Matilda Mann - Blueburst - Alice Phoebe Lou - Panic Pocket - Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans - Plastic Barricades

Matilda Mann - The Day That I Met You (Performance Video).

Rising British voice, Matilda Mann, today uploads an immaculate live performance to her new single ‘The Day That I Met You, which seamlessly combines a timeless sound wrapped around an also timeless message. Matilda will be playing London's Jazz Cafe on May 18th which is now sold out. Speaking about her new song, Matilda said “The world can suck. And some days it feels more like a constant than temporary. But then you meet someone, and the hand life dealt you, suddenly doesn’t feel so bad…”

Matilda Mann is a born-and-raised Londoner who has enjoyed an incredibly bright start to her still-young career in music. On the airwaves, Matilda has enjoyed tastemaker support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 where her last was premiered as Hottest Record In The World, KCRW & NPR. At press, she’s had similar impressive support from titles such as Evening Standard, Clash, The Line of Best Fit, DIY, COLORS, and NME to name a small handful. Offline on stage, she’s supported The Staves and other rising UK talents Holly Humberstone, Arlo Parks and Beabadoobee.  Matilda’s own headline shows are growing impressively having sold two London shows in 2022 (Lafayette & Earth) with a performance on the Park Stage at Glastonbury in between.

2023 will be an important year for Matilda Mann who has plenty of music on the way that’ll further highlight her enchanting, poetic songwriting. Although she is an important new British artist to look out for in 2023, her talent feels more timeless.


Blueburst - Vanish.

New Alt-Rock artist Blueburst releases it’s debut single Vanish today March 10, resurrecting the music career of guitarist/vocalist Criag Douglas Miller, with help from one of his musical idols, legendary guitarist Marty Willson-Piper.

As a 17-year-old budding musican soaking in the vibes of The Church’s Gold Afternoon Fix Tour at Atlanta’s Center Stage Theater in early 1990, the idea of working on an album with The Church’s legendary guitarist Marty Willson-Piper never crossed Craig Douglas Miller’s mind. “I loved The Church and thought Marty was just about the coolest guy on the planet back then. I never dreamed I’d be collaborating with him someday,” said Miller. But that’s just what happened.

The collaboration started after Miller sought out his hero Willson-Piper for help in getting musically unstuck after a 20-plus-year period untreated clinical depression, and writer’s block had led to zero finished songs. Starting out as a sounding board and coach, Willson-Piper’s role evolved from a teacher/student dynamic into a true musical partnership. And thus, Miller finally found himself with the thing he’d been sorely missing: a trusted mentor and collaborator. With Willson-Piper behind him, Miller dug in, started writing again and created an album’s worth of original songs, under the moniker Blueburst, the name of the finish on his favorite guitar.

With Blueburst, Miller and Willson-Piper have created a lush, guitar-based alt-rock sound, firmly rooted in 80s alternative and post-punk, but with a timeless feel and foot pounding pace. In a world of often overproduced, slick alternative rock, Blueburst is unapologetically retro in style, proudly wearing it’s oldwave influences on its sleeve. “Most of my friends, and a lot of younger people as well, still listening to the albums we grew up with. Because there’s a rawness and honesty in that music. That’s what we wanted to capture.


Alice Phoebe Lou - Shelter.

Berlin-based Alice Phoebe Lou has built an incredible reputation and fan base with her swooning vocals and other-worldly musicianship.

'Shelter' is her new single released today and It will be the first single to be revealed from her new album which will be coming later in the year. It's a gorgeous, upbeat offering that's full of light.

Originally from South Africa, Alice is currently on a huge world tour and has just announced more dates including Kentish Town Forum in December, which is exciting!

Releasing as an independent artist, Alice has had exceptional self-generated success, with around 100 million streams to her name and loyal fans all over the globe that continue to multiply.

Things have really ramped up for Alice since her last release in 2021 and 'Shelter' feels like a dreamy slice of perfection to kick off the album campaign.


Panic Pocket - Mad Half Hour.

A new wave of indiepop is emerging in the UK and Panic Pocket are at the forefront of it.  Playful, tuneful, sardonic and sassy, Sophie and Natalie have been friends since childhood, know each other’s secrets - and probably know a few of yours too.

Formed in 2017, Panic Pocket soon became a DIY sensation, releasing debut EP Never Gonna Happen, with Reckless Yes in 2019. For their first album, Mad Half Hour, the duo have found a new home.
For Amelia and Rob at Skep Wax, Panic Pocket reminded them of loads of bands they love  – Bratmobile, Lovely Eggs, Sleater-Kinney, Le Tigre – while also seeming completely unique: “Panic Pocket know how to turn anger and humour into brilliant pop songs.”

Many of Mad Half Hour’s 10 indie-pop anthems are concerned with being at odds with life's accepted milestones, feeling alienated from the people you thought wanted the same things as you, while trying to forge your own path. So the top-down janglepop of ‘Boyfriend’ reflects on what happens when your best friend finds love…and insists on bringing it everywhere, and ‘Get Me’ answers claustrophobic questions about settling down with a not-so-silent scream over some deliciously dirty riffs.

But Panic Pocket’s superpower is their sense of fun. On Mad Half Hour, you’re never more than a few seconds away from a monster hook, killer harmony or an acerbically witty turn of phrase worthy of the band’s heroes Aimee Mann or Liz Phair. From receiving a cryptic “frog emoji” from a long-forgotten one-night stand, to ‘Don’t Get Me Started’’s streetlit walk of shame “via Morrisons car park”, no memory is off-limits, no matter how painful.

If you want punkpop exuberance, lyrics that are so truthful they hurt, plus some very infectious tunes - then Mad Half Hour is exactly the soundtrack you need, right down to the minute.


Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans - Everyone Recommends.

Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans release new single Everyone Recommends  today 10th March. The track is from their upcoming album Mystic Science, released 21st April.

Bristol-based songwriter Davey Woodward is known for his extensive career in music, including his time in The Brilliant Corners, The Experimental Pop Band and Karen. In 2017, Davey gathered a group of friends, seeking to create a new project from his solo work. The Winter Orphans are Julian Hunt, Steve Dew and Jonathan Bewley. Mystic Science is the band's third album together following their 2018 self-titled debut and 2020 Love And Optimism.

Davey describes the new album as "warm, seductive, melodic, human, mostly intimate, sometimes raucous, folk n roll", the LP is available on vinyl and digital by Last Night From Glasgow.


Plastic Barricades - Counting Fireworks.

London indie rock band Plastic Barricades returns with a new single “Counting Fireworks”. This is the second introduction to the upcoming third album “We Stayed Indoors”, due later this year.

Hopeful and uplifting "Counting Fireworks" is a celebration of new beginnings, the transformative power of change and the limitless potential for growth and exploration, felt so intensely by so many of us at the very start of each new year. Beauty and wonder are found in life's uncertainties, but at times this beauty becomes obscured by anxiety and pessimism.

“Counting Fireworks” is a reminder that we don’t have to face the unknown alone; together we can always sing louder.

The single is released alongside a quirky music video, that continues the tradition of weird and truly DIY video art so close to the band’s heart. Inspired by the works of Michel Gondry, David Lynch and Ok Go, the whole video was shot in one take, with no edits or cuts. Produced by the band’s art director Elina Pasok, the 4-minute and 30-second clip takes you on a bizarre trip around a flat, filled with memories, dreams and visions of the future.