The Neighbourhood Watch - POSTDATA - Revelry

The Neighbourhood Watch - Focus Up.

"Focus Up," the first single to be shared from their forthcoming new record, Lost in Bloom, is about how it can be hard to keep friendships intact as you grow up and need to make selfish decisions more often.

Based in Toronto, The Neighbourhood Watch have spent the last three years riding on beginner’s luck. Whether it was learning to play their instruments while writing their first album Community Protected, or stumbling through the production of their second record Goodbye Childhood, the Neighbourhood Watch love to grow alongside their music. 

In their latest record, Lost in Bloom, the band pairs melody-driven songwriting with ambitious arrangements to tell a story about abandoning arrogance, resenting the people we loved, and being scared of growing up.


POSTDATA - Nobody Knows.

POSTDATA, the solo music project of Wintersleep frontman/songwriter, Paul Murphy, is to return on March 5, 2021, with his third record, Twin Flames (out via Paper Bag Records). Following in the wake of the Brooklyn Vegan-tipped album-titled single, Paul is today sharing the new track "Nobody Knows" which was recently described by The Guardian as "a song that sounds as if it’s surfing an avalanche on a copy of Rumours" – listen to "Nobody Knows" here.

A breathtaking and introspective new album, brimming with deep wonderings and intricately excavated soundscapes, Twin Flames – which comes co-produced by Bristol-based Ali Chant (PJ Harvey, Perfume Genius, Portishead) – borrows its namesake from the centerpiece song on the album. Twin Flames is about a storm, but perhaps more importantly, it’s also about a fire burning through it. Paul says that being in a storm can be a freeing and powerful experience. “You’re navigating this place…you can’t really see super far in front of you,” he says. “I kinda like that place.”

"Nobody Knows", which premiered at Under The Radar Magazine, is an infectious late night kitchen-party acoustic bop that finds Murphy rhyming off a laundry list of his faults and failings: “I’m not good when the party’s packed/I’m not good when there’s nobody left/I’m not good when I’m all by myself, I fear for my health.” Murphy is joined on the second verse by affirmations of “Not good!” Hollered by a backing chorus line of friends and family.

"I wrote "Nobody Knows" on a sunny afternoon – one of those songs that just comes easy, all the lyrics and melodies done in a few hours," explains Murphy. "I think lyrically I was making light of the fact that I often don’t feel comfortable and content in situations... looking at the negative side of things when there are so many positive ways to look at life. I think in this era of social media where people feel the pressure to present their lives in the most perfect light, it felt like a really appropriate sentiment, a little bit of a bite back. You can present yourself in a certain way, but it doesn’t mean that’s the reality of the situation, or who you are or what you’re feeling.”


Revelry - Dirty (live).

Revelry have made quite the first impression with their sultry new single “Dirty”  the Murfreesboro-based southern rockers' debut track. It’s now available on all digital and download streaming platforms.

From the moment you hear that wailing slide guitar riff, you know that Zack Montgomery, Redd Byrd, Jordan Whorley, Dane Lovvorn, and Lucas Vincent mean what they say when they tell you they’re "down to get dirty". The combination of Montgomery’s gritty southern rock vocals and Byrd and Whorley’s overdriven guitars makes for a raw, high-energy debut that’ll keep listeners on their toes. The band’s enthusiasm about bursting onto the scene comes through loud and clear.

"When we first started playing dive bars in town, it was always late nights, drunk fights, and beautiful women. Some would say we are nasty, we say, "we're down to get dirty". -Revelry

With its distinctive retro flair, “Dirty” harkens back to the days of Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd. It’s sure to satisfy anyone with an appetite for unabashed rock ‘n' roll. Though the members of Revelry primarily aim to revive the ‘70s southern rock they were raised on, they can’t help but indulge their country leanings from time to time.

“With most of us hailing from around Nashville, you can also find some country influences in there. The line ‘My boots will look good under your bed’ was inspired by the Shania Twain song ‘Whose bed have your boots been under?’” - Zack Montgomery (Lead Singer, Revelry)

Despite only being together for a year, these five self-taught musicians have already proved that they have a handle on what it takes to create a memorable, hard-hitting track.