So Much New Music - If Only I Could Catch Up With The Back Catalogue!

Whats new or current in the Beehive?

Lets start with The Polyphonic Spree, who released their third album 'The Fragile Army' this summer. On this album they take their unique 'spaced out choral pop' a little towards the dark side. I think they are probably a love or hate group. I like them (to be awkward).

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The Polyphonic Spree - (The Fragile Army - 02) - Running Away.mp3

The Polyphonic Spree - We Crawl.mp3

The Polyphonic Spree - The Fragile Army.mp3

Now a band I am really keen to promote (you know you can still buy music & help new artists?). Bodies Of Water remind me a little of the aforementioned, add a touch of Beach Boys harmonies, and something a little maverick, and you are almost there. All of which probably does not help - elsewhere they have been described as gospel pop, so here's a few songs to clarify.

Bodies o fWater - Doves Circle the Sky.mp3

Bodies Of Water - Our Friends Appear Like The Dawn.mp3

Bodies of Water - I Guess Ill Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guess.mp3

Visit their website with links to buying the album HERE.

Now to Auckland City, New Zealand, but not for long as they are about to decamp to the USA, in search of greater things. The Brunettes, are wonderful (apologies if you know all the stuff on this posting already). They have the album 'Structure And Cosmetics' out now, find out about them, and listen to more HERE.

The Brunettes - Small Town Crew.mp3

The Brunettes - 02 - Loopy Loopy Love.mp3

What can I tell you about The Moonbabies? They are from Malmo, Sweden, which is street cred enough in my books. Check the detail & listen to tons of their stuff HERE.

The Moonbabies - Sun AM.mp3

OK Grinderman have been out & about for a while now, but in order to ensure at least one download has some nasty teeth, and as an unashamed fan of Nick Cave's music here's a reminder!

Grinderman - 05 - Depth Charge Ethel.mp3

A few links to MySpace sites on this posting, sometimes however you can discover a real diamond or two there. I would like to pretend that I came across this myself tirelessly in search of new musical gems, sorry in this instance it was the excellent Gorillas v Bears blog that led me to this.

Golden Ghost and a Murder Hawk - The Orca and the Eskimo.mp3

If you check out something new today, check out Golden Ghost... and visit their site with more to listen to HERE.

Then there is PJ Harvey who I am delighted to say, has a new album out next month (September). From what I can find out, it is more piano based, but no less to the point than most of her music. One of the late John Peels favorites, it took me a while to appreciate Polly's music, glad I took the time too. This I understand will be on the forthcoming album.

PJ Harvey - When Under Ether.mp3

Click HERE, for a selection of some of the above Cd's or on the links provided after some of the artists.

Finally another unashamed plug for Coco Rosie, because I still find myself enjoying there music, a couple of months on from last shouting about them, and wondering why they are not reaching a much wider audience?

Coco Rosie - Rainbowarriors.mp3

Coco Rosie - Beautiful Boyz.mp3

Coco Rosie - Madonna.mp3

Or am I just missing something, a lot of visitors came back for more first time around!

Buy Coco Rosie HERE.

So much new music, if only I could catch up with the back catalogue !!!