Brittany and the Blisstones - Emma and the Fragments

Brittany and the Blisstones - Mermaid.

Whenever Brittany is near the ocean, a feeling of calm and stillness comes over her that provides enough space to allow awaiting wisdom to blossom. A great deal of personal growth has happened for Brittany when she is close to the waves.

“Mermaid” is about connecting with nature, and finding the wisdom that awaits us. It’s also about the importance and responsibility of continuing to nurture one’s own growth. It’s not just given although the Universe will never stop providing inspiration for growth.

Brittany Bliss and Reid Givens make up the twosome, and their journey is a touching story of reinvention, reclamation, and second chances on love. In addition to warming hearts, the couple are opening minds to female artists and helping shift the narrative of women in creative fields through support and exposure. Today, Brittany and the Blisstones announce their recording debut EP, La La Love.

The five-song EP bursts open with “Mermaid,” the first song Brittany ever wrote. It is a song about reconnecting with nature, but it also seems to be about reconnecting with Brittany’s own human nature. The lyrics brim with breathtaking imagery and awe-inspiring reflective moments. She sings: By the sea/A mermaid rewrote the pages of all my dreams, so I found fear and faith in the waves. The music is as majestic as its impressionistic lyrical passages. The song lilts on a vaguely Jamaican pulse and brims with jeweled trumpet melodies, vocals that are sultry and sensitive, lush layers of harmony vocals, and moody chord changes that have a sweet sadness.


Emma and the Fragments - No Hope For Love.

No Hope For Love is the 5th single from Emma and the Fragments and completes the the EP ‘Smile ‘Til It Hurts’ The song delivers a driving back beat complete with rhythmic indie guitars and catchy melodies. Working perfectly with Emma’s soaring and uplifting crystal clear vocals, their innocence and purity allows the listener to hang on to her every word.

The song describes a failing relationship using the dark imagery of a bird dying, which is brought to life in the official lyric video. The juxtaposition of the song’s meaning with the memorable and upbeat feel of the track draws the listener much closer to her story.

No Hope For Love is the final single release from the EP Smile ‘Til It Hurts. The EP takes you through a roller coaster of emotions from anxiety, despair, jealousy, joy and loss and the title reflects how a smile can reveal happiness or hide pain.

Emma and the Fragments are an energetic female-fronted indie rock band based in East London. Formed in 2012 by founding member Emma, she leads the band on vocals with Donn on guitar, Jon on drums and latest addition Jonny on bass. Emma and the Fragments have made a name for themselves with their hard-edged indie rock and released 4 singles across 2021 to critical acclaim – Circle of Concern, Part of the Wildlife, Back to Blue and Proper Everything from the forthcoming EP ‘Smile ‘Til It Hurts’

Inspired by 90s indie rock the band take their influences one step further, exploring a multitude of styles from pop to metal, and display a sound that at times is both dark and brooding or light and fun, complete with catchy melodies and driving guitars. Their music would be equally at home in the playlists of both the most ardent The Cure fan, or a serious lover of Circa Waves, Foals or The Mysterines.