Melissa Lamm - Kaylee Patterson - Hilotrons

Melissa Lamm - Balcony.

Melissa tells us "I spent last summer's lockdown on my balcony in Toronto, and wrote a song about it."

She continues "I had just gotten married before the pandemic, and was dreaming of a honeymoon abroad. When lockdown hit, my husband and I abandoned our plans of a far away vacation, and made our own little paradise in the concrete jungle."

"Balcony" tells a humble story about making the most of wherever you are. You may not be able to spend your summer on a tropical beach or sightseeing abroad, but sitting on a modest little balcony with someone you love can be a perfect time – even if you aren't doing anything at all.

Finally Melissa adds "I love full pop sounds but chose to take a more chill and stripped down approach to this recording, which is about enjoying the simple moments in life. Sometimes I look back at last summer and feel nostalgic about my time spent on my balcony, and this year I'm honestly looking forward to another summer spent doing absolutely nothing staring down at Toronto sidewalks with the person I love."

From Beehive Candy's point of view, it's a beautiful song that exudes both warmth, charm and that little extra something that demands another listen.


Artwork by Dunya Darwiche

Kaylee Patterson - Not Sorry.

Background by Kaylee Patterson: My emotionally charged and liberating new single, "Not Sorry," produced by Jay Century (Kaskade, Duckwrth, Starley) is available now! 

I had broken up with my abusive ex of six years and while this was a long time coming, it led me down a long, dark road of self-doubt. My first relationship, my first breakup - the crippling guilt of ending things was unbearable. After the initial pain and sadness faded away, I found that I didn’t have any of me left.

One day, about a year later, I woke up and suddenly the guilt was gone. I found myself not thinking about him for long periods, or compulsively re-reading our old messages. Writing "Not Sorry" began my journey towards forgiving myself and active healing.

This is the first rocket ship into a new world, infused with heartbreak, sadness, and sarcastic humor. Stay tuned for her debut EP this summer. 

The song is bitter-sweet, where exquisite vocals are juxtaposed with darker lyrics that express her own recent and personal reality. It's short yet captivating - Beehive Candy.


Hilotrons - Painted Elvis.

HILOTRONS is the music of Mike Dubue, who has been releasing records and singles since 2001. He currently lives in Quyon, QC in a 168 year old church where he operates his recording studio (Studio Cimetière) and an outdoor 35mm cinema.

Dubue has released Lonely Cinema II, the third installment of a trilogy of records. Heavily inspired by film soundtracks and synthesizer music of the 1960s and 1970s, it’s about having our lives reduced down to a little piece of real estate rented or owned, together with the curated and controlled virtual spaces that the system provides.

On the new track “Painted Elvis,” Caylie Runciman (Boyhood) joins on lead vocals and singer-songwriter Michael Feuerstack on pedal steel.  For many years in Quyon, there was a giant wooden Elvis mounted on the side of an old barn.“Painted Elvis” immortalizes the rotted landmark in a small town story of poverty and addiction.