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Leonard Cohen - Gothenburg Sweden 1993

This is Leonard Cohen from 1993 touring around the time of 'The Future' being released, (his last tour until now).

Due to appear at Glastonbury this year and also touring from June 2008 in Canada and Europe,
if you get a chance to see him live, take it!

Having released three 'official' live albums, this is the first live material I have heard from 'The Future' era, and it is extremely good.

The man remains a massive influence in music, and now in his seventies, is as eagerly anticipated, as at any other time in his forty year musical career.

This was recorded from an FM broadcast of the concert at the Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden, on the 2nd May 1993.

The set list was:

01. [6:56.67] The Future
02. [5:00.68] Ain't No Cure for Love
03. [6:23.33] Bird on the Wire (radio announcer)
04. [6:44.43] First We Take Manhattan
05. [4:14.05] Suzanne
06. [5:47.54] I'm Your Man
07. [6:58.47] Joan of Arc
08. [7:45.00] Closing Time
09. [5:58.58] Hallelujah (radio announcer)

The …

The Go-Go's - Live In LA 1984

This is the Go-Go's in their 1980's hey day.

They made rock history as the first all-woman band that both wrote their own songs and played their own instruments to top the Billboard album charts in the USA.

Their energetic music spanned surf, new wave, pop-punk, power pop, and rock.

Although Belinda Carlisle has had considerable success as a solo artist, the Go-Go's are very much on equal terms with each other, as is evidenced by this concert.

I do not have the precise location or exact date for this gig, beyond LA, California in 1984. This is a superb and lively performance.

Set list is:

01 Get Up and Go
02 Head Over Heels
03 Our Lips Are Sealed
04 Forget That Day
05 We Got The Beat
06 Turn To You
07 Tonight
08 You Thought
09 Yes Or No
10 I'm With You
11 This Town
12 Can't Stop The World
13 Vacation - I'm The Only One

Band Line Up:

Belinda Carlisle
Jane Wiedlin
Charlotte Caffey
Kathy Valentine
Gina Schock

This is probably FM stereo rather than soundboard, it is either way a very good …