not to say Del Caesar is nostalgic… far from it. There’s no kitschy…