Weekend Wonders: VOWWS - Her Harbour - Kambui Chui-Moore - Lowlands - Tuffet Bunnies - Atticus Chimps

VOWWS - Heartbreaker.

Background - With their new single, “Heartbreaker,” VOWWS veer into the wrong lane - and smash backwards into Pop. The new single was released this week, coinciding with their North American tour in support of British post-punk band White Lies.

A flash-grenade of musical justice, “Heartbreaker” opens with the layered ramblings of a mad man - before exploding into an urgent groove of cascading beats, vertical guitars and a guiding, screaming synth - a musical offering that pummels you over the head with a sick smile on its face.

"We wanted this song to be a window into casual insanity. It's war music for peaceful people cos when everything looks the same, it's harder to choose,” says Matt. Heartbreaker was produced by the duo and Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Fear Factory, Youth Code). Their second album, the follow up to 2015's 'The Great Sun,' is due mid-2017.

Australian duo VOWWS met while studying music in Western Sydney. They played in multiple prominent experimental rock bands together and quickly became fixtures in Sydney’s underground music scene. It didn't take long for the duo to become restless however, and soon enough they packed up, said goodbye to Australia and moved to Brooklyn NY in 2011 - where where they began writing music together with full focus. Website here and Facebook here.

A thumping rhythm kicks in and 'Heartbreaker' is underway. Dark and moody in part, the song also develops a more melodic feel as it progresses, whilst the vocals are absorbed into the atmosphere.


Her Harbour - Chime and Knell.

Background - The song comes from her new LP Go Gently Into The Night, which will be released on February 3rd via E-Tron Records.

Gabrielle's thoughts on how the song is filled with the spectre of death, surrounded by the passing winter:

“Chime and Knell” is about the juxtaposition of life and death in the spring. I began writing it in the last stretches of the winter, when the snow was first melting and the dormant land was beginning to thaw. In a season that had always seemed abundant with life, I felt haunted by death; I saw it in the landscape and everything that surrounded me. I ultimately found peace in understanding the importance of loss to life renewing itself and hoped to convey that sentiment with “Chime and Knell”. Website here, Facebook here.

Second time around on Beehive Candy for Her Harbour this time with 'Chime and Knell'. last time we stated "a beautiful and tender song, where Gabrielle Giguère's wonderful vocals are supported by a haunting piano lead background". This is clearly something Her Harbour can deliver over and over as this charming song demonstrates.


Kambui Chui-Moore - Confier.

Background - Kambui Chui-Moore is thrilled to share his debut full length album Confier this week. Confier means “entrust” in French. Kambui delivers heartfelt lyrics covering themes of identity, vulnerability, and the fear of what’s next. Taking cues from James Blake and Kid Cudi, he creates otherworldly beats built on unconventional rhythms, sparse piano riffs, and multilayered vocals to be the emotive backdrop to his message. The production may seem minimal, but upon a repeat listen it’s clear that Kambui provides a nuanced complexity in his music that derives from his love of classical music. As his debut album, it’s clear that he’s holding nothing back.

Kambui Chui-Moore was born in Houston to a pastor and early childhood educator where music was the backdrop of their lives. From James Brown to Mahalia Jackson, music was always playing in their house but he was the only child of three to adapt his parents’ musical talents. Kambui first started playing drums in church when he was 7 and, with the help of his godbrothers, he began performing with local group Eternal Groove and played in his school’s concert and marching bands. Although Kambui came from a place of love and security, he never felt he had his own voice.

Upon new job opportunities, Kambui’s family moved to Detroit in 2001. It was here that he was forced out of his shell and expanded his musical tastes. Acts like Paramore and Evanescence first taught him about alternative song structures and inspired him to look at the science of music. He quickly became unimpressed with the structure of marching band and quit practicing drums throughout high school.

It wasn’t until he was at Michigan State University that Kambui began playing music again. His friends built a makeshift home studio and the group began making beats, recording, and freestyling any chance they got. Recording in that studio was a life changing experience for Kambui. He could take the music anywhere he wanted to with no restrictions. He had found his purpose and his voice. Kambui means “unafraid” in Swahili, and that he is. Facebook here.

'Confier' is one of five tracks I have heard by Kambui Chui-Moore, and on each occasion I have been struck by the intimate nature of the songs, and yet the atmosphere and detailed production adds so much additional depth.


Lowlands – Floating.

Background - Lowlands is an American bi-coastal music group based in NYC & San Diego, CA. Formed in NYC in 2014 by guitarist T.C. Garcia (of Mrs Magician) and vocalist Gabriel Spatuzzi, Lowlands play slow, dark, minimalist ghost-punk that draws inspiration from the likes of Rowland S. Howard and Ennio Morricone.

Recorded in fits and starts on two different coasts throughout 2014-2015, their debut album 'Lovers Blessings' is characterized by sparse droning arrangements and wistful, mostly ad-libbed lyrics that touch on themes of loneliness, isolation, architecture, sexual frustration & all forms of doubt (religious, self, etc).

Lowlands excellent debut album, Lovers Blessings, is now available on vinyl. This release is very limited (250 white LPs) so get 'em while they're hot here. Facebook here.

'Floating' reminds me in part of The Sisters Of Mercy with the vocals so deeply immersed in the mix. That said the band are no copycats, and this is one hook laden slow rocker, that pleads for another listen.


Tuffet Bunnies - Everything.

Background - Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Tuffet Bunnies is excited to share the music video for his single "Everything" off his debut release Love Songs For Scarlett EP. The video sees Clem Darling enjoying a day at the park surrounded by loving couples, an acrobat, and a sparkly butterfly. The video perfectly depicts the charming, happy-go-lucky love song.

Tuffet Bunnies is the alias for Clem Darling's musical whims. He's from the American northeast, born in Boston, MA and grew up in Albany, NY. His father is a surgeon. His mother is a therapist. He played music in the northeast for awhile, from ages 10-18, mostly making music reminiscent of Unicorns and Pavement. Clem then moved to Los Angeles to attend film school. After graduating, he moved to Austin, TX and played a lot of live music in garage rock bands. Then, Clem moved back to Los Angeles because he fell in love with an acrobat and burlesque performer who inspired this debut album of love songs.

The quirky nature of the video aside, 'Everything' is one cheerful melodic song that can surely put a smile on your face, with or without a clown juggling!


Atticus Chimps - Illusion.

Background - Atticus Chimps formed in November 2015. Founding members Theo and Sam are cousins who have played casually as a duo since their teenage years. Kerrod was a friend of Sam’s who had only started playing drums earlier in the year. The band played 3 small gigs together, in front of crowds no bigger than a classroom, before recording a 5 track EP, Hug Me ’Til You Drug Me in July 2016. After recording the EP Kerrod departed the band to move overseas, and Theo and Sam enlisted new member, Jordan, to fill in on drums; he has become an integral part of the group ever since.

The first single from the EP, “Illusion” was recorded at Tall Poppy Productions in July 2016 and was engineered by Nathan Woodrow. After writing several dark and edgy songs, the band started leaning more towards writing a song that was optimistic and uplifting - something that would make people feel good. “Illusion” has all the melodic qualities of a melancholic 90s rock song, while incorporating lyrics that touch on the all too familiar experience of growing up and living in a never ending state of perpetual change and confusion. “Dwell on the past, it only exists in your head.”

The song attempts to sooth anxieties and past regrets, while having a mindset that is happy and content with the present moment. The EP ranges from slow, calm and melodic love songs to angry, progressive, emotionally charged anthems that convey dissatisfaction and alienation from authority, bearing the influence of their Punk roots. Facebook here.

'Illusion' is a refined and smooth flowing alt rock song given some edge by the vocals. The band keep things tight and straight and there are a good few hooks thrown in along the way.