Canary Islands - Everett Bird - Bryde

Canary Islands - Glöm Baby Glöm.

Background - Swedish Canary Islands, consisting of members from Animal Five, are now en route to a new album release.

They have previously released music under their own format ”3P”: 3 songs, recorded in 3 days, released as a long triple song.They released 3 of these 3P’s in one year.

”Glöm baby Glöm” is the first single from their upcoming album, and it’s a straight forward and dreamy pop song:

”Glöm baby Glöm' is about a person that breaks up with someone they love above all because they deserve that kind of love.” - Martin von Inghardt. FACEBOOK.

'Glöm Baby Glöm' is a smooth flowing indie pop song that is beautifully crafted. The vocals are natural and pleasing regardless of any language barrier, the music is vibrant and equally charming.


Everett Bird - Bucket of Dark Meat.

Background from Everett Bird - We’re Everett Bird, a Montreal-based trio who are very stoked to be releasing our debut record, People Person, through Royal Mountain Records on February 23rd. We’re sharing the first song that we wrote for the album “Bucket of Dark Meat.”

“Bucket of Dark Meat” is about that feeling of anxiety that takes over when it seems like everyone is being more productive than you. On the other end,  it’s a song about suppressing that feeling with things that make you happy.

Fueled by Guru Energy Drinks, Pilsners and twenty years of friendship, People Person was written in an old Montreal apartment. Everett drank so much Gru that we actually turned purple. To fill out the line up, we picked up Mikey Arcidiacono. After catching him slappin' and tappin' on the razorback at Guitar World, we knew that he was the missing link. 

The album was recorded at Montreal’s Breakglass Studios with Jace Lasek (Besnard Lakes, SUUNS), where each session wrapped up with celebratory 306’s (Pilsners) and stogies. The album we created meshes rock, jazz, and R&B, with overtones of punk and garage – pairs well with liquor and a bucket of dark meat in the park. FACEBOOK.

With a title like 'Bucket of Dark Meat' your halfway to being featured, just make sure the song is up to scratch! This is a creative and very catchy track, the ideas, the twists and turns make it very addictive, the album is awaited with intrigue & expectation.


Bryde - To Be Brave.

Background - After setting up her label Seahorse Music to publish records by like-minded women and help make them more visible in a male-dominated industry, Bryde finished up her debut LP Like An Island flitting between London and LA. Exploring themes of independence, liberation, and relationships, her inimitable brand of candid indie rock is realised with mixing help from Catherine Marks (Wolf Alice, PJ Harvey and St Vincent), and mastering by Mandy Parnell.

Lyrically, London based Bryde finds intense internal poetry in everyday adversity. While concentrating thematically on life and human interaction, her songwriting persona wears her bruised yet resolute heart on her sleeve.

For the Wales-born songwriter, it’s not just the technical precision of her lyrics that resonate with a widening fanbase, it’s also her vocal delivery. On her latest song To Be Brave Bryde’s voice carries us beyond the imprecision of words into feelings we all know but can’t delineate.

As she says: “To Be Brave was written as kind of a soft squeeze of the hand to many friends who have, like me, been through many a dark period and put on a brave face and just got on with it. It’s a comment about how we all live out certain episodes of our lives in such a public setting these days that I feel we almost edit them to appear flawless, nothing but smiles.”

To Be Brave is a shock to the system of preconceived notions about the style of artist Bryde is. She’s rock and roll for sure, but protean and poetic, a rocker in the vein of Patti Smith. 'Like An Island' comes out on Bryde's own label Seahorse Music on the 13 of April and will be available to preorder. Support in the form of Women Make Music fund from PRS has been awarded to assist its release. WEBSITE, FACEBOOK.

Time flies, I new we had featured Bryde before, in fact it was back in 2016, still it's good to welcome her back with the new song 'To Be Brave'. The vocals are captivating and just feel so personal, the music gradually builds without dominating, however it does become quite epic, the mood and feeling completes the circle.