Genghis Tron - Sunfields - Elissa Mielke

Genghis Tron - Pyrocene.

Genghis Tron share the official hypnotic 4K video for “Pyrocene” less than two weeks before the release of Dream Weapon— watch the Yoshi Sodeoka (Tame Impala, Oneohtrix Point Never) created video on YouTube. Guitarist Hamilton Jordan comments, "'Pyrocene' was the first song we finished for Dream Weapon. It all started with a single drumbeat that I wrote during an extended stay in the Arizona desert. I gave that beat to Michael, and within a few weeks he built an entire sinister, pulsating world around it. We knew, well before finishing the album, that this had to be the opening song on the record."

The band’s first new studio outing in over a decade, Genghis Tron’s Hamilton Jordan and Michael Sochynsky are now joined by two new collaborators: vocalist Tony Wolski and Sumac/Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn.

Together, the lineup perfects the unique mix of extreme rock and electronic music Genghis Tron has pioneered over their storied career. A melding of hypnotic rhythms and densely layered synth soundscapes, Dream Weapon was recorded and produced alongside long-time collaborator Kurt Ballou at God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetts, with additional production and engineering by Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe), JJ Heath (Rain City Recorders), and Zach Weeks (God City Studio) and was mastered by Heba Kadry. Dream Weapon is out March 26, 2021 on CD/LP/Digital.


Pic: Jennifer Maagendans

Sunfields - Just Like The Young.

Imagine Elliot Smith hanging out with Tom Petty in the back of Neil Young’s van while listening to Sparklehorse.

Acid-laced pop Sunfields is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Jason Kent. Although the quartet was born in 2009, three quarters of its members have been playing music on and off together since they were teens. Their tunes carry a classy bombast of chamber rock, the intimacy of a singer songwriter, and the easy-breeziness of vintage pop with some psychedelic undertones thrown in.

Since their formation, Sunfields have toured extensively throughout Canada and Europe. Their fourth album, made in isolation, will be out March 12th, 2021 on Elephants on Parade.

PALACE IN THE SUN (2010) was once described as “…full of stunning imagery, coupled with swooping guitars and harmonizing that the Eagles would be proud of…the most overlooked album of 2010.”

Their sophomore, HABITAT (2014) was described as “…blossoming like a field of poppies in a rainy English field.”

MONO MONO (2017)
“An album that catches you from the outset and its beauty is that it has many layers that reveal themselves after every listen.”


Elissa Mielke - Palace.

Some thoughts and words from Elissa including the featured song 'Palace' which is really special: "These songs are really personal for me; it's funny because both of them started out as songs for other people and ended up being things I needed to learn. Songs seem to do that for me (to me? haha).

Trying was a song written out of frustration in a time when I felt like I was constantly failing everyone, and ended up being more so about my own inner critic and the way I criticize myself. The lyric "Can't you see I'm trying?" ended up being a reprimand that my inner voice needed to hear just as much as the people I wrote it for did.

And Palace is about the moment where you meet someone and say "Can you please be who I hope you are?" Turns out that was something I needed to hear too; learning to come through for myself even when others can't or don't, and to love myself with the same fullness I do other people."