The Last Waves - Shira - Ben Reel

The Last Waves - under a black sun (E.P).

A couple of months after the release of 'dark is the path', French cold-wave/post-punk/dark-pop/indie-rock five-piece The Last Waves just released another EP called 'under a black sun'.

These five new songs lead us immediately to worry, anguish, loneliness. New uninhabitable space, he shares with us his distress and his despair. The music of The last Waves offers us the sound image of an inaccessible world, it convinces us of its reality. 'under a black sun' was recorded, mixed by the band and mastered by Benjamin Joubert at the Biduloscope studio in Paris.

The Last Waves is a new band created in the middle of the pandemic around three boys and two girls. The name of the band is a wink to the new wave of the eighties, the famous new-wave whose name was borrowed from the new wave of the French cinema of the 50's and 60's and carried notably by the British Joy Division, New Order, Depeche Mode or Simple Minds.

Concerts suspended, venues padlocked, this period of forced silence was the spark that made the band's first two EPs spring up in late April and late June 2021. 'Revenge of the blue' and 'In cold colors avenue' were composed by founding guitarist Romain Champiot in an urgent, visceral and uncompromising way, like the last waves of an uncertain period.

The tracks are a mix between New Wave, Cold Wave, Pop and Indie-Rock. The harmonies are put forward, precise and often dancing. The Last Waves is inspired by the independent music of the 80's and the pop rock of the 2000's, adding a touch of electro rock when the intensity requires it.


Shira - New York City in December.

Shira shares of the stunning track: "The holidays can be a tough time.  Three years ago was extra hard for me when I was alone, sheltering in place, during the pandemic, while my partner was stuck on the other side of the ocean and I was dreaming of having him here with me in NYC.  There's a certain magic in NYC around the holiday that really doesn't exist anywhere else. I hope this song brings comfort to whoever is listening and reminds them that they're not alone. "

Born in upstate NY to Israeli parents, Shira split her time growing up between Israel and the States. After finishing her service as a singer in the Israeli Army Band, Shira moved to NYC where she studied music and theatre at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and The New School.

After graduating, Shira met music producer Paul Carbonara (Blondie) as a performer in New York’s vibrant theatre community. She starred in his Off Broadway musicals Solitary Light and Evening 1910 to much critical acclaim. Shira went on to record two albums produced by Carbonara along with an ace six-piece band, including Israeli-American Grammy-nominated drummer Dan Pugach.


Ben Reel - U People/Scoring Goals.

In memory of my good friend Rainbow George Weiss "The wondering jew" who sadly passed away around this time last year 2021 on the 1st December aged 81. Myself & George co wrote these 2 songs together. George was a mystic visionary that was 100 years ahead of his time. He was definitely the most eccentric person I ever met who became a kind of guru for me even though some of his ideas where totally outlandlish. Rainbow George lived in Hampstead, London where he had some very interesting friends like Ian Jury & his once next door neighbour Peter Cook. When I once visited him in Hampstead to my amusement he was then living in a flat over a shop named "Over the Rainbow" which Rainbow George found very mystical.  George had a great way with words as an example of one of his last quotes was "Everything is relative & we are all related".

I was first introduced to George in 2001 by Belfast legend Terri Hooley in Good vibrations record shop. When I walked into the shop Terri said -  "here is the very man you are looking for George"  As George was looking for an Irish musician to put music to these revolutionary lyrics he had written which was U People and he wanted it in a Reggae style. I may have tweaked some lyrics here and there to make it work better as a song - U people was first recorded in 2005 in Eastcote recording studio in London, produced & mixed by Philip Bagnell who worked with bands like Aswad. The song was recorded on the same recording console as Bob Marleys Exodus album so U People has got the spirit of Bob. The song and video was used as a BBC party political broadcast when George created The Rainbow party with the campaign slogan "Make politicians history" to run in the N.Ireland elections of 2005. I stood as a candidate in Derry and got 33 votes. A very mystical number for George which he thought significant.

The song U People features great London based Jazz musicians Gilad Atmon on Soprano saxaphone, Dylan Howe on Drums, Yaron Stavi on bass & Frank Harrison on keys. Scoring Goals was recorded around 2008 in Tuff Paddy studio Tralee Co Kerry with Alex O'Brien & Miguel Lonergan on beats & mixing. Spoken word by Judd Charlton & backing vocals from Cathrine Taylor Dawson & Sugar Rainbow. I play guitars and sing the vocal. George imagined that it would become an anthem at soccer grounds so I made a special video for the song with some great classic goals from the World Cup. George was a big soccer fan and would surely be enjoying the present World Cup. A lot of people don't know that he once played with QPR reserves as a left winger before a broken leg ended his career. It's funny  that he was a left winger as I think he was the most far left person I ever met. Hopefully now he is scoring goals in Rainbow land.