A Trip Before The Beatles - The Quarrymen 1960

If you are not familiar with The Quarrymen, John Lennon's 'skiffle' group, that eventually became The Silver Beatles, and then of course The Beatles, the Wikipedia article HERE is really interesting.

I thought of just providing some selected parts within this posting, but the whole article provides excellent background to this recording.

This rehearsal recording was made just four weeks before they changed name to The Silver Beetles, and John Lennon's friend Stuart Sutcliffe made up the quartet.

This recording was made at Paul McCartney's home early in 1960, prior to Pete Best joining as drummer, and of course the Hamburg, Germany era.

This is obviously a wonderful piece of musical history, and the audio quality reflects the historical aspect, home taping circa 1960, likely on one microphone, and with a muffled sound and hiss, that an old tape would retain however much you try to clean it up.

That said I find it fascinating, and a must have for any Beatles fan, and for anyone who values rock and pop musics heritage.

Track listing:

1 I Love Her So - vocals Paul McCartney
2 The One After 909 - vocals John Lennon and Paul McCartney
3 I'll Always Be In Love With You - vocals John Lennon
4 You'll Always Be Mine - vocals John and Paul
5 Match Box - vocals George Harrison
6 You Just Don't Understand - vocals Paul
7 Some days - vocals Paul
8 Thinking Of Linking - Instrumental
9 I'll Follow The Sun - vocals Paul
10 The One After 909 - Version Two vocals John & Paul
11 Hey Darling - vocals George and Paul
12 You Must Lie Everyday - vocals unknown
13 Guitar Bop - Instrumental
14 That's When Your Heartaches Begin - vocals John
15 Hello Little Girl - vocals John and Paul
16 That'll Be The Day - vocals John

OK so the audio ain't brilliant, but as collectors items go this has to be right up there - enjoy!

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Thank you. This is historical.
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Track 7 is NOT thinking of linking.

Check out Anthology bonus DVD for a sample of the song.
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