Aaron Burdett - Ceder - Rex - Carmanah - The Highway Women

Aaron Burdett latest single 'Dirt Poor' has now had a video added, the song itself is a refined mixture of Americana and folk, the imagery adding even more to the story line. === Ceder has shared a new and dreamy song 'Closer' her indie pop sensibilities are superb as is the production on this track. === Rex have now released their self titles E.P 'Rex' comprising of five tracks, we have already shared a couple of them, the full collection living up to all the high expectations. === We have already featured two songs by Carmanah this year and now we have 'Stand Up' taken from their forthcoming album 'Iris', the melodic and beautiful vibes are once again present and wonderful. === The Highway Women have a brand new video for 'Shake The Dust' which came out a week or so back, the bands vocal harmonies and mixed vocals are simply stunning.

Aaron Burdett - Dirt Poor.

Aaron Burdett has released a video for his song "Dirt Poor". The latest single from the award-winning songwriter, "Dirt Poor" is recorded with a lean, yet irresistibly rhythmic acoustic sound. It’s an authentic, clear-eyed but loving look at the distance between yesterday and today.

“This new video for ‘Dirt Poor’ is shot at my childhood home, where my folks still live. It includes old scrapbook photos of my family and their friends, interspersed with shots of my daughter playing in the same places and in the same way my brothers and I did back in the ’80s'. "To me, this song at depth is about nostalgia and aging and time. Things are totally different now, but also the same as they were way back when. As hard as it is to remember to do, we should all try to cherish the moment we’re in now, today. It may well be what we’re looking back on years down the road as the ‘good old days.’ Hope you enjoy it!”

Aaron Burdett’s lyrics are soul-touching, intelligent, witty, and poetic all at once, while his music style is a seamless blend of Americana, country, blues, bluegrass, and folk.

Aaron is listed as one of the Top 10 most important musicians of western North Carolina by WNC Magazine, alongside such greats as Doc Watson, Steep Canyon Rangers, and The Avett Brothers. He has also received critical acclaim as a songwriter, Most recently winning the grand prize in the folk category of the USA Songwriting Contest with “A Couple Broken Windows” from his latest album Refuge (2018). His new single “Rockefeller” is one of three finalists in the bluegrass category In the prestigious Chris Austin Songwriting Contest at Merlefest for 2020 (postponed until 2021).


Ceder - Closer.

Ceder, 25, is a Swedish singer/songwriter and producer. She writes honest indie-pop with ear-catching melodies.

The ambient textures paired with her dynamic and vulnerable voice takes you on an emotional trip amplified by the creative arrangement and production choices.

"Closer" is a chill indie-pop song based on harmonies and emotions. It's about when you're seeing someone but the timing is off. You want that person closer, but if you do, you might fall in love. Written and produced by the Swedish artist and producer, Ced.


Rex - Rex (E.P).

Known for post punk, new wave and Spanish rhythms, the Amsterdam-based band Rex explore topics on the darker side of life. In a chaotic whirlwind of lost love, loneliness and companionship, the band are soon to release their self-titled debut EP ‘Rex’ which will be available from 26th June 2020.

Despite sharing the same influential interests from the likes of The Bad Seeds, Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen, the bands idiosyncratic sound stems from their own musical backgrounds. Frontman, and guitarist Jonathan Rex was born with flamenco in his blood, while Drummer Nout Kooij was raised as a die-hard punk, and Bass player Sara Elzinga was introduced to blues music before she could walk.

Opener ‘Palaces’ embraces love and death and the many facets in-between; the band say, “it’s the sorrow of loss and powerlessness you feel when someone close to you steps out, and how to continue on with your dreams.”

‘Lovers Like We Used To Be’ is a sensational blend of mellifluous guitar riffs and lead singer Jonathan’s robust vocals. Subjected around hopeless romanticism and resentment, they tell us “It’s a story that happens on a certain night, when you think it’s better to leave a person because all that you have done together is repetitive. You’re left feeling frustrated, but soon realise that it’s your own patterns that causes the friction.”

Elsewhere on in the record, focus post-punk track ‘hondje’ is a story told through the perspective of a dog and the bittersweet relationship that he shares with his companion. Discussing further, they say “The dog’s best friend has returned to him after time apart; someone he has really missed. Although the dog is glad to his friend, something is different. He follows his owner to the same bars and then a tragedy occurs. Together they want a change, but then he realizes it’s too late.”

Dark ballad ‘Dm’ deals with a troublesome male calling for his lost lover. Expanding on the story, Rex say “His lover tells him that they can only be together if he chooses to cross the ‘other side’ where she will be waiting for him. Knowing that he will have to cross the river to the land of the dead, insanity starts to creep in.” While ‘Punk por buleria’ wrestles between desire and aversion. Explaining further, the band tell us: “It’s like being trapped in a game; where you can only escape by playing it. There are no winners or losers, but you’re still attracted to it, whilst loathing it. It makes you feel a deep loneliness."


Carmanah - Stand Up.

Like the rainforests from which their name derives, the steady beat of the west coast can be found in the sound of Carmanah. The band’s first album, Speak in Rhythms produced two #1 CBC Music tracks, setting the tone for their west coast sound.

With one album behind them and one ahead, Carmanah crafts a vintage blend of the intuitive and the technical; a blend that lies somewhere among roots, rock and blues — all seamlessly woven together by Laura Mina Mitic’s soulfully luminous vocals.

The band just released a new single from their upcoming album, Iris. “Stand Up” is a kind of lullaby for anyone who sometimes feels like the world is weighing them down.

The track was intended to be a little cheeky, but the song was also written as a simple wish for love to prevail and for all the haters to just sit down and listen.


The Highway Women - Shake The Dust.

The Highway Women release a new music video for their most recent single “Shake The Dust” which released on June 19, 2020.  The all-women band are following the release of their stunning single with an equally compelling video for their fans.

The music video for "Shake The Dust" is a triumphant call to action completing their 3 song trilogy of the Highway Women's music journey in the music industry. "Stand Up and Fight" inspires the listener to find their voice and courageously fight for what they believe in. "God Made Me Right" is a beautiful statement of victory that everyone is beautiful and perfectly made. "Shake The Dust" completes the message of empowerment and encourages action in making their mission and dreams come true.

“In the newly released music video for “Shake the Dust”, the Highway Women tell the story of how they have indeed, shaken the dust, and pursued the life they wanted. This video points out that following your dream isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it. The group showcases the reliance on faith they have to walk into the great unknowns as the lyrics “sometimes it takes a leap of faith” play over the image of them joining together in prayer. It is a beautiful visual addition that enhances the musicality and lyrics in “Shake the Dust”.

Shake the Dust is a call to action for every former prom queen, previous football quarterback, and anyone who has ever been apprehensive to follow a dream. In contrast to previous releases this song is meant to intimately come alongside listeners and gently say "you can do this". Featuring familiar acoustic guitar sounds and powerful electric guitar riffs this single blends musical elements that echo its lyrical message." - Aria Mae (Music Update Central).