BeeVids: The Montreals - The Soonest - Arrow

The Montreals - Indigo Club.

Background promo - Founded in late-2015, The Montreals humbly went about forging an eclectic sound, splicing subtle jazz and Brit-rock influences over catchy guitar work and melodic vocals. They’re excited to share their new single ‘Indigo Club’ released through Marshmallow Pavement Records, and premiered last Friday through It’s the first taste from the soon to be released eponymous Indigo Club EP.

Just this year the band has caught support slots for the likes of Alpine, Andy Bull, Hey Geronimo, John Steel Singers, and Last Dinosaurs. The collective was also recently named one of triple j Unearthed’s Spotlight Artists. The EP was mixed by Magoo (The Jungle Giants, Art vs. Science) and mastered by Steve Smart of Studio 301 (British India, Vance Joy).

“Lyrically, ‘Indigo Club’, was triggered by a professedly drunken night in a swanky bar; I was swiftly kicked out and hit the sidewalk for some quality me time. The Indigo Club EP looks upon our fumbling early twenties; wrestling with the glamorous and ill-sighted aspects of youth and regret,” says lead singer Stefan on the genesis of the track.

Look for the announcement of an upcoming East Coast tour in early-2017 from the band. “Indigo Club” will be released 28th of October 2016. Facebook here.

Bright jangly guitars mixed with melodic vocals give 'Indigo Club' an all important lift, that gets the song noticed. The story telling video, gives the song an additional dimension, leaving me looking forward to hearing more from this band.


The Soonest - Start A War.

Background - Musical project, The Soonest, led by San Francisco based musician Young Lee, makes its debut with their full length album, Doors to the City. Having released a handful of EPs recorded at traditional recording studios, the band took historical note and moved their recording equipment into an empty church in San Francisco. 

The high wooden ceilings helped to create that organic timeless sound that modern plug ins and digital reverb seek to achieve. Mixed by Greg Francis and mastered by TW Walsh, the album showcases the layer heavy sound that the band became known for along with their use of multiple vocal tracks. Consisting of musicians from groups such as Waters, Hazel English, Doe Eye, There’s Talk and Elsa y Elmar, The Soonest has always been open to incorporating musicians from different backgrounds in creating a familiar sound through the combination of their different writing perspectives.

With the previous EPs and other bands, The Soonest has attracted the attention of many in seeking original music for use in sync. Most recently, Young Lee was asked to score a film documentary, Weaving Shibusa  that is due to release in the fall of 2016 and incorporates his post rock instrumental influenced sounds. With the release of this album, The Soonest is set to take the project into overdrive with an album that can finally match the dynamic of their live shows. Facebook here.

'Start A War' is a fine reminder of the quality of the recently released 'Doors To The City' album. And now with a lyric video if your up for a sing along then feel free, mind you the vocals on the song are gonna be hard to better.


Arrow - The Maze.

Background - Danish two piece band Arrow originates from two different sides of the Copenhagen music scene, but come together in their affection for well-written, melodic, alternative pop.

With its minimalistic production, moving vocals and nordic noir, ‘The Maze’ marks their first single as a duo. Mixed by Swedish legendary engineer Lasse Mårthén (Lykke Li, Peter, Bjorn and John), ‘The Maze’ is a haunting, dark pop song that stays with you long after it’s over.

The video for ‘The Maze’ is filmed by Danish artist and photographer Josefine Seifert. Staged in New York, the video features the mysterious artist Liz on a moving journey through the city. Through Josefine’s grainy lense, the song comes to life. Facebook here.

If your into a little Film Noir of the Nordic variety the music video for 'The Maze' has plenty of that. The song is a beauty as well, with superb vocals and a lush soundtrack.