January and All That

During December & early January a number of music sites and magazines, indulge in the 'best of' the year passing, often with top 10's 20's 50's and so on.

Nothing wrong with all that, indeed it can be a great way of discovering bands and artists that otherwise may pass you by.

This got me thinking about some of the issues recently, regarding whole postings being deleted on various music sites (including this one) thanks to our friends in big record companies.

I took a quick look through the latter part of 2008, to remind myself of some of the bands and artists that I had discovered thanks in particular to other music bloggers.

Yes some are now already 'established', some yet to release an album, however I wonder if I would have given them any attention if it was not for those enthusiastic postings. The chances of a lot of these artists getting prime time exposure on UK radio, is limited, and in some cases any exposure is unlikely, for the profit driven, play safe industry.

Here are just five examples randomly selected:

Hajen (pictured above) was first featured on Swedesplease, an excellent source for new music from such a vibrant and musically diverse country. Known as Hajen which translates as Shark, Amanda Bergman for me, is one to watch out for in the coming year, to use the well worn cliche 'a breath of fresh air'.


MP3: Sharks
Web Link: MySpace

Land of Talk are a Canadian indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec. The band consists of singer and guitarist Elizabeth Powell, bassist Joe Yarmush and drummer Eric Thibodeau.
Their first full length album, Some Are Lakes, was released in October 2008. For me they have a real buzz, along with a distinctive sound, very accessible.


MP3: Death By Fire
Web Link: Official Site
Buy:Land Of Talk mp3

Okkervil River are an indie folk band from Austin, Texas. Formed in 1998, the band takes its name from a short story by Russian author Tatyana Tolstaya. The band released their fifth album The Stand Ins on September 9th 2008, from which the song below lead to my coming across this really fine band.


MP3: Lost Coastlines
Web Link: MySpace
Buy:Okkervil River

First Aid Kit are another superb act from Sweden, who have an EP 'Drunken Trees' available through their My Space site. They are in my humble opinion one of the bands to watch out for this year (yes I know), see what you think.


MP3: Our Own Pretty Ways
Web Link: MySpace
Buy: First Aid Kit

Amy MacDonald is now doing very well, and deservedly so, she has an exceptional style, and her songs are just far to catchy ! I expect most of you are familiar if not to finish this brief round up feel free to check out Amy here.


MP3: Run
Web Link: Official Site
Buy:Amy MacDonald


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First Aid Kit sound sharp got any more?