Sterre Weldring - Vision Video - Abby Sage - SPECTRA*Paris

Sterre Weldring - The Best. 

Yesterday singer-songwriter Sterre Weldring released her new single 'The Best'. Sterre Weldring's new release is a special one: for the first time, she's releasing a cover of "The Best," a song originally by Nashville-based artist Josiah and the Bonnevilles. Encouraged by none other than Josiah, Sterre decided to record an acoustic version of 'The Best', one of her favorite songs. "'The Best' is a sad and melancholic song, but will most of all bring comfort to those who recognise themselves in its story" says the artist.

Sterre Weldring is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Amsterdam. Her music can be described as 'melancholic indie-pop', a genre in which she writes songs about all kinds of love and relationships, with the  aim of comforting others.

Her passion for this music started around the age of 15, when she discovered British singer-songwriter Jake Bugg and experienced how much comfort she could get from music herself. At the age of 18, Sterre therefore decided to study in Brighton at the BIMM (British Institute of Modern Music). One of her other idols, James Bay, had attended the same school. She developed her own sound within Brighton's vibrant music scene. A comparison with Amy Macdonald and Florence + The Machine is often drawn.

Back in the Netherlands, Sterre settled in Amsterdam where she studied philosophy. A study that taught her to look at life in a reflective way, something that is also reflected in her songs. The search for answers has a therapeutic and comforting effect, both for herself and for her audience. It has already brought her to the Popronde and the final of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands in 2019. Last year she released her debut EP 'Lost Lights'.


Vision Video - Beautiful Day To Die.

Athens, Georgia based Vision Video return now with “Beautiful Day To Die,” a remarkably vibrant single from the post-punk/gothic quartet, through which they announce their sophomore album, Haunted Hours, for an October 11 release. The band premiered a video for the track via Post-Punk, and they head out across the Eastern half of the U.S. starting tomorrow night in Nashville [all dates below]. Watch + share the video via YouTube. Pre-order Haunted Hours here.

Led by songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Dusty Gannon, who served two tours of Afghanistan in the Army before becoming an EMT with the Atlanta Fire Department, channels these experiences of the horror of war and trauma into his music. Discussing “Beautiful Day To Die” he noted, “I wrote this track about my experiences as a paramedic and firefighter seeing a lot of death first hand, and how you become well acquainted with it in a very surreal, yet comfortable way.

It’s about how I had to become friends with the concept of mortality because I was around it so regularly. The shock of seeing bodies becomes more pedestrian, and you’re even able to see beauty in some situations; like when families come together over loss, or the stories people will tell you about the deceased.

This song is about celebrating the frailty of life. We do not get to decide how, or when we will die, but it is all the while certain. While that can be somewhat existential-dread inducing, I like to think of it as a clarion call to appreciate what time we are afforded.”


Abby Sage - Pool Party.

LA /London based alt-pop artist Abby Sage shares her new intimate and thought-provoking single “Pool Party,”accompanied by an experimental music video directed by Aidan Dick. The visuals exemplify how often young adults must hide behind an invisible mask to get through the day-to- day runnin' around that no one prepared them for. Both honest and utterly relatable, Abby Sage arrives with a new perspective on the contemporary world, for better or worse.

“Pool Party” was written during a writing trip to London and produced by British producer duo MyRiot (London  Grammar,  AURORA,  Halsey). On her  latest  effort, Abby  Sage  offers up a hazy  alt-pop world that ties together nostalgia and the uncertain future. Sage has always had a knack for clever songwriting  that touches upon wistfulness and  modern malaise and “Pool Party” is a shining example. The production contains many sonic layers hoisted by her mesmeric vocals and intricate alt-pop  infused  guitar  strumming.  In  addition,mild  drum  beats  and  fuzzy  bass  lines embody the temple of the track. “Pool Party” follows the release of her dreamy effort “Force of Habit,”released this past spring and serves as the first glimpse into her forthcoming project out later this year. 

Speaking about her new single, Abby Sage shares this: “Pool Party is a metaphor for kids not being prepared for the world. ‘Pool party kids can’t swim they ask nobody just sink to the bottom and think (off the deep end).’ Kids are dealt a tough hand, having such a vast amount of information at their fingertips with nobody to guide them or explain what it all means. They have to drown to learn.”


SPECTRA*Paris - Indigo Cypher.

Enigmatic Italian singer Elena Alice Fossi has released the next fascinating single, 'Indigo Cypher', which is taken from the forthcoming new full-length of her dark electro project SPECTRA*Paris. The fifth album of that band is entitled "Modernism" and has been scheduled for release on August 26.

SPECTRA*Paris comment: "Memories of a life that does not belong to you…", singer, composer, and lyricist Elena Alice Fossi muses. " If you don't feel at least a bit like a fish out of water in this grotesque theater that is humanity, then this song is not for you! We were born in deception and there we stay until we realise that real life is running elsewhere. 'They' shape us in order that we make our own lives and that of others worse. 'They' mold us to obey slaves and to become slaves ourselves. 'They' shape us so as to love our family even when it has nothing to do with us."

Charismatic, enigmatic, and absolutely outstanding, singer Elena Alice Fossi, who is best known for her work with Italian electro-trailblazers KIRLIAN CAMERA, presents "Modernism", the fifth album of her eclectic project SPECTRA*Paris.

"Modernism" is transfiguring electronic music through the prism of Elena’s voice and several collaborations with other musicians into a beautiful kaleidoscope of stylistic colours ranging from EBM, future pop, dark electronic, art pop, and various influences more.