Quality Not Quantity: The Culture In Memoriam - Jackson Dyer

The Culture In Memoriam - The Little One (Marches On).

Background promo - The Little One (Marches On) is a song about the dreams you left behind. The dreams that gave you comfort and tucked you in at night when life showed itself from its ugly adult side. The dream of a better world and the dream of a worthy future. The dreams carried you and stood by your side during all those years growing up. But somewhere, in the middle of it all, you ran away from yourself. And you ran too fast. Never gave the dream, or the child in you, the chance they deserve. Years later, that little child pounds at you from the inside of your chest and bites your guts all these mornings when you’re going to that same workplace and to that same asshole that calls himself your boss. Listen up. Come back. The little one is still here. The little one misses you. The little one will continue to harass you from inside until you’re back. The little one marches on and shouts: be realistic and demand the impossible.

As a five-year-old Victor Håkansson began his musical journey, travelling around with a theater-society, playing tambourine. Now, four albums later, he continues as the “Chairman of the bored [sic]” in The Culture In Memoriam (TCIM), an organic collective of musicians based in Malmoe, Sweden.

The Little One (Marches On) was  released yesterday through Så Länge Skutan Kan Gå Records and will be available in all digital stores.The single is taken from The Culture In Memoriams new album, ”History's Dust”. The album is a grand tribute to a free life, far from monotonous wage-labour and alienating assembly lines.

Although bursting with full-blown instrumentation and pompous arrangements TCIM never loses it's intimacy and naked nearness to its listener. The latest album ”Rest in Pieces”, was hailed in unison by critics and audiences. The feministic single ”Sisters” obtained heavy rotation on Swedish national radio as well as on German radio. The band also got media attention with the single ”Jimmie”. TCIM also does frequent tours in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland. More here.

'The Little One (Marches On)' gives the sense of marching, musically speaking, with a melodic and gently building song. Vocals sooth and the music is light and pleasing, this is my introduction to TCIM and I like it!


Jackson Dyer - Pariahs.

Background - Australian singer, songwriter and producer Jackson Dyer releases his Compartments EP), along with final single 'Pariahs'. The single follows on from "Projection, Abstraction", "The Absolute", and "Steal Away". 'Pariahs' is a song that questions how we can be so distant from each other, even of our neighbours, in an age of densely populated cities and social media. The most stripped back and folk - oriented song on the EP, it references Dyer’s previous works and focuses on lyrical imagery - Jackson Dyer.

‘Compartments’ is an EP of self-­reflection that I wrote at a time when I faced a lot of uncertainty and questions about my place in the world. Far away from home, often spending long hours in my studio on the industrial outskirts of Berlin, it was a period of introspection when I experimented with production and songwriting. In this space, I wrestled with many of my misgivings about the music industry, the nature of humanity and my own personal motivations. The title ‘Compartments’ refers to the lyrics in ‘Pariahs’, which is about how close many people live to each other in cities and apartment blocks, but still lead very enclosed lives, unwilling to engage with even their neighbours. Ironically, I spent a long time in my own ‘Compartment’ writing these songs and it wasn’t until I collaborated with others that they really came alive. Facebook here.

'Pariahs' is the second track we have featured from the new 'Compartments' EP. Pariahs is the final single taken from the six track EP, and is a gentler acoustic song. As a whole the EP has the hallmark of quality where singer, songwriter Jackson Dyer mixes understated styles that complement his likable vocals, enabling each song to intrigue the listener, without overwhelming them.