Weekend Wonders: Narrow Waves - Cajsa Siik - The Solars - Sunsquabi - Maggie McClure - Analog Monoxide - Katie Buchanan

Narrow Waves - Hear Me Out.

Background - Boston's Narrow Waves have just released their new single "Hear Me Out". All local city musicians, the sextet came together by two degrees of separation, but at times found each other’s beloved record store days separated by ten years. 

Between the metaphoric lyricism of Morrissey and the stadium-indie flush of Arcade Fire, Narrow Waves found their sound. Through listening to one another they have found their voice.

"Hear Me Out" is from the band's forthcoming debut five-track EP, Letters From Another State, due out in March. The group worked with producer Jeff Lipton on the single, whose past releases include Bon Iver, Ladytron, LCD Soundsystem, The Magnetic Fields, Sebadoh and Soul Asylum. Facebook here.

With such a fine vocal duet and harmonies on 'Hear Me Out' it's easy to forget about the music. The band are tight and drive the rhythm and disciplined enough to allow the natural and refreshing vocals to take the limelight on this song.


Cajsa Siik - White Noise.

Background - Swedish alt-pop singer Cajsa Siik has a new single up for release next month, taken from her upcoming third album Domino set to drop early summer. Following on from her highly acclaimed 2014 sophomore album ‘Contra’, Swedish-native Cajsa Siik returns with her latest full-length ‘Domino’, due out on the 2nd June via Birds Records, and will include the new singles ‘Talk To Trees’, ‘White Noise’, and ‘Empire Mine’.

Much like her previous releases, Cajsa Siik aims to inject a pop sensibility into an avant-garde and experimental disposition. Giving her a sound that is both accessible and atmospheric in the process. Recorded in Stockholm with producer Rolf Klinth, ‘Domino’ sees the songstress embark on a much bolder direction than in her previous material that still manages to maintain her core sound.

The record’s lead single ‘Talk To Trees’ displays her new intentions perfectly as she uses her collaborations with Thomas Hedlund (Phoenix, Deportees), Rasmus Kellerman (Tiger Lou) and Carl Ekerstam to add texture and depth to the single, making it the perfect introduction to the album ahead. Describing the track as a, “colourful dreamy zone where I felt connected with reasons and beliefs. Like a subconscious talk with nature. Like a blessing or a blind spot.”

Speaking about the record, Cajsa Siik explained that, “Domino can be described in two different ways. First I wanted it to represent the fact that we’re all connected to each other and that we have a responsibility towards each other and this world. To shoulder that responsibility is easier said than done, but we must try. Be aware. Not only mind our own business. I’ve given that a lot of thought lately. Secondly, every song on this album depends and relies on the other. Together they create a unit and the unit is supposed to be diverse. I aimed for creating a dynamic album.” Website here, Facebook here.

A synthy start that develops with layers of musical warmth, provides the backdrop on 'White Noise' for the dreamy and melodic vocals of Cajsa Siik. It's a good enticement for the awaited album, and a test of our patience as it's not out until June!


The Solars - Potter’s Field / Dockery.

Background - The Solars are thrilled to release their new single, "Potter's Field / Dockery," and announce their East Coast record release tour. "Potter's Field / Dockery" is the second single from The Solars' debut EP Retitled Remastered, available April 21st via independent release. The track is a brooding psych folk track that recognizes the humor in an existential relationship crisis. With traditional folk undertones and modern pop sensibility, "Potter's Field / Dockery" is one part Neil Young, one part The Arcs.

The Solars are Boston's latest up and coming band led by Miles Hewitt and Quetzel Herzig. In December 2016, the indie folk outfit released their debut single "Old K.B." to much local acclaim and quickly found themselves playing to packed rooms along the East Coast. The Solars will be hitting Boston, New York City, and Montreal this April in support of their Retitled Remastered release. Check below for all tour dates!

Still early on the rise, The Solars create a startlingly modern folk sound, melding elements of Brian Wilson post LSD and CSNY's luxurious harmonies with synthesizers and various digital effects. Their forthcoming EP Retitled Remastered is filled with expansive instrumentation, blossoming harmonies, and bottomless layers of old school production trickery. It's clear that The Solars obsessively sweat over every detail of a recording, highlighting their unconventional instrumentation, form, and songwriting. Retitled Remastered EP will be available on Friday, April 21, 2017. Website here, Facebook here.

'Potter’s Field / Dockery' is a fascinating song and a highly likable and listenable one as well. At just under six minutes it's a musical journey of sorts, mixing pysch folk with more traditional moments. Vocals are notable and wonderfully melodic, the music fabulous, the EP a definite must have.


Sunsquabi - Dexter (feat. Nick Gerlach).

Background - Standing at the forefront of the epicenter of the electro-funk scene, Colorado trio Sunsquabi have championed the thriving genre as one of the culture's integral live acts. In 2016, Sunsquabi took their live show across North America, to festivals from Electric Forest to Camp Bisco, or their local world renowned amphitheater- Red Rocks. Gearing up for a massive 2017, Sunsquabi are kicking off the year with their highly anticipated sophomore EP 'Deluxe' still to come via GRiZ's All Good Records.

Before the full EP drops, the band are giving us another glimpse of the record with EP cut "Dexter" feat. jam scene staple Nick Gerlach out this week Yet another laid-back funk production, "Dexter" sees Sunsquabi fuse both organic and electronic instrumentation through the use of synth, drum kits, keyboard, guitar strums, Gerlach on saxophone, and more. An ample follow up to the EP's thriving first singles "Pygmy Up" Feat. Russ Liquid, and "Cinnamon" Feat. Late Night Radio, "Dexter" will be an insta-favorite among fans of a more classic jam based Sunsquabi sound.

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2017, anticipate additional tracks from the full 'Deluxe' EP prior to the project's full release. In addition, fans will be able to catch the Sunsquabi experience live at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, a return to Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado, Summer Camp Music Festival, and a series of North America tour dates outlined on Beehive Candy's tour page, website here, Facebook here.

The track 'Dexter' is getting noticed in a big way after just a couple of days and rightly so. It's a feast of funk and rumbling bass vibes. The musical arrangement and musicianship is fabulous and massively addictive, leaving me wanting more, can we do encores with words?


Maggie McClure - Coming Home.

Background - The Norman, Okla-bred, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/pianist Maggie McClure has spent a good amount of her career placing her songs on TV shows such as Dr. Phil, Cougar Town, The Real World, The Vineyard, and The Hills, as well as in feature films like Cowgirls N’ Angels. Her smooth, confessional songwriting has made her a natural for these formats. Maggie has performed more than 1000 shows throughout her career in over 40+ states in the U.S. at iconic venues such as The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles to Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, and everywhere in between. Her original piano-driven songs empower and inspire listeners with a positive message of hope, love, and faith.

Maggie’s third and newest album, Time Moves On, produced by Justin Glasco, whose work includes Dan Wilson (songwriter of Adele’s hit “Someone Like You”), Gary Jules, Tyler Hilton, and Cary Brothers – chronicles her move from Oklahoma to L.A. and centers on the mental and physical bravery it takes to push yourself in an unknown city and make people pay attention and convince them to be part of your dream.

'Be Right Here For You' is the leading piano driven single off of Time Moves On and features Maggie McClure's infectious pop vocals and an unforgettable upbeat chorus. While ‘Coming Home’, is a beautiful, nostalgic and uplifting story of returning to a place which is close to your heart. Maggie explains how the song was written in less than half an hour, whilst visiting Oklahoma after being away for a while. “It was most definitely a scenario of a stream of consciousness writing" Maggie confesses. ‘Coming Home’ fuses driving drum beats, catchy vocals and melodic guitar rhythms, creating a happy and endearing song that we can all relate to. ‘Coming Home’ will be featured on the soundtrack to the film ‘A Cowgirl’s Story’, which will be released on April 18th. 'Do It Again'. Website here, Facebook here.

Maggie McClure has warm, melodic vocals that are just so well suited to a song like 'Coming Home'. Full of unpretentious modern folk vibes and a beautiful musical arrangement this is catchy by just about any measurement.


Analog Monoxide - Playing Tag.

Background - Nestled along the winding west coast of Norway is the small town Ørsta, where multi-instrumentalist Stian Høyberg creates genre-bending electronica under the banner of Analog Monoxide.

​Stian has been in a constant state of creation since he was young, developing his musicality by playing whatever instrument he could get his hands on and taking music classes where ever he could find them. Upon expanding into the realm of electronica, the use of computers opened up a new sonic territory, and evolved into an essential piece of his unique writing process.

His upcoming release, Songs For the Road, is a true hybrid of Jazz improvisation, funk, experimental electronica, and tried and true blues. Falling somewhere between Portishead and Tom Waits, Analog Monoxide could never genuinely be pegged to a specific genre. Stian alone provided keyboards, guitars, drums, drum machines, synths and vocals, and if he wanted to include an instrument he wasn't familiar with, he would practice night and day until he could play it perfectly.

Songs For the Road (due out April 15th) is Analog Monoxide’s second album, but his first to include such heavy diversity. His work is based largely on personal, emotional, and human events. His upcoming single, "I Would Do It All Again" is one of his most personal, and he hopes to help heal his audience the way music has helped heal him. “It’s dark, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel” Stian remarks. “Perhaps I’m communicating from the midpoint…we’re all here sometimes” Website here, Facebook here.

Electronic musical sounds move around each other and the beat and vocals are in unison as 'Playing Tag' unfolds at it's own cool pace. The layers slowly and constantly build, adding atmosphere and a sense of mystery. Hypnotic music that oozes cool.


Katie Buchanan - Floating.

Background - NYC-based, guitar-driven singer and songwriter, Katie Buchanan, shares "Floating" the first single from her new LP. She is gearing up to release her sophomore album, Who We Are When We're Standing, on June 9, 2017. The record is written and produced by Buchanan, mixed by Doug Schadt (Maggie Rogers, Wet, Emmy the Great) and mastered by Heba Kadry (Neon Indian, The Sea and Cake, The Mars Volta, Trust).

The Kansas-native grew up surrounded by music, having been born into a long line of musicians. With childhood memories of learning the blues around a campfire, you could say that songwriting is in Buchanan’s blood and comes almost as a second nature.

Fans of Katie Buchanan’s ability to seamlessly combine her signature blues-rock style with modern production techniques will not be disappointed by her forthcoming effort, Who We Are When We’re Standing. Her unique style of music also shines through in her live performances.

While listeners are being swept up in the album’s guitar driven pop anthems with that signature electro spin, they can find a message at the core: to stand still and stand tall, Facebook here.

'Floating' mixes upfront vocals and a rhythmic backdrop, that keeps you waiting a short while until the song explodes into a more powerful and driven piece, with some clever tail end electro flavours slipped in.