Kindsight - Güero - Lauren Monroe - Harry Kappen

Kindsight - Madhouse Breakout Multitool.

Danish four-piece Kindsight make music that draws from 80’s and 90’s alternative rock and combines it with the shimmering Scandinavian pop that the region has become so renowned for, resulting in a sound that is both fuzzy and melodic in equal measure. Next week, the band heads to the US for SXSW and ahead of that new track 'Madhouse Breakout Multitool' is released. The single follows atmospheric stand-alone single 'Love You Baby All The Time' and continues to expand the band's sound without losing their lovable characteristics.

About the track, Kindsight says: "Madhouse Breakout Multitool concerns the true story of two siblings boarding up their house somewhere in the Danish countryside to keep safe from a breakout at the local madhouse. Taking place in a bygone age when such places could be escaped."

In 2022, the band released their debut LP via Rama Lama Records to praise such as "your new favourite band". Titled "Swedish Punk", it's an album packed with charming and infectiously catchy noise-jangle-pop melodies full of exuberant optimism and coming-of-age tales inspired by acts such as Pixies, Cocteau Twins, Snail Mail and Big Thief. The album was followed by tour dates in Scandinavia, UK and Germany.

Atop jangling guitars, Nina Rasmussen’s distinctive voice dances somewhere between that of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval and Alvvays’ Molly Ranking, leaving the listened renched in the nostalgic optimism of summers gone by. There’s not a single song that would feel out of place in an 00’s independent movie. The band possess an unmistakable talent for crafting disarmingly buoyant yet achingly nostalgic indie-rock songs based on the everyday.


Güero - Gone Away.

Sacramento quartet Güero released their latest single “Gone Away” yesterday, from their upcoming sophomore full-length album, Wednesdays, out April 7 via Dutch Records. The guys once again tapped director Paul Bates to bring the song to life with a video.

Discussing how “Gone Away” came together, drummer Mike Ruiz noted, "This was a chord progression from Rik that came together rather quickly. There was a lot of back and forth on this song and how it should be structured… Is the solo too long? Is it long enough? Is the vibe off?... were constant talking points. Russell brought his old vox wah pedal for Shea to try out, and the vibe of the song changed dramatically. It gave it this heavy, moody, kind of dark energy that really made the first half of the song fall into place and flow into the second half.”

Güero announced Wednesdays in January with the “Streams of Light” single, which Under the Radar called it, "a lost classic reemerging from a forgotten corner of the radio.” The album was recorded live at Pus Cavern Studios in Sacramento with ace recording engineer Joe Johnson and further elevated by Oakland producer and fellow musician, Akiyoshi Ehara (The Seshen, Geographer); who amping up and dialing down dynamics added greater tones, higher fidelity, heavy delays and string arrangements.

“We always incorporate something we haven’t explored before and Aki was the maestro; he took our sound to another level. Nothing stands out as something which shouldn’t be there or what one of us wouldn’t play,” added bassist Russell Volksen.


Lauren Monroe - Love Is Alive.

With the release of the new video, “Love Is Alive,” singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and healing artist, Lauren Monroe, continues to honor her rock roots while spreading a message of healing through music. Co-produced with Jim Scott, the single features performances by Rick Allen (Def Leppard), Beth Goodfellow, John Ginty, Dylan Rose, and more.

“Love is a living, moving and healing experience ready to be shared and lifted in one another,” she says. “If you feel the love, please unleash the powerful energy with your communities.”

That mission is intrinsic to all that Monroe does. With her husband - legendary drummer Rick Allen of Def Leppard - Monroe started the Raven Drum Foundation to serve, educate, and empower Veterans dealing with PTSD and TBI, people in crisis, and other at-risk populations. The foundation engages music as a tool for healing, allowing participants to use rhythm, mindfulness, and energy-medicine techniques as an avenue for connection and healing, and supports complementary and alternative-medicine programs for trauma recovery.

For the past two years, Raven Drum has organized the 12 Drummers Drumming online auction, with items donated by artists such as Taylor Swift, Stewart Copeland, Zac Hanson, and more, raising over $100,000. Last year, Raven Drum invited a group of drummers, Veterans, first responders and supporters to the Amazing Grace estate to experience the magic of a drum circle and the healing benefits of music and community.


Harry Kappen - The Freedom Inside.

Dutch musician, multi-instrumentalist and music therapist Harry Kappen is known for making bold political statements and raising awareness on global issues through his music. While his previous music often calls for large-scale global change, his latest single “The Freedom Inside” is a gentle reminder for people to start a positive change from within themselves, which will ultimately impact the world.

“We all know we live in troubling times with war, climate change, indifference, etc.” Says Kappen. “There’s a lot of complaining everywhere (social media!) and declining trust in governments. If you want to change the world, stop nagging and whining at others and start to change yourself first and search for the freedom inside you to do so!”

In addition to being a notable musician, Harry Kappen is also a music therapist. He offers his services at a youth care center where music therapy is used to help young children cope with various problems and disorders. Harry also offers his expertise as a lecturer for an international master’s degree program in music therapy. Always playing with the magical power of music, Harry Kappen is a standout artist and musician who creates music from the soul, and for the soul.