Bootleg Originals Part Three - The Waterboys - Glastonbury 1986

When is a bootleg, not a bootleg?

"I think 1986 was a peak", states The Waterboys founder Mike Scott, "We never really came back to where we were in 1986."

How good was their concert at Glastonbury in 1986?

So good that in 1998, Mike Scott released a live album of The Waterboys including the Glastonbury performance, despite the fact it had been bootlegged from the radio broadcast twelve years earlier!

It's all a bit of a conundrum, when you consider the 'official release', and what has subsequently happened, it goes like this.

According to Mike Scott, the album was put out by New Millennium Records (although credits it to "Msi", and All Music Guide credits it to "Pilot" and "Griffin").

Mike Scott claims that New Millennium stopped paying royalties to the band but continued to sell the album. The album is not listed on the band's own 'official' discography.

Whatever the actual facts are, the Glastonbury concert was unique, capturing the whole essence of the festival, indeed the official Waterboys website refers to the 1986 bands line up as the "Raggle Taggle band", influenced by traditional Irish music, as well as by country and gospel.

Put simply they were superb, and this concert captures them at an all time peak.

Track listing:

1. Be My Enemy
2. Old England
3. The Thrill Is Gone & The Healing Has Begun
4. The Pan Within
5. The Whole Of The Moon
6. Spirit
7. Savage Earth Heart
8. Saint and Angels
NEW *(9. An extra Waterboys live recording from this era).* NEW

Audio quality: excellent, FM stereo sourced, with some clean up editing.

Some Waterboys CD releases from around the Glastonbury era HERE.
My thanks to Chris for replacing my old cassette copy of this, with such a fine example.
When is a bootleg, not a bootleg? You tell me...

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Anonymous said…
fantastic, love waterboys!.. thank you very much.. anthony
RockChick said…
Thank you very much! I too am a huge fan of the Waterboys, my favourite band of the 80's.
Anonymous said…
Hi, and thanks for this post. I cant get access to the at Mediafire. Usualy I have no problems with mediafire. Can you check this file please?

Many thanks in advance

A Dashing Blade said…
Awesome, taped this off radio1 when it aired as was there, awesome set!
Anonymous said…
Thanks v much for posting this gig as I remember it to be a great show - am wondering where you got the pic from as it looks v familiar and I suspect it might be one of mine - am not asking because I want you to take it down, but because I lost track of some pics a while ago from that era and I think this is one of them...please email me at to let me know....thanks...A
Beehive Candy said…
Download Link:

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Beehive Candy