HARE - Jaunt - Bokito - The Black Delta Movement - Chloe Styler - Sharaya Summers - Pale Rivers

HARE - Rolls Along.

Background - HARE is the project of New Jersey based songwriter and musician Sebastien Isaac, accompanied by drummer Michael Santa Cruz, keyboardist Jon Caplan, and guitarists James Licata and Graham Orbe. After honing his songwriting during his time in college, Isaac returned to NJ and began showcasing at open mics around the tri-state area. 

He soon began collaborating with Santa Cruz, Caplan, Licata and Orbe, developing a new unified sound, and set his sights on breaking into the New York City music scene.

Seb, admittedly, doesn't have all the answers. The NYC based pop-rock artist understands that his journey, up till now, has all the benchmarks of many millennial coming-of-age stories: a passion placed on the back burner, pursuing a pricey degree, accumulation of debt, a transitional period of stasis, and, finally, lifting the passion off the back burner in spite of all the raised eyebrows. 

He knows that happiness may just be a fool’s errand, but that’s what makes his devoted search for it on his debut release so seductive. Even though immensely personal, he hopes that his music will be a place where others will be able to place their own agitation, insecurity, and confusion as well. TWITTER.

There is a warm relaxed vibe that flows through 'Rolls Along' a gorgeous alt rocker, which gradually adds layers of refined sound, providing an imaginative backdrop for the enticing vocals and harmonies that make this one very catchy song.


Jaunt - Faster Interactions.

Background from Jaunt - We’re very pleased to announce our forthcoming EP, Cue, out on April 13th. The yin to Chat’s yang, it moves away from our previous light-hearted tendencies to something a little deeper and darker. Featuring vocals from Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien (AKA Blunt Chunks) and Eliza Niemi of Mauno, Cue also finds the five of us collaborating more than ever before. The songs end up evolving into something we never could have imagined from their starting point.

“Faster Interactions” is probably our zaniest track to date! It was one of the first written for Cue, but also took the longest to complete. We quickly knew that it would be a single, and playing it repeatedly live has helped us finesse it’s nuances. Caitlin and Eliza really helped bring a new energy and dynamic, ultimately making the song more joyous. We’re also trying very hard to bring back the sound of cheap keyboard orchestra hits in pop music. :)

The video for “Faster Interactions” is a bit goofy. It’s a bit disturbing. The idea was born out of wanting to create something that complimented the unhinged nature of the song, while not taking ourselves too seriously. We had a lot of fun with the body-cam shots. TWITTER.

Aside from the intriguing video for 'Faster Interactions' we are treated to a fabulous tune that is different in a good sort of way. The band describe the track as zany, and yes there is that to it, it's also mightily addictive, keeping me coming back for more.


Bokito - Love Gotten.

Background - Fusing angular art rock and lilting high-life melodies into their uniquely danceable tropical indie sonics, ‘Love Gotten’ finds Bokito in a reflective mood, lyrically at least. The song is, explains singer Moses, “about desperately rushing into a new relationship when your heart has in no way healed. And the true selfishness that goes with hurting good people as a result.”

Such an honest confessional doesn’t stop the band’s third single from being another that could prise the most reluctant wallflower from the back of the party, however, as the fat contrapuntal groove of ‘Love Gotten’ cuts a hip-swaying swathe beneath Moses’ crisscrossing soprano vocal until the whole band combine as one to elevate the slamming chorus. It almost goes without saying for a Bokito release, but ‘Love Gotten’ is a blast from first note to last.  

Having signed to Lost In The Manor Records in early 2017, Bokito’s first two singles, ‘Better at Getting Worse’ and ‘Aloof’ took plaudits and radio plays in plentiful measure, while the band’s jaw-dropping live sets included rousing the rabble in front of a feverish full house at Brighton’s Great Escape, a clamorous full field at LeeFest and a psyched-up capacity crowd at Dublin’s Hard Working-Class Heroes showcase when the band, London-based but largely Irish-bred, voyaged across the Irish Sea.

Peddling an uproarious blend of rock, soca, funk and roots, Bokito have coined a phrase for their unique genre mashup: tropical indie. Anyone fortunate enough to have witnessed the five-piece live, where edgy grooves and unforgettable hooks are delivered as if every show is a sun-baked carnival, would relate to this label. Though much of the attention falls on singer Moses – a man whose extraordinary voice is married to eye-popping stage-front shape-throwing that proves a catalyst for the audience to follow suit – the vice-like tightness and melodious flourishes of the band, comprising Jody (bass), Joe (guitar), Tom (drums) and Sam (keys/percussion), are equally essential. Bokito take inspiration from such diverse sources as J Dilla, Jeff Buckley, Fela Kuti, Justin Timberlake and Queens of the Stone Age to bring a little celtic spirit to London’s global soundscape. TWITTER.

'Love Gotten' is a melting pot of musical styles that come together and gel quite spectacularly. Vibrant, energised and full of good vibes, the band are refined musicians and the vocals add so much more to what is already a terrific tune.


The Black Delta Movement - King Mosquito.

Background - Explosive live sounds from a dynamite band, this outfit pack a mighty punch with a heady mix of garage rock and psychedelia. Formed in 2010 by Matt Burr and Dom Abbott and with heavy rhythm and a crushing beat, The Black Delta Movement’s swathes of sound and texture wash over you providing a vibrant soundscape taking you right back to early Stooges, MC5 and Sonics.

To witness a Black Delta Movement concert is less a performance and more a spiritual affair, wrapping crowds within their plated gown of volume, depth and incessant groove, the group do not ask for your attention but command it and you can do nothing but fall at their feet. Their music draws eclectically from contemporary artists and those of yesteryear from both sides of the pond, confidently ranging from The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels and The Small Faces. It’s abrasive, raucous and rattles you down to your bones.

They have recorded an extensive list of EPs and singles over the years, each one demonstrating an different period in their time as a band; the sounds range from the far-flung psychedelia of 2011’s Peach Flavoured Hand Grenade through to the garage stomp of 2016’s Seven Circles via the darkness of Ghost Dance and Lavender House along the way. Soaring riffs loom over like fighter jets whilst pummelling rhythm sections possess the potential to bring down the Colosseum of Rome. Their latest offering, a cover of Kim Fowley’s ‘The Trip’ has seen them paint an original with their signature captivating groove, making the song become their own and a staple point of live sets. 

The last Seven Circles EP recorded at Magic Garden Studio with Gavin Monaghan (Ocean Colour Scene, Editors) gives a taster of what we can expect from the band, as we wait for the latest ep to be recorded. It is sure to knock you over, watch you struggle and simply carry on with the same ferocity whilst you look around in daze. Fresh from a successful UK and European Tour, travelling over 6,500 miles and visiting 8 countries, The Black Delta Movement came full circle and returned to headline their own sold out show, it was a fitting sign off for that chapter of their story and now they sit gritting their teeth with the wide eyed anticipation of wolves, waiting to see what 2017 will bring.

2018 will welcome the bands first album, ‘Preservation’ recorded in London with Little Barrie collaborator Mike Burnham and mastered by Pete Mayer. UK and European tours beckon in what will be an exciting year for the band. WEBSITE.

One of ten tracks on the bands album 'King Mosquito' is just one dimension of this powerful collection of music. Sometimes full on garage rock, other times timeless psychedelic grooves, more often a mixture of both, the bands flowing psyched out vocals and potent guitar driven rock, is highly contagious.


Chloe Styler - Storm Chaser

Background - Born and bred on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Chloe Styler isn’t your typical Country artist. The 20-year-old has been influenced by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Kacey Musgraves to become the artist she is today. In September 2016, Chloe travelled to the Central Coast of NSW to record her debut EP with Simon Johnson from Hillbilly Hut Recording Studios. Chloe is thrilled to have co-written a song with Lyn Bowtell titled Storm Chaser, which is featured on the record.

Chloe Styler’s self-titled debut EP showcases six original songs. Her lyrics are unashamedly real and open to her experiences in love, life and loss, which undoubtedly draws audiences in and keeps them craving more. Chloe took the idea for Storm Chaser to a song writing session with Lyn Bowtell in mid 2016 and was over the moon with the final product.

Co-written with six-time Golden Guitar winner, Lyn Bowtell, Storm Chaser was inspired by a toxic friendship that Styler endured for 10 years too long. It describes how individuals must take control of their life and their friendships within it in order to feel like themselves again. In January 2017, one week after Chloe released her debut EP, Australian Country Music singer Lee Kernaghan shared a post on his Facebook page congratulating the “rising star on the release of her brilliant debut EP.”

Her unique, youthful and captivating voice has attracted a variety of loyal followers. 2017 was an incredible year for Chloe, as she performed as an opening act for Lee Kernaghan in Shepparton, Frankston, Toowoomba and Twin Towns, as well as at the Big Red Bash in Birdsville. Chloe’s original song My Heart Is Yours was ranked number seven on the International Mainstream Country Music Top 40 Singles Chart during the first week of March. Furthermore, she was personally ranked number 36 on the IMCM Top 200 Artists Chart for that same week.

This year, Chloe was a Grand Finalist in the 39th Annual Toyota Star Maker competition and performed on James Blundell, Troy Cassar-Daley and Lee Kernaghan’s TCMF shows. During the TCMF 2018, Chloe was awarded the TSA Songwriters Salute Award for ‘Contemporary Song of the Year’ for her original Control. Chloe has high hopes for the future; already planning a trip to Nashville where she will continue songwriting for her debut album which she hopes to release within the next two years. WEBSITE.

Opening with some refined acoustic guitar chords 'Storm Chaser' is quickly joined by Chloe Styler's melodic and gorgeous vocals. Natural and with hints of modern folk, the song suggests the EP may well be something quite special, as this track certainly is.


Sharaya Summers - Easy Life.

Background - Portland native, Sharaya Summers, eventually landed in Echo Park after a short stint of honing her craft in Nashville. 

Her drowsy Laurel Canyon songwriting rings nostalgic , yet so pertinent to today.

Sharaya Summers tells a story of disillusionment, dysfunction and discovery. As her debut single ‘Light of the Moon’ rapidly gained over half a million streams on Spotify, she prepares to release her full EP in mid 2018.

Now we have the new song 'Easy Life' released this week. TWITTER.

Our second feature for Sharaya Summers this year as 'Easy Life' gently drifts into view and deserves to be heard. Dreamy, melodic and full of atmosphere, it's easy on the ears as the hooks slowly draw you in.


Pale Rivers - Montparnasse.

Background - Based out of Cork and Tipperary, and having supported Teleman, British Sea Power and The Wedding Present in recent months, Pale Rivers new single ‘Montparnasse’ is available now.  

Their sound sees electric guitars, drum machines, atmospheric synths and group vocals combining to create a distinctive, ambient sound. TWITTER.

Tour dates (+ The Shaker Hymn):

April 19 – The Roisin Dubh, Galway
April 20 – Bello Bar, Dublin
April 27 – Gleesons, Clonmel
May 4 – The Roundy, Cork
May 5 – Connolly’s of Leap.

'Montparnasse' mixes ambient musical swirls of sounds alongside some enticing vocals as the song slowly unfolds. Then the band take us a journey that is both passionate and creative, they are definitely worth checking out on some more.