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Animai - Moontype - Colour Tongues - Byla Rose - Hawkmoon

Animai - Island. No (wo)man is an island but somehow Animai finds brilliance when deserted. Her 3rd self release since 2020 does not disappoint. A homecoming of sorts, Animai revisits her 140 roots, with a nod to Zero 7. This time her lone production, arrangement and lyrics promise to lull the listener into serenity. A perfect soundtrack to your morning meditation or after a stressful day. She says "I wanted the production to match the emotional intention, but slowly the track turned into a paradox (calm music with turbulent lyrics) which I actually prefer, in fact the track really calms me down" She laughs with a surprised tone "I've accidentally written my own personal lullaby". Created by slicing up and layering her voice to make a vocal pad with an off beat harp pattern, there is a sense of uncertainty that only makes the calm even more compelling when it arrives. Animai's interests in the Arts spans many disciplines. She has worked with instrumentalists

Talkbøx - MARBL - Cassady Southern - Lady Dan

Talkbøx - People People People. Talkbøx creates an unique type of music fusing electronic music with retro acoustic elements. Talkbøx (est. 2019) consists of producer/beatmaker Dion Peters (Dion Dash), Dana Havrylyuk and guitarist/writer Mitchell Giebels. Both of these guys and girl have their history in music: Dion having the experience working as an electronic music producer and DJ for nearly 10 years and Mitchell being a professional photographer who has worked with some of the greatest musicians to have faced the earth. Dana is currently a student at the Maastricht conservatory in the Netherlands. The music style of Talkbøx positively resembles the 80s in the western world, and is usually quite happy and cheerful. Talkbøx about new single People People People: "At the end of June 2020 we started writing People People People. It was on a summer evening where we actually had no intention of writing music. After we had swum that night, we got inspired to create music in the studi

Ida Mae Feat. Marcus King - Oracle Sisters - Bernice

Photo - Joe Hottinger Ida Mae - Click Click Domino Feat. Marcus King. Today, the Nashville-via-London duo Ida Mae announced their new sophomore album Click Click Domino, which follows their critically-acclaimed EP Raining For You and breakout debut Chasing Lights. The husband-wife duo Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean has also shared the title track from the record, which features a blistering guitar performance from Marcus King. Click Click Domino will be released on July 16th, through Thirty Tigers. Filled with thunderous production, killer riffs, and an insatiable rhythm throughout, "Click Click Domino" is among their most raucous tracks to date. Ida Mae writes, "This was written kind of as a knee jerk song. The unfiltered noise of social media, concerns surrounding social engineering, the lack of emotional connection and physical disconnection gets to all of us. We all know how easy it is to falsify an image, be it in fashion / politics / or any aspect of your everyda

Clea Anaïs - Electric Religious - Dorothea Paas - Kyle McKearney

Clea Anaïs - Hazy Days. Calgary musician & RALEIGH co-founder Clea Anaïs returns to music today with the release of her debut solo single, “Hazy Days.” Anaïs had taken a break from music to pursue a career in aviation. COVID-19 had other plans. With the world in a pandemic lockdown, Anaïs' focus returned to her first love… music. Discussing “Hazy Days,” Anaïs stated, “'Hazy Days' captures that moment when you meet a new person and know simultaneously you love each other, but that no matter how things play out you won't move forward in this life together. It is about the practice of really being present with someone, because the second you let go, time will catapult you forward again, and the moment will be lost forever.During the second verse, I imagine the tailors of time embodied by wise deities in the original gardens. I envision them spinning the tapestry of fate from delicate spider web timelines. The track stretches and plays with our perception and relations

Bandicoot - The BluesBones - Leahy - Anthony Steller

Bandicoot - Dark Too Long. Reclaiming for a new generation the poetry of Dylan, the stark beauty and unhinged Rock and Roll of mid-70s John Cale, and Badfinger's melancholic timeless songcraft, this is Bandicoot. Their sound flows like post-industrial blues through Swansea's rain-soaked concrete streets. Bandicoot have earned a ferocious reputation, thanks to their raucous, overflowing live shows that spin euphorically from post-punk and krautrock to glam stomp and art-pop sensuality at the drop of a note. ‘Dark Too Long’ is Bandicoot‘s debut single on Libertino, a song they describe as a “frenzied cry of desperation from the depths of excess and loneliness, influenced by the driving rhythms of NEU! and Can.” "Bandicoot are wired instinctively to the cathartic screams of John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band, the lustful danger of The Velvet Underground, and CAN's cinematic propulsion. They are the art-house provocateurs of Warhol's Factory brought to life on Swansea

Heavy Feather - Yndling - Postdata - Ontarians - The Sarandons

Heavy Feather - Sometimes I Feel. Heavy Feather release "Sometimes I Feel", the fourth and final single leading up to the Swedish root rock band's upcoming sophomore album "Mountain of Sugar". "Sometimes I Feel" stands out from the rest of the album as guitarist Matte Gustafsson takes on the role as lead singer. Delivering a psychedelic, organic tune that brings the true sound and feel of the late 60's to the modern world. "Sometimes I Feel" is released on The Sign Records February 26. When Heavy Feather's first album "Débris & Rubble" (2019) was released, it became praised by both press and audience; taking the band out to tour Europe. Now it ́s time for their second album, "Mountain of sugar"; an even rawer, heavier, and harder release than the previous one, still with the root rock and psychedelic touch at the very core. “Mountain of Sugar” consists of 11 roots-rock tracks oozing with a 70‘s sound and feel,