Artificial Pleasure - Chris Pellnat - Haneke Twins

Artificial Pleasure return to Beehive Candy with 'Lose Myself Again' (we featured 'Side By Side Together' last September). The new track mixes synth pop with deeper rhythmic vibes along with some notable, indeed splendid vocals. === Chris Pellnat has a new album entitled 'Rain'. Chris has appeared here as a solo artist, band member and also with Erin Pellnat, the one consistent in all guises is the quality of the music. New album 'Rain' takes us on a creative and variety packed journey, we have a video for the title track along with the full album below, enjoy! this is another really good collection. === We have enjoyed many artists down the years who have a day job along with their musical activities, however introducing a couple of CERN scientists takes us into new territory. Despite that Haneke Twins get our attention because of the music and 'River' is a fabulous post punk piece with that extra something that seals the deal.

Artificial Pleasure - Lose Myself Again.

With their recent tracks ‘Side By Side Together’ and ‘Into The Unknown (Pt. II)’, Artificial Pleasure are gearing up to make the breakthrough they deserve. With both tracks previewing their upcoming second album, they’ve earned fresh plays from Gary Crowley at BBC London and Jess Iszatt at BBC Music Introducing, plus Seattle’s renowned KEXP.

They’ve also taken their attention-demanding live show to fresh faces, headlining nights curated by Andy Backhouse and Hidden Herd as well as a gig as guest to MF Tomlinson. The band were also recently nominated for INES, a project that seeks the best new talent for a range of key European festivals and music conferences.

Building upon their growing profile, the London trio now share their brand new single ‘Lose Myself Again’. It’s a tense, anxiety-fuelled march of cinematic synth-pop and leftfield industrial rhythms - a fusion of modernist and retro electro that would feel equally at home on the soundtracks to ‘Blade Runner’ or ‘Stranger Things’. The song also features backing vocals courtesy of Jylda, who previously collaborated with the band on ‘Boys Grow Up’.

“‘Lose Myself again is a song about the depths of depression, how it can control you and how lost you can feel,” says the band’s frontman Phil McDonnell. That concept is highlighted by his anguished vocal delivery in lyrics such as, “I just know it’s coming back.”

Artificial Pleasure’s Phil McDonnell (vocals/guitar) and Dom Brennan (synths/production) are life-long friends. By the time they were adults, their individual projects didn’t share much common ground: Brennan was producing ear-bleeding electronica while McDonnell was playing the hugely demanding repertoire of Frank Zappa in a touring cover band. But friendship and a shared passion for music overcame such expectations, and they recruited jazz/funk specialist Lee Jordan to provide the grooves to complete their vision for Artificial Pleasure.


Chris Pellnat - Rain (Album).

Chris tells Beehive Candy about his new album, "Rain":

"As you can see, I've teamed up with a small experimental label that specializes in cassettes, but you can hear streams there too.

"Rain" has some rather traditional singer-songwriter sounds but also many "WTF??" songs that I think you might enjoy.

("WTF??" is a natural reaction when a vibraphone, dulcimer and the odd retro synthesizer kick in, but I think it all seems right. Right as rain.)"


Haneke Twins - River.

Longtime friends, work colleagues and old bandmates, the two CERN scientists — originally from Greece, based in Switzerland — decided to form Haneke Twins and record their first EP in 2018.

Haunting baritone vocals blended with eerie but catchy guitar licks resulting in a “Bauhaus/Joy Division meet Interpol” debut album. 2020 finds Haneke Twins with a brand-new 2-track single, precursor of their upcoming album expected to be out later this year.

Haneke Twins are Paschalis Vichoudis (vocals and bass guitar) and Stefanos Leontsinis (guitars).