The Bangles - California USA - 1983

This is The Bangles live a couple of years before they hit the big time, with 'Manic Monday'.

Having morphed from The Bangs (for legal reasons), the band was part of the so called 'Paisley Underground' scene in LA, which featured groups that played a mixture of 1960s influenced folk-rock and jangle pop with a more modern punk/garage band undertone.

This is the band performing in Valencia, which a quick google suggests, is a pretty up market and wealthy location, sorry I do not know the specific venue.

In actual fact the band played two shows on this date, and I am pleased to have both of them to share, hence some songs appear twice, however they are very much to individual performances.

This is The Bangles - Valencia, CA, USA on the 27th May 1983.

Set lists are as follows:

Early Show:

Mary Street
Hazy shade of winter
I'm in line
Where were you when I needed you
Dover Beach
The Real world
All about you
Tell me
Want you
How is the air up there

Late Show:

The Real world
Getting Out Of Hand
I'm in love
Dover Beach
Tell me
Outside Chance
Renaissance man
Mary Street
Steppin' Out
Want you
7 and 7 is
Pushing too hard

This is a good soundboard recording of both performances.

New file link in comments below - Re-uploaded 2012 (Stealth project).

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Beehive Candy said…
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Anonymous said…
At the beginning of track 6 one of the Peterson sisters asks if anyone has "gone on the Freefall." The Freefall is a ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia California. It's a safe bet the concert is at the park.

Thanks for the upload!

Lou Ming
Anonymous said…
Very nice choice here. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Excellent post. Thanks for sharing. Great blog, mate!

Anonymous said…
Thanks a squillion, Mr Beehive Bangle.
mascojoey said…
thanks...this is great. there are 27 tracks but there are just 25 titles in the tracklist...could u help me out? thanks again
Anonymous said…
The track listing is as above, but "Mary Street" is split over tracks 1 & 2, and track 14 is an introduction to the second set. Hence the two extra tracks.
Anonymous said…
This is the Magic Mountain show. I should know...I SAW IT!!! I caught the early show here and they were fantastic! I think their first album had just been out and they were still fresh and rocking hard at this time, before the big hits change them. Finally...a live show I actually saw! lol

Anonymous said…
A number of tracks in this post have a pretty low bitrate, so low that it's hard to tell if this is even from the SBD...

Great site, though!
nichomach said…
Fantastic, thanks very much!
Anonymous said…
ONLY PLACE TO PREFORM IN Valencia CA..would be the amusement park ..MAGIC MOUNTAIN
Anonymous said…
Nice list of tracks. thanks.

Disney World Tickets Author
MaxPericles said…
This is a historic show. Great sounding too...Thanks for posting!
Enid Coleslaw said…
Hey thanks a lot for this...great to hear them live like that.
leesa said…
Thanx so much for the post... and certainly no offense meant... but for anyone who may be concerned - the Bit Rate here is 112.

If this is a Soundboard, it's one of the worst Soundboards I've ever heard. Sounds like an Audience to me.

Does anyone know where to find a higher Bit Rate?
Anonymous said…
Any chance of this one getting posted again? That would be awesome!
Zinger said…
Just discovered your site and it is awesome! Any chance of this Bangles being reposted? Thanks, Jeff
Beehive Candy said…