Gris-de-Lin - Archie and The Bunkers - Tremends

Gris-de-Lin - Muhammad Ali.

Background - Gris about the song: "Inspired by a true story – a patient escaped from a local hospital and broke into my old flat overnight, leaving behind a pile of clothes and a nametag that read ‘Muhammad Ali’. This got me thinking about incarceration, whether physical or mental, and the idea that ‘whatever you do to me I will still have freedom of thought’."

Gris-de-Lin is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Dorset. Her music is a heady mix of post-rock, blues and alt-folk peppered with warped electronics. Her debut album, Sprung, comes out on BB*Island in April 2018. The album was recorded in a nursery school and saw her playing virtually all of the instruments herself — from guitars and synths to drums and saxophone. Working with producer/engineer Chris Hamilton (Torres/Kite Base), she also drafted in Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey/Anna Calvi) to play drums on several tracks. Alongside her solo projects, Gris-de-Lin has worked with a number of other artists, including Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), Joe Gideon, The Duke Spirit, Tunng and Gemma Ray.

“Gris-de-Lin blends alt-rock, folk, world rhythms, skronky jazz and glitchy esoterica into a beguiling whole on her debut album, balancing strong melody with consistently inventive sonic texture. 8/10.” Graeme Thomson, Uncut Magazine. FACEBOOK.

It's two years and a few days since we featured Gris-de-Lin. I was pretty certain we had, however time flies and I didn't realise just how long ago it was. Anyhow 'Muhammad Ali' was/is more than worth the wait for a second share, as we are treated to some robust post rock of sorts, that cries out for attention, and attention I am most happy to provide, ahead of her much anticipated debut album.


Archie and The Bunkers - Laura.

Background - Archie and The Bunkers share their new single "Laura,"Songs From The Lodge Out 4/20 on Dirty Water Records. Cleveland's Archie and The Bunkers -- made up of brothers Emmett and Cullen O’Connor -- play "hi-fi organ punk," drawing influence from jazz organ greats like Jimmy Smith and Richard “Groove” Holmes and punk icons like The Stooges and The Screamers.

Since forming in 2013, the duo has shared stages with everyone from Iggy Pop, The Sonics, and Echo and the Bunnymen to Black Lips and Thee Oh Sees, and they've released music on Norton Records, In The Red, and Jack White's Third Man Records.

The band will release their sophomore LP, Songs From The Lodge, on April 20th via Dirty Water Records. Today, they share lead single "Laura," which features Cullen’s whirring, over driven organ wailing above the driving beat of Emmett’s four-piece drum kit. WEBSITE.

I am so enjoying Archie and The Bunkers a duo who never cease to delight with their raw energised and stupendous musical assault. 'Laura' is our third song feature and once again the power, speed and sheer vibrancy is here in abundance!


Tremends - Hands On The Wheel.

Background - "Hands On The Wheel" is the latest effort by the Miami rockers. The single is now available through Gummdrops Records.

The track is a gentle, piano based song, distancing itself in style from the normal Tremends sound of indie/brit rock. The vocals and piano are performed in their majority by Alejo Rozas (drums), with band members Juan Rozas and Alex Posada providing more of a backing role. The end result is a beautiful and relaxing track to enjoy on a Miami evening.

The video accompanying the track sees the return of double exposures and starts off with footage of the Florida Tri-Rail to then move on to Alejo singing and playing the guitar and piano.  The colors of the video are soft and relaxing like the track itself, and remind one of sunset. 

"After some time apart anticipation grows,driving back all night towards the dawn of a haunting en counter becomes poetry.Are they coming home to fall in on their arms again? Or is it only the craving of a hopeful dream? Love may be gold but sometimes distance brings despair." - Alejo Rosas. FACEBOOK.

'Hands On The Wheel' is a gently paced song, that is smoothly melodic and full of gorgeous vibes. The piano, vocals and remaining musical parts are perfectly in sync as the tracks restful nature spills out.