Just Like Honey - Cliffs and Caves - The Cheap Thrills

Just Like Honey recently released 'The Wood Room Sessions' an album of acoustic and stripped back versions of some of their songs. The band have taken the original alt rock and dream pop material into new territory and wow does it work, as their music morphs into Americana, folk and other genres doing so with constant beauty and demonstrating excellent vocals and musicianship.

From Cliffs and Caves we have 'Defiance' accompanied by a music video. It's a song with a clear message and the piece takes the duo into a determined and earnest indie rock vibe, with hints of their folk instincts adding depth. 

Liverpool synth/alt rock band The Cheap Thrills have just released 'Time Waster'. Energised and hook fuelled, the single is a taster for 'Vue Du Monde' their new E.P due out in mid October. On the strength of this song, that is something to be anticipated!

Just Like Honey - The Wood Room Sessions (Album).

During the production of their critically acclaimed 2018 album "The Weight of the Stars", Alternative Rock/Dream Pop band Just Like Honey had the idea to record acoustic versions of a handful of their songs.

As the abstract idea took tangible shape in spring 2019, musicians sans traditional rock pedigree like American violinist Miranda Avery and Israeli cellist Telalit joined forces with the band during two extensive recording sessions.

During the Wood Room Sessions Just Like Honey’s songs took on a life of their own. Stripped of the bands’ usual guitar noise, the tracks started to reveal their hopelessly romantic heart. Much to the band members’ own surprise, a few of the songs even turned into some kind of American Folk courtesy of Darlene Jonasson’s ability to play the mandolin and thanks to the inexplicable use of a resonator guitar. On a side note you may be interested to learn that “Out in the Storm”, one of the tracks eventually laid down during the Sessions, was written by Patrick Le Mar on the spur of the moment during the first stint of recording.

It deals with the mystery of missing people and merely took shape in its Bluegrass version as of yet – a fact that might change in the not-too-distant future. According to one’s personal gusto The Wood Room Sessions could either be considered as a side project of Just Like Honey or simply as a yet undiscovered facet of the band, which has picked up its electric guitars again in the meantime and continues to lay on the fuzz and the reverb on every occasion.


Cliffs and Caves - Defiance.

Mother/Daughter duo Cliffs + Caves announce the release of the music video for their lead single "Defiance", recently featured on their critically-acclaimed album release Capsize. Stepping away from their traditional Indie-folk blended sound, Cliffs and Caves create a fierce indie-rock song that breaks the silence of anyone who has been victimized or silenced before.

Written as a battle cry, standing up for the powerless who can't speak up for themselves, the song was originally inspired by an interview from a victim of sexual violence. The song takes on different meanings for every person who listens - breaking the silence and speaking out against any type of oppression no matter how big or small it may seem. Overall, Cliffs + Caves aims to say "we won't be quiet anymore" and hopes that the lyrics of "Defiance" will empower others to speak out and speak up to help others who may be being silenced by their own oppressors or bullies.

 In an era of female empowerment, mother-daughter duo Lindsey and Claire Justice are unabashedly sharing their voices to empower others through their unique blend of indie-folk music.

The duo has worked with well-known producers Jamie Candiloro (R.E.M., The Eagles) and Chris Jacobie (Penny & Sparrow, Duncan Fellows) to develop their musical style that showcases the depths of their skills as songwriters and instrumentalists with intimate lyrics lilting intrinsically over smooth musical progressions. Balancing powerful harmonies with delicate acoustic soundscapes, their newest EP, Capsize, explores the musical ingenuity that's created when artistry runs in the family.


The Cheap Thrills - Time Waster.

The Cheap Thrills are a synth rock band from Liverpool. Renowned for producing sonic pop songs with infectious hooks and melodies.

'Time Waster' is the new single released from EP "Vue Du Monde" a glimmering and bold statement of intent that shows that these scousers mean business. The EP will be released digitally and in vinyl format on the 18th of October through Eighties Vinyl Records.

"A glimmering and bold statement of intent that shows that these scousers mean business."

Recent singles 'Saint Or Sinner', 'Codependence' & 'Smile When You Sleep' were played by John Kennedy & Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 6 & Radio X and featured on Spotify's 'Hot New Bands' and 'Indie List’.