DIET - Therese Lithner

DIET - Danny Boy.

Background - Melbourne five piece DIET are set to launch their third single “Danny Boy”, a live show favourite, that recites a passionate “…how are you?” from one brother to another over an interstate phone call. Following on from their 2017 single releases that included the ode to the classic Aussie tradition of streaking in “Clothes Off”, and the heartfelt love letter that was “Take Me”.

“Danny Boy” features all the classic DIET hallmarks of nostalgic synthesizers and playful guitar lines influenced by classic UK underground sounds of yesteryear.

DIET have officially joined the artist roster of leading Australian Talent agency New World Artists. It follows on from supporting Australian band Polish Club across a sold out National Tour and playing a number of sold out shows up the east coast that included their now legendary PIZZA Party at Melbourne’s infamous “GASO”. 

The band are continuing to roll out the calorie crunching fun with billing on Melbourne’s Cherry Rock Festival, a headline National tour for Rare Finds and a ten city support run for indie-rock stalwarts British India through ’til July. DIET are: Ben O Loughlin, Carlos Tinsey,  Ted Mitchell, Andrew Taylor, William Clancy. FACEBOOK.

Our first exposure to Melbourne's DIET is 'Danny Boy' (not the classic "pipes are calling" song), a vibrant indie rocker of sorts, where the synths and guitars playfully swirl around each other as the vocals add just a hint of stadium rock vibes. It's no wonder this is a live show favourite, that said the band keep it natural and cool on the studio version.


Therese Lithner - Eye.

Background - The new single 'Eye' has just been released. "The lyrics for 'Eye' was written separately and then I made the guitar track and song melody. It was written (except lyrics) in what felt like an instant. I wanted to keep the shape exactly the way it was when I played the song for the first time, and instead build on it with more instruments. The song is about a lack of communication, the pain of unsuccessfully trying to reach another person."  - Therese Lithner

With a past in bands like Vaken and My Sound Of Silence, Therese Lithner was an active part of Umeå's flourishing music scene in the early 2010's. To begin writing songs for a solo project wasn't an obvious choice or any direct plan but fell more like a coincidence. It was during a session in the rehearsal room, when it suddenly was as the 90s shined through and old childhood idols got free play. With reverb on vocals and guitar, Therese began improvising material, wrote three songs on pure inspiration and recorded them on her mobile phone. Somehow they felt different and the idea of ​​a solo project began to take shape.

After Therese moved down to Stockholm, she found a rehearsal space south of the city and started working on the material that now has resulted in an EP, set for release on June 19 via Lazy Octopus Records on 12" vinyl and digitally. FACEBOOK.

Following on from our feature for the track 'Drown' back in early April we now have 'Eye' ahead of next months EP release. We described the previous song as "an atmospheric rocker with a rhythmic and addictive feel to it," whereas 'Eye' is all about the passionate and enticing vocals. Not that the musical backdrop is lacking in substance, there's plenty of energy around, however the pace is slower, and Therese Lithner takes centre stage doing so with grace and commitment.