Foxton Kings - BlackieBlueBird - GRDNS

Foxton Kings - Burn.

Following on from their single Money Money, Perth's Foxton Kings have added yet another smouldering rock song to their arsenal with the fittingly-titled Burn. Full of rhythmic swagger, Burn oozes confidence and charm as it delivers a banquet of meaty riffs and catchy melodies. 

Honing the turbulent, all-consuming emotion of falling in love with a complete stranger, Burn sounds as enchantingly lustful as it should.

Produced by Andy Lawson, Burn is taken from Foxton Kings' 2019 EP offering With Love. Full of yearning and desire, Burn pays homage to the age-old ache of unrequited romance... a song written for lonely lovers everywhere.

The combination of Joel Stevens, Cliff Johnson, Dane Koek and Alex Barker brings out the best in all of them. The band's chemistry, both in writing and performance, is their biggest asset, and reveals itself in everything they do. Bringing pop sensibilities to stirring rock songs without diluting them, Foxton Kings will be showcasing their new material this November with a series of single launches across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. FACEBOOK.

'Burn' is a feisty, high energy piece with plenty of rock and roll attitude coursing through it's veins. A sub three minute blast, this is a mighty tease for their E.P.


BlackieBlueBird - Flying Too Close To The Ground.
BlackieBlueBird are the vocalist Heidi Lindahl and the composer Nils Lassen; together they create delicate torch songs of reverb and echo that captivate the listener with resonating guitars, lap steels, mandolins and a choir of mermaids that sporadically embraces Heidi’s golden voice. The echoes of love and longing, hellos and deceiving goodbyes live within her unique and clear vibrato.

Ghost River symbolizes a subterranean river of memories that flows beneath our cities while on the surface we live our lives behind walls, among buildings and clamorous streets, ever pursuing our hopes and dreams. Unaware that deep within we are influenced by the Ghost River, we fulfill what lies in our destinies as tiny twigs floating along the flow of a gentle water stream.

Resembling a dream, Ghost River is an album that dwells in a drumless, cinematic atmosphere filled with romantic soundscapes of yearning desire and melodic choruses that caress the ear in a liberating and cathartic way.

All songs are written and produced by Nils Lassen. The album is a cooperation between T&E Records, Poisonic, and afmusic. Ghost River will be released on Vinyl, CD and as a download on 23rd of November. BANDCAMP.

The third of twelve tracks on the forthcoming 'Ghost River' album is the delectable song 'Flying Too Close To The Ground' a piece that well demonstrates the sheer creative quality that is present in every song.

This is a fabulously refined collection of music, with some beautifully crafted material that might be termed dream pop, although the depth and sophistication of the album doesn't feel conveyed enough through just that one label. If the featured track appeals to you, then make sure you you check out the album, it really is that good!


GRDNS - Hydraulic Lover.

Bradford’s resident desert rockers GRDNS showcase Hydraulic Lover, a masterful slice of psych-pop taken from their debut EP, released via UK label Dance To The Radio later this month.

Marking their boldest exploration into psychedelia to date, the band’s newest effort builds on widespread plaudits throughout the blogosphere (DIY, Clash, Dork), debut festival appearances at Live At Leeds/Gold Sounds and numerous support slots alongside fellow rising acts including Gengahr, Husky Loops and whenyoung.

Discussing their upcoming release, frontman Jacob Lyons stated: “Hydraulic Lover is about accepting all the bad attitudes, stupid shit and low vibe activities you get up to when you’re young. It’s the idea that song people treat each other like sexbots and the action of love is more hydraulic than passionate”.

Produced by James Kenosha (Pulled Apart By Horses, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Rhodes) GRDNS’ Hydraulic Lover is out 15th November via Dance To The Radio and will be available on all digital platforms. GRDNS is Jacob Lyons (vocals/guitar), Sam Gledhill (guitar), Cameron Harrison (bass) and John Fitzpatrick (drums)

Live Date: 15 Nov – Salt Beer Factory, Shipley (supporting PINS) TWITTER.

GRDNS are clearly doing something right especially if you measure that, by the number of appearances they have made on Beehive Candy this year, with the latest track 'Hydraulic Lover' notching them up to four features since February. Opening with some fuzzy guitar riffs, the band are soon into their vibrant and catchy alt rock style with those gorgeous psychedelic overtones adding some real edge.