A Trip With The Beatles - Ultra Rare Trax Volume's One and Two

Ultra Rare Trax Volumes One and Two may well have been the first two Beatles boot CD's released in Europe.

They had previously been on vinyl and allegedly originates from master tapes "borrowed" from Abbey Road, which obviously upset some EMI exec's.

Released by prolific bootleggers Swinging Pig records on CD and made in Luxembourg, they were certainly in circulation by 1988.

These are a selection of studio outtakes, and similar to material released on the official Anthology series.

They are another piece of Beatles history, and make fascinating listening.

Volume One track list is:

1. I Saw Her Standing There (take two)
2. One After 909 (take two)
3. She's A Women (take two)
4. I'm Looking Through You (take one)
5. If You've Got Trouble (take one)
6. How Do I Do It (take two)
7. Penny Lane (take nine)
8. Strawberry Fields Forever (take 26)
9. From Me To You (take two)
10. Besame Mucho (1962 Pete Best on drums)
11. The Fool On The Hill (demo take one)
12. Paperback Writer (take two)

Volume Two track list is:

1. Cant Buy Me Love (take two)
2. There's a Place (take three)
3. There's a Place (take four)
4. That Means a Lot (take two)
5. Day Tripper (take two)
6. Day Tripper (take three)
7. I Am The Walrus (take seventeen)
8. Misery (take one)
9. Leave My Kitten Alone (take five)
10. We Can Work It Out (take two)
11. A Hard Days Night (take 3b)
12. Norwegian Wood (take four - with two false starts)

These are studio sourced and predominately in stereo, some tracks have aged in terms of quality, none of which distracts from the listening experience - in other words any Beatles fan or collector who have not got these will love them!


As always some official material options HERE.

My thanks to Chris again, for providing this fine material.


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Wow! Thanks SO MUCH for posting this. I have a few boots but have never heard this stuff before. What I've heard so far is terrific! Excellent! Thanks, again!