Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band - Washington DC 1976

This is Emmylou Harris and the Hot Band at the opening night of the Warner Theater, Washington DC, USA on the 28th March 1976.

'Elite Hotel', released in December 1975, established that the buzz created by the previous album 'Pieces of the Sky' was well-founded.

Unusual for country albums at the time, which largely revolved around a hit single, Emmylou's' albums borrowed their approach from the album-oriented rock market, in terms of quality and artistic merit.

Tracks like "Sin City", "Wheels", and "Till I Gain Control Again", which weren't singles, easily stood against tracks like "Together Again", "Sweet Dreams", and "One of These Days", which were.

While 'Elite Hotel' was a number 1 country album, the album did sufficiently well with the rock audience. 'Elite Hotel' won a Grammy in 1976 for Best Country Vocal Performance, Female.

Legendary DC Concert Promoter Mike Schreibman was responsible for the reopening of the Warner Theater in downtown DC.

This Emmylou Show was the first show in the revamped 2000-seat acoustically-perfect vaudeville house.

The concert was broadcast on WHFS-FM 102.3 -Homegrown Radio, from back in those 'sorely missed days' - no playlists, knowledgeable DJs, and support for homegrown artists like Emmylou, who here returns triumphant.

These are the notes from 'Richard F' who recorded the show. ' I taped the show off the radio, and the cassette has held up remarkably well. I did miss taping the opening number and most of "San Antone Rose" as well as "Till I Can Gain Control Again" and most of "Jambalaya" during the tape flip. Thanks to Deborah N, I received all missing tracks except for "Till I Can Gain Control Again" from her source. Dave T then located the elusive missing track'.

The show has been edited together and sensitively mastered.

Set list is:

01 Intro
02 Cash on the Barrelhead
03 San Antonio Rose
04 Coat of Many Colors
05 Feeling Single, Seeing Double
06 If I Could only Win Your Love
07 Too Far Gone
08 Amarillo
09 Tonight the Bottle Let me Down
10 Tulsa Queen
11 Bluebird Wine
12 Band intros
13 Wheels
14 Till I Can Gain Control Again
15 Jambalaya
16 Ooh Las Vegas
17 Satan's Jewel Crown *
18 Forty Days
19 Outro

The band line up was:

The Hot Band:
Glen D, Hardin, piano
Rodney Crowell, rhythm guitar, harmony vocals
Emory Gordy Bass, banjo, high harmony
John Ware, drums
Hank De Vito, pedal steel, Dobro
Albert Lee, lead guitar

* Guests:
Fayssoux Starling, vocal
John Starling, vocal, acoustic guitar
Mike Auldridge, Dobro

Sound quality is predominately very good (FM stereo radio sourced).


Emmylou Harris official web site HERE. Rhino Records record store HERE, with many remastered albums including extra tracks, including Elite Hotel.


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Hey Beehive Candy,
Just wanted to let you know that Fayssoux Starling has just released her DEBUT CD, 30+ years after singing such stunning harmony with Emmylou. It's called "Early" and it's on my little Nashville label Red Beet Records. She's still incredible. Emmylou sings on a bunch of it:
www.myspace.com/fayssouxmusic and
I know it's not good form to promote "commercial product" in a blog comment, but thought anyone who cares about this great Emmylou show from 1975 might care about Fayssoux's next chapter! Thanks so much...
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I got Fayssoux's myspace address wrong!!


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