Power & Punk: Mad Anthony - Hound.

Mad Anthony - Haunt Me feat. Tom Pappas of Superdrag.

Background promo - The ferocious three-piece, Mad Anthony are about to live up to their name, as long as you subscribe to the commonwealth definition of "mad". Expelling the antiquated and tired traditional album cycle, these three lunatics decided, after being excited by all their work and collaborations, that they will release a brand new song every week... for 52 weeks. The Mad Anthology is a culmination of everything that the band has ever accomplished and envisioned.

The project involves dozens of friends, producers, colleagues, peers, and collaborators from all over the continent. The daunting undertaking, although created out of an avalanche of excitement and content, is an interesting business move that screams "2016"; an era in the music business where the public are less and less interested in the traditional cycle of releasing a long player and then waiting potentially years to hear another. That type of release schedule is very un-Mad Anthony. In a time when the news cycle is 12 hours long (at best) Mad Anthony understand that you have to stick around, and take on an attitude of attrition.

So, at the starting line is the band's "Haunt Me", a traditional slice of modern rock, with the classic Ablini-y drum sound and Rust Belt growling vocals. It's the first step in an adventure that will likely turn Mad Anthony round the bend, if that's not already the case.

As ideas go, one song a week for a year, goes beyond a gimmick into something of a mad challenge. That said, in the end it all depends on the music. Well 'Haunt Me' sets the standard, which in fairness is fairly high. Robust three piece rock, with enough edge and passion, to ensure at the very least I'll be checking out for the next song, and quite probably the one after that.


Hound. - Drown.

Background promo - Hound is a product of a peculiar yet familiar environment. Years spent together ingrained in dilapidated Brisbane share houses wherein countless nights were spent idealising and arguing the nuances of the 70's and 80's punk rock movement. British new-wave, post punk and 90's alternative have unwittingly given Hound their personal take on the very sounds, values and ideas that have sculpted them as a band.

Since their inception, Hound has toured the eastern states, playing alongside bands like DZ Deathrays, Hard-Ons, Clowns, Killing Joke and the Coathangers to name a few, showcasing their tight and frenetic live act, honing their natural instincts of hi-hat abuse, stealth bass lines and inappropriate guitar solos into signature facets. The singer does a fantastic Neil Young. Seriously. Their single 'God Is Calling' aired on national and local radio, with the film clip earning best new clip on ABC's Rage program.

Now thinking of tomorrow with equal parts restlessness and focus, an increasingly reckless creative process and a relentless desire to be ‘not bad', Hound are scheduling three new EPs for release in 2016. The new single “Drown” comes from the first of their forthcoming EPs, due for release in March.

Upcoming Shows:
Saturday 5th March 2016 -The Milk Factory, Brisbane QLD w/ Halcyon Drive
Saturday 7th May 2016 - Last Chance Bar, Melbourne VIC
Friday 13th May 2016 - Bearded Lady, Brisbane QLD
Saturday 21st May 2016 - Glebe Record Crate, Sydney NSW.

This takes me back many years to my misspent youth, when punk was biting at the backside of the rock 'superstars'. 'Drown' has that momentum and feeling. Underneath all the rebellion, many punk bands wanted to be 'not bad' and within that you get the mixture of edginess and determination. Back to basics rock rarely becomes tiresome, as this song more than demonstrates.