Priory Of Brion (Robert Plant) - The Beaufort Theatre Wales 2000

Reloaded 18/May/2015 - Yep, fifteen years ago more or less since Robert Plant toured extensively as Priory Of Brion around the UK. Featured again by request and also as audience matrix recordings go this is very good audio and the unique selection of songs just adds to this little piece of music history.

This is Robert Plant's touring band Priory Of Brion who undertook a good number of gigs between July 23rd 1999 through until Dec 21st 2000. This is the band live at The Beaufort Theatre, Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent, Wales, back on the 11th February 2000. During this phase of live concerts the venues tended to be smaller in size and as can be heard from this concert recording the atmosphere was warm and included some fine banter with the audience.

Excerpted from ROOTS magazine, Aug/Sep 2000 - Robert Plant explains Priory of Brion

The name of the band incorporates a reference to a society which was an offshoot of the Knight’s Templar called The Priory of Zion and the film The Life of Brian.

An approximate explanation of which might be; A kind of secret society not to be taken too seriously or over revered. He explains that he and Kevyn Gammond, now a college lecturer, have remained ‘best mates’ since they were in The Band of Joy together in the mid-sixties. Discussing how, on the music scene, everything seemed to go back to that era Robert said to Kevyn “We used to do that. Let’s do it again.” Kevyn knew some really good musicians, ex students, who were starting to teach and do mixing and dance music, so they had a rehearsal in a barn and that was the beginning of the Priory of Brion.

Enhancing the air of mystery which surrounded the band in the early days, Robert created alter egos for the musicians by giving them false names and telling brief stories about their new characters. Thus Kevyn Gammond, lead guitarist became Carlisle Egypt. Andy Edwards, drums, was usually known as the man in the pointed hat and crossed sticks - Alistair Crowley. Paul Timothy, keyboards and acoustic guitar, generally referred to as TIm to avoid confusion with Paul Whetton, often became Owyn Glendwr - fresh from some border skirmish local to the current venue. Paul cool, calm and collected Whetton, bass guitar, became the enigmatic Brian without whom the whole adventure would have been impossible. Occasionally names have changed, notably when ‘Brian’ underwent a mystical transformation on a journey up the Norwegian fjords and became the terrifying Eric Bloodaxe. More recently the band have been referred to by their (alleged) ‘real’ names but we have yet to be told who the vocalist is. 

Source: Audience matrix.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@228kbps (variable to 242kbps).

Genre: Rock, blues rock, folk rock, country rock.

Set: Full Set.

Set List:

01. Intro
02. Season of the Witch
03. A House Is Not a Motel
04. Bummer in the Summer
05. Waiting For My Man
06. Girl From the North Country/If I Were A Carpenter
07. Darkness Darkness
08. Think
09. Early In the Morning
10. Money
11. We're Gonna Groove
12. Baby Please Don't Go
13. As Long As I Have You
14. Gloria
15. No Regrets
16. Trouble In Mind

Website: Official Robert Plant HERE.

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