Corniglia - Collapsing Scenery - White Reaper - Chris Tavener

Corniglia - I Don't Know What To Say.

Background - After causing a minor buzz amongst the indie music community in late 2016 with their debut single “Oh My Love”, Perth Indie-Pop act, Corniglia, have released their follow up single “I Don't Know What To Say”.

With their dark indie pop being likened to Radiohead, Beach House, Tame Impala, The Sleepy Jackson and Warpaint, the band’s new release (recorded in the Irwin’s home studio and mixed and mastered at Bergerk! Studios) is an infusion of bubbling melody overflowing from underneath it’s lo-fi production. You can almost feel the tension between the introspective chilled delivery and what is trying to burst through between the lines. It is equally looking back at past personal and current world issues with an understanding smile and a muted scream. 

The accompanying stop-motion animated music video, similarly beautiful and well-crafted, gained as much attention as the debut single, so be sure not to miss the follow up animated effort. 

With Happy Mag recently naming Corniglia as one of their five Western Australian bands to watch, keep an eye out for their upcoming full length release and what the rest of 2017 has in store, website here, Facebook here.

Dark indie pop seems a pretty apt description for 'I Don't Know What To Say' which has a haunting feel to it. The melody is seemingly less important, with atmospheric rhythmic vocals driving the song forward above a delicious guitar lead soundtrack.


Collapsing Scenery - Tired Blood.

Background - Collapsing Scenery shares their new video "Tired Blood" (dir. by Hunter Crowder). The band's Reggie Debris explains that the track is about "the fatigue and exhaustion that can set in after years of activism, when nothing seems to change or things seem to get actively worse." 

Collapsing Scenery’s music and creative process represent the world as the band wishes the world were: playful, polyglot, intense, committed, politically engaged, free, open, and without boundaries or hierarchies.

The band formed in the terrible autumn of 2013, under a pall of paranoia and disgust, as predator missiles rained on Middle Eastern heads and each day brought news of further surveillance of innocents and more aggressive pursuit of those who had the nerve to inform us about it.

Against this backdrop, erstwhile collaborators Don De Vore and Reggie Debris put aside the stringed instruments on which they’d first learned to play music and on which they were comfortable and versed, and assembled an impressive pile of analog electronics: samplers, step sequencers, synths and drum machines, all supplemented by effects pedals usually applied to guitars. 

From the largely improvised sessions, many accompanied by drummer Ryan Rapsys, the seeds of songs began their germination. Lyrics that Debris had been amassing over years of political rage and frustration began to find their homes when paired with ad-libbed instrumentals. Melodies and cadences alchemically emerged as the words settled into their natural rhythmic patterns.

These elements create dizzying music that by turns touches on punk, industrial, techno, hip-hop, free jazz, soul, disco, folk balladry, and whatever other spirits happen to inhabit the recording studio at any given moment. Website here, Facebook here.

'Tired Blood' has a deep beat, synths that tease out swirling sounds alongside a keen rhythm, all of which sits behind some darker vocals and superb samples. At just under three minutes the songs abrupt end surprised me, as I was still trying to figure the video out!


White Reaper - Judy French.

Background - Following on from the April release of their new album 'The World's Best American Band' on Polyvinyl Records, Louisville indie/garage band White Reaper have announced a short run of EU/UK tour dates for this October.

A new video for the acclaimed single "Judy French" has just emerged too. White Reaper's standout single "Judy French" off their critically acclaimed and overall monster of an album, The World's Best American Band, gets the video treatment it deserves. 

Directed by Brandon Dermer (co-creator and director of the forthcoming Viceland show, What Would Diplo Do?), the video stars actress Alexandra Daddario (True Detective, Baywatch) giving the song her best arena-rock performance.

Live dates are listed on Beehive Candy's tour news page, website here, Facebook here.

Feisty full on rock riffs and some equally strong vocals ensures 'Judy French' arrives in style albeit well and truly in your face. It's a natural punk orientated song, where attitude & power compete for attention (& get it!).


Chris Tavener - Faking Cool.

Background - Chris Tavener is the satirical, comedy folk act talking about what everybody thinks, but nobody says….a quirky combination of Tim Minchin meets Bob Dylan, or Flight of The Concords meets Paul Simon.

Originally from Northwich in Cheshire, Chris writes storytelling songs about the ironic comedy in everything from drunken romance, celebrity worship, football hooligans and small-town problems. His latest EP “i’m sorrdy bi’m drunnk” was championed by Steve Lamacq (BBC 6 Music) who aired the tracks four times.. In 2016, he took on two nationwide tours visiting 10 cities over 6 weeks; the success of which led to a stint at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and a second nationwide tour; performing a total of 351 gigs. 

His latest single ‘Faking Cool’ sees him throw on some dark shades and plenty of leather (probably fake) in a song that looks at those people in society that are just too-cool-for-school. As the hilariously entertaining music video shows, it’s actually quite hard work being friends with someone who constantly pouts and struts around like they own the place.

What does being ‘cool’ really mean? One man’s cool may be another man’s ‘Faking Cool’. Chris is making an art out of catchy comedic tunes with clever lyrics and it’s no surprise that his popularity is soaring with fans raving about his live shows. Facebook here.

My personal take on comedic songs is that they are either very good and easy to listen to over and over, or one off jokes that are never quite the same on a second listen. OK I know that's a sweeping generalisation and 'Faking Cool' is definitely in the latter camp, more satirical (or tongue in cheek) than full on humour. It's also actually a very catchy song where fine music and attractive vocals are centre stage.