The Human Circuit - Wendy Bevan - Trevor Sensor - Jordan Mackampa

The Human Circuit - Greeves.

Background - “Greeves”, the first single from The Human Circuit’s upcoming album, ‘Electric City’, is the perfect introduction to the band. Combining classic Indie Rock elements like male / female unison vocals and a driving beat with the more eclectic instrumentation of Jazz. “Greeves” touches on Arcade Fire, `a poppier take on Talking Heads and piano rock for something truly unique.

Mat, The Human Circuit, on “Greeves”: “We too often look at love as a singularly defined “thing”. By desiring love, we immediately crave the array of expectations composing our concept of it. How much more at peace would we be if we could narrow our focus to the meanings we use to define love, rather than “love”, in and of itself?”

The Human Circuit is a touring Alternative Indie-Rock band from Austin Texas. Their catchy psychedelic grooves range from the mystic vibes of David Bowie to the intricate arrangements of Arcade Fire. Their most recent album, Frequent Seas (2015) independently charted top ten on public and college radio stations nationwide. 

The Human Circuit has performed with bands such as The Zombies, The Octopus Project, Boogarins, The Peach Kings, Smoke Season, Calliope Musicals, Ringo Deathstarr, and has been booked by Transmission Events, C3 Presents, among others. The Human Circuit has performed events and festivals including SXSW, 35 Denton, Pecan Street Festival, and more. Website here, Facebook here.

There is an upbeat feel to 'Greeves' right from the opening notes. Vocals are lustrous and lively whilst the musical arrangement shows off the quality and capability of the band. As a taste for the new album, then the band clearly are capable of some extremely good music, definitely on my must hear list.


Wendy Bevan - Love From The Moon.

Background - British cold wave artist Wendy Bevan has shared new track "Love From The Moon". t's the title track from her forthcoming new EP, out May 12th on Kwaidan / !K7 Records.

Wendy Bevan’s own take on cold wave inspired electronica has seen her compared to the likes of Depeche Mode, The Knife and Siouxsie Sioux. Her debut album ‘Rose and Thorn’ produced by Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) was released on Kwaidan Records & !K7 in September 2016. Wendy’s vocals accompanied by glimmers of dark, pulsing electronic synths, minimalist post punk basslines and featuring live strings from the Balanescu Quartet. Her vivid, often surreal theatrical storytelling to creates something thrilling unique in her vocal delivery, both in performance and on the album. The new 4 track EP, ‘Love From the Moon' is out May 12th. It features a remix by Bruno Coviello (Light Asylum/ Bliscord) and a remix of her song Lover by D-Code & Psylence. In addition there is a new bonus track; ‘Running From Waking’ produced by Robert Harder (Nenah Cherry and the Thing, Brian Eno).

Wendy Bevan is a British Musician and Multimedia Artist who combines a surreal and theatrical approach to her work across genres in performance, photography, live visuals and experimental art-works, on stage, musical performance, galleries and photographic imagery. She has developed a unique cinematic world and style of her own making. Wendy’s free spirit and personality as an artist in the most authentic sense enables her to freewheel between genres making panoptic, multifaceted art works. She believes in creating a universal language and balance in the crossover of disciplines. Her vivid and dramatic imagination reveals her immense creative, surreal energy as a story teller, conjuring an alternative, ethereal universe.

The various roles Wendy has cast herself over the last decade, be it as vocalist, visual artist, lyricist, photographer, filmmaker, and performer she melts and morphs wherever a concept leads her, conceiving and manipulating her work as a means of creating a character, enabling her to deliver immersive experiences to her audiences. Wendy is a visionary and her love of theatricality is ever present in whatever she pursues. The world she creates as an artist will continue to mesmerise, inspire and bewilder audiences. Website here, Facebook here.

'Love From The Moon' is a smooth and clean cold wave piece, where Wendy Bevan's vocals melodically surf above the flowing deep and rich synthy sounds.


Trevor Sensor - High Beams.

Background - On June 16, Trevor Sensor will release his debut album Andy Warhol's Dream via Jagjaguwar. The album was recorded at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio in Chicago, IL and was produced by Richard Swift (The Shins, Damien Jurado), Foxygen's Jonathan Rado and Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons, The Envy Corps). Backing Sensor up is a rhythm section of Julien Ehrlich (drums) and Max Kakacek (bass) of Whitney. Today, Sensor shared "High Beams," the first single from the forthcoming album. 

"The song derives from the desire to be one of those people on the television - a desire instilled in us since childhood in America and the western world at large. A desire that consumes us, especially those few born in middle America who look for supposedly greater things beyond the horizon of cornfields and prairies, or the northern factory towns of England - those places where nobody of any pop cultural significance is suppose to come from - for there is only so much room in the camera lens, the television screen, and we must save it for the pretty, plastic people," 

Sensor explains. "It revolves around things lost, things hoped for and the dreams we tell ourselves to keep us from the possibly horrifying conclusions that forever creep up on us in the back of our minds. To these conclusions and this desire, I curl back my feelers and hiss - for I am twenty-three and tired."

Trevor Sensor has just announced a spring and summer tour with The Family Crest and Mt. Joy, respectively. Find a full list of tour dates below, with additional dates to be announced in the coming months. Website here, Facebook here, live dates on Beehive Candy's tour news page.

There is something beautifully bizarre about the video for 'High Beams' which struck a chord with me, before I fully appreciated the actual song. The vocals are arguably quite unique, and once the music and chorus hooks dug in, the track really did resonate with me. An ingenious song, can't wait to hear more.


Jordan Mackampa - Battlecry.

Background - Coventry-based singer Jordan Mackampa is sharing 'Battlecry' - the second single from his new EP ‘Tales From The Broken’, set for self-release on 15th May. A track about refusing to be silenced - and standing up for what you believe in, it's a sumptuous, passionate return.

New single ‘Battlecry’ showcases his unique gospel-tinged vocal, paired with irresistible folk-pop instrumentation - delivering a track as delicate as it is powerful and inspiring.

Speaking on the release of the new single, Jordan explained: “Battlecry is a reflection of the times, it’s about standing up for what you believe in, refusing to be silenced and coming together. It was written to make people feel powerful in the face of adversity, comforted in times of isolation and brave in the face of change.”

Often described as a troubadour, Jordan Mackampa is an artist with timeless soul, and lyrics drenched in heart-felt empathy. As a man who was born in Kinshasa, grew up in London and became an artist in Coventry, Jordan’s music is swimming in the sounds and stories of the cities he’s inhabited over the years. Website here, Facebook herelive dates on Beehive Candy's tour news page.

Our second feature for Jordan Mackampa this time with 'Battlecry'. I think it reasonable to say that this individual has a certain WOW factor. Musically the piece has a rhythmic background that allows the vocals and harmonies to carry both the melody and the heart of this beautiful song.