Twin Rains - HotKid

Twin Rains - The Garden.

Gardens are rich in symbolism: they can represent fertility and abundance, but also entropy and decay. With our new single, I wanted to write about this twofold nature—the cyclical pattern found in all of existence—from the perspective of human relationships.

Kaleidoscopic, lush and dreamy, this song is a reverie, a daydream. It is a story about the bittersweet nature of love and beauty, and how I can't seem to experience either without an awareness of their inevitable breakdown. But the mood of "The Garden" isn't sad, it celebrates this mystery.

We travelled to the Château de Villandry in France's Loire Valley to shoot the song's video several years back. We had only a day to shoot after scoring a flight deal to Paris but each of the pieces fell into place when the Chateau granted us permission after telling us they loved the music and our videographer, Fred Yurichuk, was able to book a last minute flight.

"The Garden" was written in a burst one afternoon but was nothing but a rough demo when we travelled to France to film the music video; therefore its recording took influence from the visuals as we set to perfect the final version of the song.


HotKid - Mirror Mirror.

The guitar-driven, indie rock/dream pop/psych act, HotKid, is the work of Canadian producer/songwriter/ lead guitarist, Shiloh Harrison. Harrison is also a co-founder of boutique indie label, Fortune Stellar Records.

Harrison’s soothing vocal delivery and ability to write enduring pop songs has helped nurture a cult fan base around the globe. HotKid has appeared live as a two, three, and four-piece band on stages across Canada and the US with the likes of July Talk, Dilly Dally, and Sloan, as well as at notable festivals such as NXNE, CMW, Riverfest Elora, and the Toronto Festival of Beer.

HotKid’s 2017 single, “Caught In The Light,” from the Late Night Mornings LP, received steady air play on CBC3, satellite radio, college radio, as well as commercial radio attention. Her 2015 video for “Here 4 U” appeared regularly in rotation on Canadian network television (Much Loud), as did 2013 track, “Rip It Into Pieces.” Catalogue track, “Yours and Mine,” from the 2010 EP, Under The Street Light, continues to receive consistent satellite radio play and playlist adds.

HotKid has worked with JUNO Award-winning producer, Adam King (Ria Mae/Lowell/Tegan and Sara), as well as Canadian underground icons, Ian Blurton (Public Animal/C’mon/Change Of Heart) and Rick White (Eric’s Trip/Elevator/Unintended). These two different worlds of pop production and raw live band based music inform HotKid’s ability to create a sonic blend all its own.