Holly Redford Jones - Cat Princess

Just a couple of artists today starting with Holly Redford Jones and her superb new song 'Bonjour Madame', a sultry country rocker with plenty of feeling. It's our third feature for Cat Princess this year as their good humoured new song 'Rocko's Theme' takes us on a journey into some cinema day's of the eighties.

Holly Redford Jones - Bonjour Madame.

London-based songwriter Holly Redford Jones just released the slow-burner country-rock single "Bonjour Madame." The track displays Redford-Jones' toughness and grit, telling the narrative of the "every-woman" just trying to get by.

Holly Redford Jones defies convention and expectation. Raised in Chesterfield, UK, to a non-musical family, she began playing guitar at age 11. Redford-Jones attended her local high school and struggled to keep up in class due to dyslexia (she really did quit that French GCSE). Nonetheless, she went on to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford “to make a point,” and, upon graduating, swiftly moved to London to pursue a career in music.

The genesis for "Bonjour Madame" was born whilst just about scraping by in London, working in bars and other assorted odd jobs. Both a cynic and a dreamer at heart, Redford-Jones became frustrated at the cycle of rent-paying with seemingly little time for music. Encumbered by the weight of creeping political and cultural shadows, Redford-Jones fantasised about an escape across the English Channel. Despite now splitting her time between the UK and US, her short-lived Parisian dream endures.

Redford-Jones has been compelling audiences in the UK since 2017 with her unassuming, yet striking presence and commanding voice.


Cat Princess - Rocko's Theme.

Uppsala quintet Cat Princess formed at a New Year's party and debuted only days after playing at guitarist Robin's birthday party. Singer Nils joined the gang after the band heard him sing that same night. Just as spontaneous as the band's birth are their music. Today the new cut Rocko’s Theme is released, their most imaginative and strangest (in a good way) track to date. Rocko’s Theme is the third and last single from Cat Princess' long-awaited debut album Forbidden Items.

Rocko’s Theme follows singles Sweet and Silver Socks released earlier this year, and explores the life of fictional 80s action hero Rocko Morocco on his adventures as a man always on the run, delivered with a natural confidence. Sweet broke about a year of silence from the band since their retro banging single Fly on Your Wall, which was followed by the band's debut London show and a support slot for synth legends OMD. Silver Socks is a fine representation of the band's live intensity and one of the brightest cuts from the upcoming LP which took a majority of 2018 to make. The result is an eclectic art rock mix, equally put together by the bands' influences spanning from 80s new wave to contemporary greats.

The band about Rocko’s Theme: "At one point we decided that music, or at least our music, doesn’t have to be so god damn serious and poetic all the time. Rocko’s Theme is definitely a product of that mentality. Like the name suggests, Rocko’s Theme is quite a cinematic song. Musically we took a lot of inspiration from the funky, groovy songs in old blacksploitation movies. We also tried to write the lyrics kind of like an old movie. Not a good movie mind you. Rocko is a coked up 80:s villain who likes fast cars, speedboats and quick deals. He’s got friends in high places and if you make a wrong move you just might end up on the ocean floor. After finally going too far Rocko is on the run from the law...The rest you’ll have to find out for yourself.."