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2011Candy - June Edition Two

Background: Born out of Los Angeles synthpop trio NightWaves, Goldroom is Josh Legg’s solo effort and production alias. An amalgamation of dreamy synths, emotive vocals, and tropical disco grooves, Goldroom paints the soundscape of summertime in Los Angeles. A breezy response to the heavy, dub-laden clubs around Southern California, Goldroom’s music is ready-made to soundtrack a poolside soiree. Influenced heavily by French Touch innovators like Alan Braxe and Fred Falke, Legg has crafted an uniquely Californian take on the genre, incorporating live instrumentation and percussion with elements of down tempo disco to create something more than the sum of its parts.

Legg plans to begin collaborating with producers and songwriters with greater frequency while at the same time continuing work on both NightWaves and Goldroom. He is looking for songwriting, composing, and remix opportunities.

Josh added when he contacted Beehive Candy - "I think if you're a fan of Nu-Disco or French Touch you might dig this stuff, although I tried mostly to write great songs within that platform. I tried to paint a picture of what life is like here in Los Angeles and I think I succeeded in a lot of ways". 

2011Candy Says: This has a really cool vibe running through it and the musical layering is spot on and whats more you can dance to it (although don't ask the beehive as we have two left feet).
Listen: Morgans Bay. Web: Official.

Background: Formed in early 2009 in San Diego, Little Deadman is Spencer Rabin, Anthony Levas, Brian Dall, and Tyson Wirtzfeld. Their reverb and echo steeped sound is alternately breezy California cool and caustic proto-punk, drawing influence in equal measure from the folk structure of Bob Dylan, the pop sensibility and moodiness of New Order, and 60's soul music.

After years of playing in different bands, the four-piece regrouped after writing several songs together, four of which appear on their new EP "Shooting Seagulls" as well as a 7-inch record featuring the title track via Single Screen Records. They are anticipating a full-length in early 2012.

2011Candy Says: Reminds us a little of OMD without the synths dominating. It's a fine song with loads of energy.
Listen: Shooting Seagulls. Web: MySpace.

Background: How do you describe something a sound that is high art, while being found art and art pop? You let is speak for itself. The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players kicked off their month-long residency at Bowery Electric on June 14th to celebrate their second full-length album Lost and Found coming out July 12th on Tummy Touch Records.

Tina Trachtenburg (Mother, projectors), Jason Trachtenburg (Father, guitar and piano), and Rachel Trachtenburg (Daughter, drums) scour estate sales, thrift shops, and other underground slide sources to procure the oddest, the most illuminating, and the most colorfully detailed examples from the golden age of slide projection. These found slides are musically reinterpreted and form the back drop to the Trachtenburg’s internationally acclaimed, award winning live shows. This family is alternative from the ground up, subscribing to a fierce yet fun DIY approach to style and aesthetic, fashion and formula. Environmental sustainability, passionate vegetarianism, and home schooling are at the front of this drawing board.

The Trachtenburgs released “Vintage Slide Collections from Seattle Vol 1” on Bar/None Records in 2003 to high acclaim, leading to TV appearances on  “Late Night with Conan O’Brian,” MTV, VH1, Fuse, Starz, Sundance, Nickelodeon and many other stations around the world. On “Lost & Found,” vintage slide collections are spun to perfection, weaving tales of memories lost...and art found. Lyrical complexities and simplicities make for immediate musical memories featuring 10 new "slide songs," a theme song, a poem, and bonus-track debut recordings from the Trachtenburg's spin-off projects Supercute! (featuring Rachel Trachtenburg,) and The Pendulum Swings (featuring Jason Trachtenburg.). 

2011Candy Says: Simple can sometimes be stunning. This just makes us feel so good. Simple as that.
Listen: Open Everything. Web: tummytouch records.

Background: The first of the cyber-Mohicans hits the stage, shredding like a rock star on a touch-screen tablet melded with a Guitar Hero controller—and creating a huge chorus of Brazilian rhythm. With a three-foot tall Mohawk and the blessing of the spirits, he and his crew invent new instruments for ancient roots: the rumbling joys of Afro-Brazilian beats, the rolling pulse of samba, and the deep presence of candomble.

Meet Percussivo Mundo Novo, led by producer and delightfully mad inventor Mikael Mutti. Mixing re-imagined traditional drums and video game controllers, the group brings spirit guides, stunning musical virtuosity, and catchy futuristic visions to North America for the first time this July and August, 2011.

PMN’s sound sparkles with laser-sharp solos played on apps and with a resounding pulse coaxed out of re-imagined Northeastern Brazilian drums. There are hints of Herbie Hancock at his funkiest, of prog rock panache. But the group’s roots go deep into Brazilian life: the samba schools of Salvador, the wisdom of candomble masters, the lighthearted and lightning fast bursts of repentista-style vocals.

Percussivo Mundo Novo, Summer 2011 Tour:
07/25/2011, Mon New York, NY Dub Spot Electronic Music School
07/28/2011, Thu Newark, NJ NJPAC - Sounds of the City
07/29/2011, Fri Philadelphia, PA  World Cafe Live
07/30/2011, Sat New York, NY SOB's/Brazil SummerFest
08/04/2011, Thu Somerville, MA Johnny D's Uptown
08/06/2011, Sat New York, NY Lincoln Center Out of Doors - La Casita project
08/07/2011, Sun Bronx, NY Lincoln Center Out of Doors - La Casita project
08/09/2011, Tue Washington, DC Kennedy Center - Millenium Stage

2011Candy Says: If rhythm and percussion is your thing you are going to just love this band. As a challenge turn it up loud and try and keep your body still for at least a second!
Listen: Shogun. Web: Official.

Background: Doug Hoyer is among Edmonton’s premier pop practitioners. Having toured Canada several times in support of two previous EP’s and 2010’s Two New Songs From Doug Hoyer 7”, his long awaited full length debut Walks with the Tender and Growing Night has finally arrived via Old Ugly Recording Co. June 30th.

Commonly known as a ukulele troubadour, that sound has grown immensely. If you've had a chance to enjoy his recent 7" you will have already witnessed this transformation beginning. Doug's newest endeavor is heavily danceable and involves a deluge of different instruments, record samples, field recordings, and sound-makers on every track. Produced by Calvin McElroy (Gobble Gobble, Kuhrye-oo), the album's focus on infectious melodies and crooning heights is very much deliberate.

2011Candy Says: This is the first time I have heard music from Doug and on the strength of this and another song called 'Oh the wind will blow' I am intent on listening to more, great song and wonderful vocals.
Listen: Northern Lights. Web: Old Ugly Recording Co.

Background: Indiecater released Burning Codes 3rd album 'Rivers of Hope' recently on June 20th. Burning Codes is the brainchild of Belfast's Paul Archer and on 'Rivers of Hope' he is joined by members of Snow Patrol, Athlete and his brother, Ivor Novello winner, Iain.

Burning Codes create a Spirtualized like brand of jangle rock that is characterised by Paul Archer's redemptive themes. It is a calming influence on a world full of noise.

Paul Archer is a painter but not in the traditional sense. Instead of a brush and oils he uses words and melodies to document his environment. And in Burning Codes’ world positivity abounds, redemption is always possible and hope is all around. Archer’s gift is that he is able to turn such lofty concepts into something so beautiful.

Rivers of Hope is the third album to be released by Indiecater (Burning Codes and Burning Codes 2) and we (Indiecater Records) feel privileged in having being part of the grand journey.

2011Candy Says: This builds wonderfully and could sit comfortably being performed in a small club or in a stadium.
Listen: We Are Like Gold. Web: Indiecater.

Background: Sometimes all that glitters IS gold. At first glance, The Bandana Splits look like a pin-up girl group from the early 60s, yet behind the cutesy façade lurks a serious power pop trio. Annie Nero, Dawn Landes, and Lauren Balthrop were brought together by geography and their love of The Andrews Sisters charm and Spector-like musicality. Along with producer Sam Cohen (Apollo Sunshine/Yellowbirds) The Splits have effortlessly crafted your new favorite record.

The Bandana Splits’ self-titled debut album sends listeners whirling through the space/time continuum, conjuring images of soda jerks and varsity jackets. However, they’re much more than a throwback piece. Recorded at Landes’ Saltlands Studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn, the record displays their unique songwriting and sweet 3-part harmonies performed live around an old RCA ribbon microphone.  Accompanied by spastic guitar, Muppetesque drum and bass jams, and slinky organ riffs, Cohen sonically infused the record with Motown grooves, Brazilian psychedelia, and a tasteful dash of classic country schmaltz.

2011Candy Says: This is just wonderful. Great song, fantastic harmonies, all girl group. Someone knows how to tick all of beehive candy's boxes and some!!!
Listen: Sometimes. Web: Official.

Background: Golden Bloom is Shawn Fogel’s soaring vocals, shimmering guitar hooks; whizzing keyboards and twinkling sounds. In fact, Golden Bloom is all Shawn Fogel. Under the moniker Golden Bloom, Fogel constructs intelligent contemporary indie power pop that rivals like-minded peers such as Wilco, Matt Pond PA, and Ben Kweller. The singer and multi-instrumentalist is so fully committed to his music that when he records an album, he plays nearly every instrument himself; tracking layers of his own vocal melodies for some of the purest and most encouraging indie pop out today.

The New York native, currently residing in New Jersey, Fogel is a one-man music-making machine. Fogel's latest EP is March to the Drums, which is set to release August 23, 2011.  In 2009, he released his radiant album Fan the Flames. Since Fogel records the instruments himself, he brought in various producers to round out his sound. “A great album is only as good as the sum of its parts, so I like to focus on one song at time rather than thinking about the album as a whole until it’s pretty much done,” Fogel explains. Producer Peter Katis (The National, Mates of State), Roger Greenwalt (Ben Kweller), Dylan Magierek (Mark Kozelek) and Ryan Ball all worked together to make Fan the Flames energetic, exploring, personal, whimsical and fantastic.

When the multi-instrumentalist and front man isn’t working on Golden Bloom material, he can be found dabbling in a handful of other bands and projects. His 2010 project Neutral Uke Hotel (a re-interpretation of Neutral Milk Hotel’s seminal album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea) finds Fogel transforming one of his favorite albums entirely on the ukulele.

2011Candy Says: That Shawn Fogel is talented is a given. This song just adds to the evidence and whats more is the stuff that makes us get up and get on with living.
Listen: You Go On and On. Web: Official.

Background: “When I think about it, I guess my life has been pretty interesting,” says the Texas-raised, Los Angeles-based artist Lisa Sheppard. “I’m a person who’s easily bored, so I’m continuously looking for something new to wrap myself around. The stories in my songs tend to be about the process of life.”

Neon Lights, Lisa’s stunning sophomore album, burns with the grit-filled, heartfelt sounds of that process. The moods and tales within are as frank and richly varied as the life of their earthy-voiced creator: The disc’s 11 built-to-last songs are typified by such offerings as “You Got Your Freedom,” a rough-edged, blues-rocking kiss-off to a departing ex-lover, and “Once I Leave LA,” a sobering meditation on the thoughts of a desperate friend set to a bittersweet waltz. And then there’s the title track, an image-rich, gospel-tinged narrative that cashes in on the singer’s observations from her years as a professional poker player.

Lisa was born on Christmas Day. She grew up in Houston with music-loving parents who began bringing her to see live bands when she was just seven years old. Her mother, an impassioned follower of country and early rock ’n’ roll, was friends with Elvis Presley, George Jones, and rockabilly pioneer Tommy Sands, whose fan club she ran. Through her parents Lisa also discovered the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, and the Eagles, and at age nine she started guitar lessons. By age 16, however, her attention had turned toward a different type of stage, and she decided to pursue a theatrical career.

In 1988 Lisa moved to LA, where her focus eventually shifted from acting to play writing and directing. But in 1993 she received a not-so-subtle sign that maybe the theatrical world wasn’t for her: During the opening run of “Metro,” a three-act play she co-wrote and directed with her late husband, the roof of the presenting theater caved in (luckily, no one was hurt). Two further collapses, that of her house in the 1994 Northridge earthquake and that of the marriage, soon had her searching for another creative outlet.

Lisa dabbled in visual art while growing further immersed in LA’s rich music scene. Inspired by the latter, in 2008 she picked up her guitar, wiped away 20 years of dust, and not only started playing again but writing songs as well. “My ex-husband had died, and I’d been carrying that loss and a lot of other stuff,” she recalls. “It all started coming out.” In October 2009 Lisa debuted with One-Track Mind, a collection of 10 striking originals that was quickly snapped up by blues and radio and drew praise from Country Weekly and Belgian online magazines and The album’s success soon had her appearing at the House of Blues and other top clubs.

2011Candy Says: Lisa Sheppard has that natural Americana meets blues rock vibe that we just love. Loads of grit and determination that powers out in some great songs. Alt country is alive and well!
Listen: Neon Lights. Web: Official.

Background: Finally a very recent release by the Supreme Court, which features members of two legendary Atlanta bands: the Hampton Grease Band (guitarist Glenn Phillips and bassist Mike Holbrook) and the Swimming Pool Q's (vocalists Jeff Calder and Anne Richmond Boston).

Reviews include - "rather magnificent....features an outrageous gooey center in the form of Phillips’ exquisitely lubricious solos." - Relix Magazine April/May 2011

Sun Hex is an hour-long tour de force that features 10 new Calder/Phillips originals (including the 9 minute epic title cut) plus a 10 minute cover version of "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place." Recorded and mixed on analog tape at the world-renowned Southern Tracks recording studio (Springsteen, Dylan, etc.), this is the long-awaited, 20 years in the making follow-up to Supreme Court's first album, which according to Rolling Stone's 4-star review, "welds deranged humor to a guitar that blows hot as an acetylene torch."

2011Candy Says: We finish off this round up with an album that we think is well worth checking out. Its a bit of a rough diamond, nice and edgy in places and with some fine guitar and vocals, good honest rock'n'roll.
Listen: Frontier Of Here. Web: Official.


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Budgie - Birmingham and Poland - Double Header.

This is two concerts from Welsh rockers Budgie the first recorded for broadcast in Birmingham, England back in 1978 (or possibly 1979, some cite 1975 however this is unlikely). The second is an audience recording that is clear and very listenable recorded live in Bydgoszcz - Poland on the 3rd, August 1982 (Budgie have maintained a large fan base in Poland for many years).

 Budgie formed in 1967 in Cardiff, Wales under the name Hills Contemporary Grass. Their original line-up consisted of Burke Shelley on vocals and bass, Tony Bourge on guitar and vocals, and Ray Phillips on drums. After performing several gigs in 1968, the band changed their name to Budgie the following year and recorded their first demo. The band originally formed under such names as Hills Contemporary Grass and Six Ton Budgie. Burke Shelley has said that the band's name came from the fact that he, "loved the idea of playing noisy, heavy rock, but calling ourselves after something diametrically opposed to that".

Their debut album in strong blues oriented hard rock lines was recorded at Rockfield Studios with Black Sabbath producer Rodger Bain and released in 1971, followed by Squawk in 1972. The third album, Never Turn Your Back On a Friend (1973), contained "Breadfan", which was covered by Metallica in 1988, the band having covered another Budgie song, "Crash Course In Brain Surgery" earlier in their career. Ray Philips left the band before the fourth album In for the Kill was recorded and was replaced by Pete Boot.

In late 1974, the band were joined by drummer Steve Williams for the album Bandolier, for live shows promoting this album and the follow up, 'If I Were Brittania I'd Waive the Rules', the band were augmented by Welsh guitarist Myf Isaac, but both Bourge and Isaac left mid 1978 and were replaced by ex Trapeze guitarist Robert Kendrick. Music from the 1978 LP Impeckable was featured in the 1979 film J-Men Forever (shown frequently on the USA Network's "Night Flight" television series in the 1980s) which is now a cult classic. In late 1978, having been dropped by A&M and with no new recording contract, this line up floundered, and after 12 months Kendrick was replaced by "Big" John Thomas in late 1979. This line up recorded two albums for Kingsley Wards 'Active' label: 'Power Supply' and 'Nightflight'. 1982 saw them signed to RCA for 'Deliver us From Evil' their final recording for a 'major label'.

The band continued to have success during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, playing the Reading Festival in 1980 and then headlining the festival in 1982. They built a particular following in Poland, where they played as the first heavy metal band behind the Iron Curtain, in 1982. Also notable was their tour support of Ozzy Osbourne's Blizzard of Ozz Tour.

Source: FM Broadcast - Birmingham, Audience - Poland.

Sound Quality: Good mp3@128kbps Birmingham and mp3@160kbps Poland.

Genre: Heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock

Set: Two sets.

Set List:

Birmingham 1978:

01 Breaking the Rules
02 Pyramids
03 Ain't no Mountain
04 Can't Get Out of Bed
05 You and Me
06 Parents
07 Napoleon Bona-Part 1 & 2
08 Quacktors and Bureaucrats
09 Melt the Ice Away
10 In For The Kill Medley
11 Breadfan

Poland 1982:

1. Introduction
2. Forearm Smash
3. Crime Agains The Word
4. Napoleon Bona-Part One
5. Napoleon Bona-Part Two
6. Truth Drug
7. I Turned To Stone
8. Superstar
9. Panzer Division Destroyed
10. She Used Me Up
11. Wild Fire
12. Breadfan

Website: Official HERE.

Download links (two) in comments below.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Michael Nesmith - London 1974

This is Michael Nesmith live at the Roundhouse, London, back on April 28th, 1974. This is a very laid back performance and Michael chats a lot with the audience. The audio quality is a little below par for FM and may be down to a fairly average recording set up used, that said this is a fine record of Michael Nesmith at a time where despite the number of solo records he had already put out, still seemed to be under the shadow of The Monkees in terms of wider audience expectations.

As he prepared for his exit from The Monkees, Mike Nesmith was approached by John Ware of The Corvettes, a band that featured Nesmith's friend John London (who played on some of the earliest pre-Monkees Nesmith 45s as well as numerous Monkees sessions) and had 45s produced by Nesmith for the Dot label in 1969. Ware wanted Nesmith to put together a band. Nesmith said he would be interested only if noted pedal steel player Orville "Red" Rhodes would be a part of the project, and a long musical partnership was born that would continue until Rhodes' untimely death in 1995. The new band was christened Michael Nesmith and the First National Band and went on to record three albums for RCA Records in 1970.

Michael Nesmith has been considered one of the pioneers of country rock and had moderate commercial success with the First National Band. Their second single, Joanne hit number 21 on the Billboard chart & number 17 on Cashbox, with the follow-up "Silver Moon" making number 42 Billboard and number 28 Cashbox. Two more singles charted ("Nevada Fighter" number 70 Billboard - number 73 Cashbox & "Propinquity" number 95 Cashbox) and the first two LP's charted in the lower regions of the Billboard album chart. No clear answer has ever been given for the band's breakup, the albums they recorded remain on par with the Flying Burrito Brothers, Poco and New Riders of the Purple Sage as some of the best country-rock music.

Michael Nesmith followed up with The Second National Band, a band that besides Nesmith, consisted of Michael Cohen (keyboards and Moog), Johnny Meeks (bass), Jack Panelli (drums) and the always present Orville Rhodes (pedal steel), as well as an appearance by singer, musician, and songwriter José Feliciano (conga drums). The album, Tantamount to Treason Vol. 1, was a commercial and critical disaster. Nesmith then recorded And The Hits Just Keep On Comin', featuring only him on guitar and Red Rhodes on pedal steel.

Michael Nesmith got more heavily involved in producing, and was given a label of his own through Elektra Records, Countryside. It featured a number of artists that were produced by Nesmith, including Garland Frady and Red Rhodes. The staff band at Countryside also helped Nesmith on his next, and last, RCA album, Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash.

Source: Radio broadcast.

Sound Quality: Good mp3@192kbps

Genre: Rock, pop, folk, country.

Set: Full Set.

Set List:

01 Introduction by Mike Nesmith
02 Joanne
03 Some of Shelly's Blues
04 Silver Moon
05 Different Drum
06 Propinquinty [I've Just Begun To Care]
07 Grand Ennui
08 Wax Minute
09 Tomorrow And Me
10 The Upside Of Goodbye
11 Roll With The Flow
12 Monologue
13 Marie's Theme
Website: Official HERE.

Download link in comments below.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

2011Candy - June Edition One

Background: Lefse Records is excited to announce the addition of the Fair Ohs to the their roster. Eddy Frankel (guitar/vocals), Matt Flag (bass) and Joey Ryan (drums) started two years ago in East London as a raucous hardcore band called Big F***ing Deal, but have since settled on Fair Ohs after numerous changes. Everything Is Dancing  is their debut full length, but have had split record/cassettes with Male Bonding, Women, Cold Pumas, Spectrals on a host of rad UK DIY labels like Sex Is Disgusting and Faux Discx.

Everything is Dancing is influenced by West African funk, 60's Psycheldic Rock, Eritrean Guayla music and a whole heap of Fleetwood Mac. The record is being released in all formats on Lefse July 26th, and July 7th on the bands own Honey High Records in the UK.

2011Candy Says: Reminds me of early new wave in some ways, take that as a positive, nice upbeat and lively, just right for a summers day.
Listen: Eden Rock. Web: Official.

Background: 17 Pygmies officially began in 1982 when then Savage Republic member Jackson Del Rey (aka Philip Drucker) began jamming in a garage with keyboardist and guitarist Michael Kory (Radwaste) and drummer, soon to be singer, Debbie Spinelli from Food & Shelter and Radwaste. The group's first composition was an odd, kind of surf-a-delic, Emerson Lake & Palmer inspired cover version of the theme music to David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia. Since no one was around to say stop, the band quickly devolved into a kind of spooky instrumental and 80's style techno-pop band, and by the time the Pygs, as they were now known to the five people including the band members who knew them, started covering Brazilian sambas (and just before the release of their first EP) Robert Loveless, now a member of Savage Republic, signed on as bass player/keyboardist.

The band are described as  - partly symphonic prog rock, partly experimental, partly sci-fi, partly indie rock, partly space rock, partly electro-acoustic, (you get the picture) the Pygmies utilize the Brian Wilson “whatever works” aesthetic to get their musical vision(s) across.

On January 1, 2011 "CII: Second Son" was released, part two in a three part series based on the original short story “Celestina”  The story picks up with our hero, Captain Mora and fellow astronaut and scientist/love interest, Isabel, waking up after traveling through a black hole, only to discover a colony of robots who have changed their chemical ‘mix’ to cope with a beautiful but mysterious world in which nothing ever changes. While adapting to their new surroundings, they learn some astonishing news from Herod, leader of the robots, and know they have no choice but to find a way to return home. Musically, CII: Second Son is a tribute to all of the unique 1950-60’s era science fiction motion pictures (think The Day The Earth Stood Still), but this time the music is a bit darker, perhaps reminiscent of early Tangerine Dream, with the Pygs using more experimental sounds to reflect the more somber, stark moodiness of the storyline. Heather Lockie (Audio Distructinators) was invited to play viola for this project to add a mysterious and beautiful sound.

2011Candy Says: The mention of prog rock seems to put me on cautious alert these days however 17 Pygmies are far more than just prog rock and even that aspect of them is superb. This is a wonderful album.
Listen: CELESTINA XIII Web: MySpace.

Background: Before rocking stages nationwide and getting their music played on numerous MTV shows, the members of Boston based band Endway were nearly homeless. Band members Kevin McHugh (Guitar, Vocals), Dennis Walsh (Bass, Vocals), Andrea Belfiore (Drums), Morgan Dorr (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Brian Lempert (Keys, Vocals), literally gave up everything to pursue their love of music. As a result the guys ended up playing over 200 shows nationwide—sharing the Endway message with any and everyone that would lend an ear.

Endway’s philosophy on the sacrifice was simple—they believe if you do what you love and you'll be great at it. They did it so much that their suitcases became their closets, and the couches and floors of fans and friends became their bedrooms. This connection to the audience and fan base is one of the many things that separate them from your everyday rock band.

During that journey, Endway released the band’s self-titled debut album, which catapulted them from virtually unknown to a hot commodity. As luck would have it a producer from MTV’s The Real World happened upon the CD from one of the cast members. He liked the Endway’s sound so much so that nine of the songs off of the album were featured on five different MTV shows including The Real World, Road Rules, and The Hills.

To keep up with the modern day trends of giving their fans continuous content and music, the band released there next album—the appropriately titled Running Man in late 2009. With licensing successes, several critically acclaimed performances, two critically acclaimed albums and positive word of mouth, Endway gained the attention of an up and coming producer/label owner, Andrew Koss of Tainted Blue Studios/Productions in New York City. Koss was so blown away with their devotion and dedication to the music that he had to be involved! Koss in tern produced their recently released album, Colors. The album, which features the internet hit “Running Man,” is decidedly worldlier sounding than any of Endway’s previous releases. With such a varied fan base the band succeeded in making an album that anyone can get into no matter their background. Colors was finished in the fall of 2010 and digitally released by Tainted Blue in the first quarter of 2011.

2011Candy Says: Oh this is just good lively no nonsense pop or rock or indie, call it what you want sometimes keeping it simple is more than enough.
Listen: Gimme Gimme. Web: Official.

Background: Summertime recalls bad Hollywood movies, less clothes, and funny tan lines. But what about music? New York's synth rockers Jump Into The Gospel kick off the scorching temperatures with a new single and a slew of NYC dates.

The Music Slut recently premiered the band's latest single "2012" to celebrate the band's June residency at Pianos June 15th, 22nd, and 29th. With spunky vocals reminiscent of Talking Heads' David Byrne and The Rapture's Luke Jenner, and guitars and synths oozing with bright vivacity, "2012" adds up to pure summer music.  Be sure to catch JITG each Wednesday this June at Pianos for a night of the warm, fuzzy, new wave rock that we’ve all come to love. For all those who splurged on other summer delicacies (ie. kiddie pools, jet skis, frozen margaritas), the final show of JITG's residency on June 29th will be a free one.

Comprised of frontman Louis Epstein, guitarist Ben Vescovi, bassist Lakis Pavlou, keyboardist Erik Tonnessen (tours with Holy Ghost!), and Chris Stein (tours with The Drums), Jump Into The Gospel contains the indie make-up necessary to make a deep crater in the New York music scene, in a serious way.

2011Candy Says; Synth rock needs to be done really well to get me to listen these days, sorry but that's just how it tends to be. The vocals on this grabbed me straight away and work so well with the music. Synth pop without the eighties baggage.
Listen: 2012. Web: Official.

Background: From Paper Gardens Lovely Hearts Club we read - Dreamy Norwegian pop trio Philco Fiction first captured our attention here at the Lovely Hearts Club when they stopped through New York on their recent US tour. All it took was a few bars of their uniquely whimsical sound and we were hooked.  We knew we had to share this gem of the European underground rock scene with our fellow audiophiles this side of the Atlantic.

The group debuted their first album, Give Us to the Lions, in 2010. Since then they have been hard at work touring and recording a second album, which is due to be released this fall. Lucky for us, they leaked the album’s first single “Help” to give all you Lovely Hearts Club fans out there a taste of what’s in store. Prepare to be mesmerized by singer Turid Solberg’s stunning vocals and the band’s playful, inventive instrumentation.

2011Candy Says: It's not just the Swedes and the Danes, now it's the Norwegians making great pop and rock music. Great song from a band I for one will looking out for.
Listen: Help! Web: Official.

Background: Raised in the "live music capital of the world," 19-year-old Ariel Abshire has always been surrounded by great music and the people who make it. She started singing classic hardcore country at honky tonks and dance halls with Texas music hall of fame Alvin Crow at age 11 years old. For years, Austin's legendary Broken Spoke was her second home where her talents were nurtured by the likes of Pinetop Perkins, Clifford Antone, Dale Watson and countless other Austin greats.

But Ariel Abshire's musical influences are not limited to the country realm. Stepfather, Lance Fever (lead singer for the notable 90s punk/ska band Gals Panic), introduced her to Austin’s alternative scene at an early age and steered his friend Andy Sharp toward producing her debut CD, Exclamation Love. This self-penned album of original material was immediately snatched up by San Diego label Darla Records (My Morning Jacket, Robin Guthrie) and released just after Abshire’s seventeenth birthday. The record made several top 10 lists and received critical acclaim from such A-list sources as The Boston Globe, The Austin Chronicle, Exclaim! and Some Velvet Blog. And the live act that followed earned her a spot on The Austin Chronicle’s ‘Top Ten Female Vocalists’ list of 2009.

Ariel Abshire has just finished recording several guest vocal parts on Matt Pond PA's new EP, Spring Fools and also his forthcoming album. Also, she is currently performing with her band in venues across Texas and has recently shared the bill with Jerry Jeff Walker, Kellie Pickler, Roger Creager, Robert Earl Keen, Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs, Graham Reynold's Golden Arm Trio, etc. Her voice can also be heard on the soundtracks of feature films by Robert Rodriguez and Trevor Romain, numerous video game projects, and an animated cartoon for Adult Swim’s William Street Studios. Her second record, Still So New, is being mastered now and will be released soon (August).

2011Candy Says: This is such a great song and the vocals of Ariel are simply beautiful. I will stop there otherwise I will start gushing....
Listen: No Great Pretender. Web: Official.

Background: The new release date for Vanessa Carlton's upcoming album Rabbits on the Run is now July 26th.  Vanessa will hit the road in June to preview the album nationwide and perform three sold-out shows at Joe's Pub in New York City (tour dates below).

Rabbits on the Run, Vanessa Carlton's fourth studio album, was produced by Steve Osborne (U2, B-52's, KT Tunstall) and was recorded in the UK at Peter Gabriel's world-renowned Real World Studios. The album returns to a different era of music-making:  ten intimate, evocative songs, recorded directly to tape with her close-knit team of collaborators including Steve Osborne, Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket,  and Ari Ingber of The Upwelling (all playing on the album). Part inspired by two books: Richard Adams' Watership Down and Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time,   Rabbits on the Run is by far the most honest and uncompromising album she has recorded to date, revealing a striking departure and an exciting snapshot in the evolution of  this exquisite storyteller and inventive musician.  Songs include the 70's-sun-drenched "Dear California," the lush "Carousel" and the bold "I Don't Want to Be a Bride."

June 22:  Vienna, VA - Jammin' Java
June 23:  Philadelphia, PA - World Café Live
June 25:  Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
June 26:  New York, NY - Joe's Pub
June 27:  New York, NY - Joe's Pub
June 29:  New York, NY - Joe's Pub
July 7:  San Francisco, CA - Swedish American Hall
July 8:  Los Angeles, CA - Largo
July 9:  Temecula, CA - Pechanga Resort & Casino w/ Matchbox 20
July 22:  Highland Park, IL - Ravinia Festival w/ Five For Fighting

2011Candy Says; You would expect quality mixing from Real World studios and you get that here. Superb harmonies on this fine piano led song.
Listen: Carousel. Web: Official.

Background: Despite the roots all three share as rich tributaries of great American music, there have been few instances in which country, jazz, and pop rock have successfully come together within one band. It just seems like an impossible fit: corralling Stetson-hatted cowboys, cool-blowing jazzmen, and funky rock players into a single cohesive project, one that seamlessly blends these very distinct styles. It seems impossible, that is, until you’ve heard Tricked Out Country.

The creation of drummer, producer, and backing vocalist Anthony Liccese and lead singer and guitarist Neil Scott Johnson—and featuring renowned jazz trumpeter Kenny Scharf—Tricked Out Country boasts one of the most refreshingly new sounds on today’s music scene. With its combination of Neil’s modern country sensibility and Anthony’s contemporary pop production, all flavored with Kenny’s tasteful embellishments, Tricked Out Country has created an album sure to lasso hip downtowners and sophisticated uptowners, as well as honky-tonk hell-raisers. And the best place to make that boot- scootin’, booty-shakin’ connection is via the group’s self-titled debut. The release is home to nine startlingly original tracks that include the irresistible, playful two-stepper “Chicky Chow Chow,” the brew-hoisting party anthem “It’s the Beer,” the ’80s- esque ballad “Circle of Dreams,” and even a reggae-tinged cut, “You’re Not Invited to My Party,” which features a guest appearance by Jamaican rapper O.S.

“Growing up in the Bronx I was exposed to all kinds of music, but not really a lot of country until I met Neil,” says Anthony, aka the Harmony Guy, known around town for his masterful backup harmonies and, like Neil, a veteran of the New York club scene. “I’d written some country songs for my other group, the Neil Scott Johnson Band [the New York Metropolitan Country Music Association’s Band of the Year for six consecutive years],” says Neil, who was raised Upstate and whose classic rock background includes work with Aztec Two-Step’s Neal Schulman and hit country songwriter David Kent. “Tricked Out Country started in 2010, when Anthony got the idea to produce the songs using non-traditional instrumentation—country and pop rock, but with a jazz twist.”

“I loved my parents’ records by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass when I was a kid, and I’ve always loved including brass, especially horn, whenever possible in my musical efforts—Tricked Out Country is emblematic of this,” explains Anthony. “I met Kenny Scharf [a featured soloist with Ray Charles 12 years and now an in-demand artist in his own right] on a gig a few years back, and hired him right away. As soon as we heard him play on our tracks we knew we had something really different.”

In addition to the music itself, Tricked Out Country’s initial release includes something else that’s really different for a debut album: a bonus DVD with a feature on the band’s concept and a promotional video, directed by Anthony, for “Julie,” the record’s high- twangin’, down-home-shufflin’ first single. As such an astonishingly novel project, it’s no surprise the set has already won rabid praise from several key music publications.

2011Candy Says: Now I love to feature artists that mix up the genres and styles and do something different with style. All requirements met here then, if only more country artists would move beyond the safety of the traditional format.
Listen: Julie. Web: Official.

Background: The Kobolds are a New York City alternative rock band with a home-base in Astoria, Queens. Influenced by The White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, and Led Zeppelin, Alex Grau and Nicholas DiMichele first started playing music together as teenagers in College Station, Texas. After moving to New York to pursue degrees from NYU, Alex and Nick enlisted Pennsylvanian drummer Andrew Benson from a local Guitar Center.

Using intense intimidation tactics, Alex, Nick and Andrew coerced their long-time friend from Texas, Spencer Synwolt, to start a new life in New York and round out the rock quartet. The Kobolds were born in 2009, and released their first album, The Kobolds EP, in July 2010. Following a year of playing New York, their second album, The Kobolds EP II, is being released in May 2011.

2011Candy Says: There is enough original style here to make it easy to look beyond the influences. I love this track, simple as that.
Listen: The Grind. Web: Official.

Background: Extra Happy Ghost!!! is an experimental pop group from Calgary, Canada. The project was originally started by Matthew Swann in 2008 as an outlet for the murky, psychedelic sounds that he heard in his head.  In 2009 EHG!!!'s debut EP How the Beach Boys Sound to Those with no Feelings was released via Saved by Radio. The EP consists primarily of Swann’s lo-fi home recordings and was graciously received to critical acclaim. In fall 2010 EHG!!! released a split 7” with their friends Lab Coast which Coke Machine Glow described as “One of the most uncomplicated enjoyable releases I’ve heard all year”.

In late 2010 Extra Happy Ghost!!! entered Chad VanGaalen’ s Yoko Eno studio to record their first full length, Modern Horses.  The project, conceived of almost a year prior, was spurred by a chance meeting at a 2009 Vic Chesnutt (RIP) show, where Ian Russell of Flemish Eye Records conveyed VanGaalen’s  fondness for EHG!!!’s debut EP.  The album is named for 9 horses that panicked and jumped off a Calgary bridge in 2005 while being corralled toward the city’s downtown. Modern Horses is concise, consisting of nine sparse and anxious pop songs, functioning as a whole and flowing seamlessly. Modern Horses is available for download (through iTunes etc.), or on CD or LP through Saved by Radio/Saved by Vinyl July 26, 2011.

2011Candy Says: Another fine song for this round up, it's kinda dreamy and then energised with a real hook in the chorus.
Listen: So At One. Web: MySpace.

Background: The Fruit Tree Foundation is a new independent project in Scotland led by musicians Rod Jones and Emma Pollock in partnership with The Mental Health Foundation, Scottish Wave of Change and Breathing Space Scotland. The project has grown from the annual Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (1-24 October 2010) and aims to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing and challenge perceptions of mental health problems by creating great art. Featuring: James Graham Twilight Sad), (Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit), Rod Jones (Idlewild), Jill O’Sullivan (Sparrow and the Workshop), Emma Pollock (The Delgados), Karine Polwart, Jenny Reeve, Alasdair Roberts and James Yorkston.

This ambitious new project sees some of Scotland’s finest and most exciting artists from the indie and folk music scene come together to explore the relationship between creativity and mental health by writing and producing a brand new album; featuring unique pairings and one-off collaborations between some of our most intriguing song-writers.

The album was exclusively available at two special concerts in Edinburgh and Glasgow last year and is now being released internationally by Glasgow’s seminal record label, Chemikal Underground and will be available to buy for the first time since the concerts in October last year.

Chemikal Underground’s Stewart Henderson: - “While collaborative albums can often be well-meaning, but inevitably patchy affairs, this is emphatically not the case with The Fruit Tree Foundation. For as much as the cause the album supports is an incredibly important one, it really was the strength of the album itself which knocked us out, perhaps not surprisingly when you consider the caliber of those involved. It’s an extraordinarily cohesive piece of work, one which seems to have brought the best out of all the artists and which stands on its own two feet as an album full of intelligence, insight and, most importantly, compellingly great tunes.”

Musician Emma Pollock: - “Writing the new music in the house in Perthshire in such an intense way really brought home to me the inclusive nature of music and how it always manages to convey an energy all of its own. All 9 of us walked in on the first day really quite unaware of what we were about to do, but ultimately the music written carried us all along and the atmosphere in the house was always really positive. Music takes you out of yourself and you can become engrossed in its mood and momentum. This change of perspective can be a wonderful thing and I love the fact there's so much music out there for us to dive into any time we want to go somewhere new."

Head of The Mental Health Foundation in Scotland, Isabella Goldie: - “Music is able to engage people on such an emotional and personal level. It can help you feel less alone, feel you belong or just make the day seem a bit more special. We all have songs that mean something to us and music is able to engender memories like no other art form. It’s impossible to imagine a world without music; it plays such an important part in our lives. It can help us form identities, express ourselves and provide meaning. “The artists on this album have come together under the banner of mental health to explore what mental health means to them and to challenge some of the stereotypes that we attach to people that experience mental health problems. We may not all develop mental health problems, but if we are fortunate enough not to, we are likely to have people close to us that will. This music project gives people a chance to reflect and consider what we can all do collectively to improve mental health within our society”.

Breathing Space Scotland National Coordinator, Tony McLaren: - “Breathing Space Scotland is delighted to sponsor the Fruit Tree Foundation. Music for many people is an instant way of taking Breathing Space. We can all relate to listening to a favourite song on the radio and feeling it lift our spirits. Music can be an instant mood lifter, a way of unwinding and keeping stress at bay.

2011Candy Says: Anyone who 'aims to raise awareness of mental health and well being and challenge perceptions of mental health problems by creating great art' has the full support of Beehive Candy. This song was the first I heard from the album and demonstrates how serious these folk are on 'the great art' element. 
Listen: I Forgot The Fall. Web: Official.

Background: The realization of music is undeniably part of the most desirable goals in any one musician’s agenda. For Botanical Bullets – a New Jersey duo that went to the same high school, but didn’t meet until afterwards – music has always treaded on the same conviction that the coming together of minds should be a patient, introspective and mutual collaboration. And with a sound that is equal parts electronic, noise and rock, with the ability at layering music with careful attention and concentration is what has made for an alliance that is bonded to the core.

Jay Shah (keyboard, effects, drum machine, guitar, vocals) and Jacob Conover’s (vocals, keyboard, guitar) rich musical depth has always maintained an enduring constant in their music. Shah notes influences range from “The Jesus and Mary Chain, to Depeche Mode, to J Dilla, to TV on the Radio.”

And while the music often dips into the realm of atmospheric, ambient noise-rock, Conover adds that their music is never straightforwardly classified, “It would be hard to describe because we are constantly finding new elements and techniques to work with.” Through an array of influences that embark on establishing touchstone elements to their music, Shah also adds that music is never an art that should linger dormant, “I think in time we will both grow more as writers, singers, and producers, so the topics will be more varied and the content more complex.”

What makes Botanical Bullets truly work is the effort and attention each member places on the band’s evolution. The music is frequently an evident depiction of the band’s oxymoron name in that it’s never clear and concise but rather, continuously developing into something far wider and deeper than before. And although their style of music fuses the lines of electronic, pop and even hip-hop, it’s the band’s meticulous song-making process that aids in their aforementioned development.

2011Candy Says: I thought I had featured this duo before maybe I have but just to be on the safe side I wanted to feature this song as it's a fine one to finish this music round up. Rich and flowing with some intriguing twists.
Listen: We Bleed Flourescent. Web: Official.


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Toots and The Maytals - New York 1979.

This is Toots and The Maytals live in New York back in 1979. This would have been the latter part of their set on the night, as at this time they would normally play around a dozen songs and usually include a few hits such as Monkey Man, Pressure Drop and the like.

There is some dispute as to the venue, The Bottom Line Club has been cited elsewhere however there is no record of them performing at the club that year in the archives, however WNEW would regularly cover live performances at that time from the venue. Any how despite the lack of facts this is one fine recording to enjoy.

Toots and the Maytals' compositions would be given a second airing in 1978-80 during the reggae punk and ska revival period in the UK, when The Specials included "Monkey Man" on their 1979 debut album and The Clash covered "Pressure Drop". They were also included in the lyrics to Bob Marley & The Wailers song, "Punky Reggae Party" - "The Wailers will be there, The Damned, The Jam, The Clash, The Maytals will be there, Dr. Feelgood too".

They reformed in the early 1990s to continue touring and recording successfully. Toots & the Maytals hold the current record of number one hits in Jamaica, with a total of thirty one.

Source: FM radio broadcast.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps

Genre: Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady

Set: Radio edit of set.

Set List:

2.54-46 That's My Number.
3.Reggae Got Soul.
4.Broadway Jungle.

Website: Official HERE.

Download link in comments below.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mumford and Sons - New Orleans 2011

This is Mumford and Sons on the final gig of the Railroad Revival Tour, at Woldenberg Park; New Orleans, on the 27th April 2011.

The band consists of Marcus Mumford (vocals, guitar, drums, mandolin), Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboards, accordion, drums), "Country" Winston Marshall (vocals, banjo, dobro), and Ted Dwane (vocals, string bass, drums, guitar). The band formed in October 2007, rising out of what some in the media labelled the "West London folk scene" with other artists such as Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn and Noah and the Whale.

Quoting from the tour website - 'This April, Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and Old Crow Medicine Show will embark on a tour unlike any in recent memory. Traveling exclusively in vintage railcars, the three bands will journey across the American Southwest over the course of a week. The aptly titled Railroad Revival Tour will feature the three bands playing concerts at six unique outdoor locations along the route, beginning April 21st in Oakland, California'.

'The Railroad Revival train is 1,500 feet long and consists of 15 vintage railcars from the 1950s and 60s, pulled by two locomotives. The bands will eat, sleep, and record on the train as they travel across the American Southwest, bringing their collaborative vision to fans from California to New Orleans. The bands will have equal billing and equal time on stage, in an environment that encourages creativity and cross-pollination. The entire tour will be the focus of a documentary that captures the spirit of the journey and gives intimate insights into the creative process.

Source: Satellite radio broadcast.

Sound Quality: Very good stereo mp3@320kbps

Genre: Folk rock, indie folk.

Set: Full set.

Set List:

01 - Sigh No More
02 - Roll Away Your Stone
03 - Winter Winds
04 - Timshel
05 - Little Lion Man
06 - Lover Of The Light
07 - Lover's Eyes (Walk Slow)
08 - Awake My Soul
09 - The Cave
10 - This Train Is Bound For Glory (with Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros & Old Crow Medicine Show)

Website: Official HERE.

Download links in comments below (replacement 15 September 2011).