Thyla - ARY - Everything by Electricity - Martha Ffion - Corniglia - Samsaruh - White Room

Thyla - Tell Each Other Lies.

Background - You’d be hard pressed to find a city that possesses quite as much exciting emerging talent as Brighton right now, and dream pop outfit Thyla’s new single Tell Each Other Lies suggests it’s time to add another to the growing list.

In their euphoric latest offering, Thyla’s endless potential is laid bare once more with sprawling guitars, intense drum beats and the mesmerising vocal prowess of frontwoman Millie Duthie signalling a damning statement of intent heading into 2018.

Having shared the stage with everyone from Dream Wife and Matt Maltese to Yonaka and Trudy and the Romance over the past twelve months, the band’s fierce live reputation continues to grow at a rapid pace, with support slots for The Wytches scheduled before the year is out.

Discussing their upcoming release, the four-piece stated: “Tell Each Other Lies is about the fear of confrontation; pretending everything’s dandy and skipping through life suppressing how you really feel for the sake of an easy ride. It’s about putting up with your loved one’s worst traits because you love them and you know they’ll never change, and it’s about coming to the realisation you wouldn’t want them to anyway”. FACEBOOK.

I have to agree that Brighton on the south coast of England has given us plenty of fine new artists and music this year. Thyla and their new song 'Tell Each Other Lies' continues the momentum, this time with a lush and buoyant dream pop piece that is instantly lovable.


ARY - Anymore.

Background - After releasing their debut single "I Think It's You" in September, three months later, the band ARY reveals their newst single "Anymore". "This song is all about overcoming our fears and don't let anyone think they can play us  around or tear us apart." - Erika Martyns.

ARY are a Portuguese Alt. Electro-Rock band from Lisbon formed by members Erika Martyns, Dénis Rhomays, Ziig Mendes and David Rodrigues.

The roots of the project began with Erika (vocals) and Dénis (producer/guitar). A new soundscape was planned, an energetic blend between catchy melodies, hard hitting drums, electronic elements and heavy guitars. Something was still missing. The liveliness of being in a room playing music with more people, the felling of being part of a group...

For these and many other reasons, Ziig (bassist) joined the band. ARY started to make sense and grow as a solid project, but nevertheless, one critical element was still missing. Rhythm. David Rodrigues (drummer), joined the gang and became the missing piece the band was looking for. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

'Anymore' is a passionate electro rocker, where the positive energy levels are notable across both vocals and the dynamic music.


Everything by Electricity - Last Day Of The Sun.

Background - “There is a powerful agent, obedient, rapid, easy, which conforms to every use, and reigns supreme on board my ship. Everything is done by means of it. It lights it, warms it, and is the soul of my mechanical vessel. This agent is electricity. Everything by Electricity”. Jules Verne, 20000 leagues under the sea.

Whilst lush pop beats strongly at its heart, dense waves of guitar, reverberating walls of noise and fragile melodies collide amidst sparkling neon-lit synths, dreamy vocals and ghostly shapes via the night sky; anchored tight by pulsing bass, throbbing drums and drum machines.

The band’s sound is littered with the strains of alienation and longing for escape one would expect from childhoods spent gazing across cold barren landscapes deep behind the iron curtain.

On moving from Siberia to London, Yulia (guitar, synths, vocals) quietly crafted a collection of demo material in her bedroom studio and expanded the live line-up with the addition of Daniel (bass guitar, synths) and Manoela (drums, pads). WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

Expansive sounding dream pop with melodic hooks galore 'Last Day Of The Sun' is a beautifully atmospheric song.


Martha Ffion - We Make Do

Background - Irish-born, and now Glasgow based singer-songwriter Martha Ffion announces new album entitled 'Sunday Best’ which will be released on Turnstile in early 2018. To celebrate the news Martha Ffion has also released a track from the album - the wonderful ‘We Make Do’.

It’s perhaps true to say that our relationship with music is steered solely by connection. Sometimes that’s a very direct thing; the words we sing along to relatable to our own desires and experiences.
Occasionally, however, it manifests itself in other ways, a captivation drawn from something we can’t conveniently place or pigeon-hole; songs and sentiments we watch from afar, trying to find a way inside.

Martha Ffion’s work has always flourished within the latter of these two paths. While her Irish roots and current home city of Glasgow have undoubtedly informed her work, so many of her songs resonate all the more for feeling wildly devoid of time and place, an alluring cast of characters drifting in and out of focus, each one examining Ffion’s own thoughts on what it means to be “good” in a society that has such determined expectations.

Initially breaking through with a ‘postcard single’ on Scotland’s flourishing Lost Map label, Ffion’s reputation soared with last year’s ‘Trip’ EP, a swooning five-track collection that was released by Turnstile Music (Cate Le Bon, Gruff Rhys, Charlotte Church, Emmy the Great etc.) and championed by GoldFlakePaint for its “beautifully melodic sway”. Written entirely in Glasgow since her move from a distinct Catholic upbringing in small-town Ireland, and recorded with her full live band by Jamie Savage at Glasgow’s Chem 19 Studio (King Creosote, The Twilight Sad, Emma Pollock).

Ffion’s debut album, ‘Sunday Best’, spans the first songs she properly wrote to her most recent compositions, and is by far her most adventurous and accomplished work to-date, the lush instrumentation bringing her detailed lyrical vision to life through a series of gleaming guitar-pop songs that drift between soft-centred balladry and something altogether more cutting and forceful. FACEBOOK.

'We Make Do' is a gorgeously refined singer-songwriter piece, where the melodic vocals skip and glide above a slightly understated sound track that none the less adds just enough contrast to make this a very catchy track.


Corniglia - But It Wasn't That Long Ago.

Background - Corniglia is an ethereal, psychedelic duo project from Perth, Australia, comprising Chloe and Matt. Matt, the primary songwriter, works as a physio, where he is privy to the sort of deep self-reflection that people seldom share openly and honestly. He listens to confidences regarding the most fundamental aspects of health, life and the passage of time. In these profound circumstances, to his surprise, some are at peace, but many more are not — the time has gone too quickly, they are not ready, it was not enough and they want more. Matt listens and gives them care.

“This idea that a lot of people aren’t that happy in their later years and watching people dying early does make me question how we live our life.”

There is a dark and somber beauty suffusing all of the art the group produces. It is the layers of sinewy texture overlaying the tracks. It’s in the lyrics that paint abstract portraits of these impressions. It’s in both Chloe and Matt’s voices. Chloe lends her artistic strength, as well as her voice to the band. She was raised to adolescence in Italy, before moving to Australia and continuing her creative studies.

Corniglia is a respite from and a reflection on the very peculiar world of Matt and Chloe. The two do not just write and record all of the music but also make all of the art and all of the videos for the project. It is an endeavour that is entirely DIY, with all of the artistic output, naturally with the help of family and friends who help them realise their vision, made by Matt and Chloe at the home they share. Their new single, "But It Wasn't That Long Ago," is from their upcoming, self-titled debut album. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

The vocals and harmonies have something of a timeless psychedelic vibe to them on 'But It Wasn't That Long Ago' a melodic and beautiful song, that certainly leaves me wanting to hear the forthcoming debut album.


Samsaruh - Beautiful Killer.

Background - Samsaruh shows no signs of slowing down as she continues an incredible 2017 with the success of her debut single 'Golden to Thrive' - and just releasing her follow up single 'Beautiful Killer'. The Melbourne based 19 year old singer-songwriter's debut release was added to high triple j rotation and triple j unearthed rotation as well as earning her the tile of Feature Artist on triple j unearthed. 

‘Golden To Thrive’ charted in the Spotify Australia Viral Charts Top 30 as well as charting in the Shazam Top 100 Australian Chart for over 6 weeks, with over 25,000 Shazams of the single through radio play. The single was widely loved by media and fan alike, helping Samsaruh recently take out the triple j unearthed Falls Festival competition in Lorne.

Her new single ‘Beautiful Killer’ is a another exploration of Samsaruh as an artist, demanding and powerful - this track shows off why the 19 year old artist has stopped everyone in their tracks. Written by Samsaruh and production team Nightflare, the track was mixed by Tony Buchan who has worked with the likes of Montaigne and The Preatures and mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, Chet Faker).

On the track Samsaruh said, "When I was writing this track, it was about the kind of people who are alluring, irresistible and sometimes illusional. The kind of person everyone knows, the kind of person that blinds you of the darker side and mostly the kind of person that we allow to deceive us anyway.  We are all beautiful killers, sometimes we don't know it and sometimes we aren't afraid of it. " FACEBOOK.

The soundtrack has a layer of the dramatic, from the opening moments. 'Beautiful Killer' mixes powerful and captivating vocals with a feisty musical arrangement along with masses of hooks.


White Room - Circles.

Background - White Room have released their double EP Eight (1st December) via Deltasonic Records. Their new record, featuring eight songs that intertwine through their lyrical and sonic themes, has already spawned hit singles ‘Stole The I.V’, ‘Take Me Away’ and ‘Cable-Built Dreamland’ with widespread support throughout the online community (DIY, Clash, Dork, Wonderland) and sell-out shows in London and Brighton on their debut headline UK tour.

The final instalment of Eight, the aptly titled ‘Circles’, denotes a full stop but also infinity with the song itself calling for inclusivity and tolerance, succinctly tying together all the themes in the EP.

Guitars gleam and choruses glide, wedding the transcendental nous of quirky, genre-bending bands such as Talking Heads and The Brian Jonestown Massacre to the heady, insouciant appeal of Primal Scream. Eight was made for now and the current state of affairs that besiege our youth, whilst offering up the chance to escape from them for a moment and embrace all that is still intrinsically beautiful in the world. It’s made for dancing around without a care in the world or for sitting down, headphones in, looking for a new perspective. Either way, it will make you feel something.

Taking inspiration from the current social and political climate of the world and the uncertainty we live with, the synergy between the lyrics and themes signified by 8 – the number of infinity – hints at the real depth within Eight, touching on aspects of joy, strength, balance and power in unity.

Discussing the upcoming release, the band stated: “In Eight we are offering a way to lose yourself from it all and find an escape for a moment from all the horror and pain that is happening all around us. To embrace the ability music has to take you away from the harsh realities of daily life”. FACEBOOK.

We are back to Brighton again, this time for White Room and the track 'Circles' taken from the new double EP 'Eight'. This band never fail to impress me with their imaginative and totally engaging songs. So fourth time around on Beehive Candy and I just have to recommend checking out the new and creative EP!