Status Quo - Live In Sweden 1971

Lets kick off 2009, with some heads down, no nonsense, mindless boogie, from rock monsters Status Quo !

Source: Concert soundboard.

Sound Quality: Excellent mixed stereo direct recording.

Genre: 1970's Rock'n'roll, hair, flares, and axe heroes.

Set: Performed on the 24th November 1971, at the Koncerthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, this is possibly just the second part of the gig.

Set List:

1. Juniors Wailing 3.36
2. Some one's Learning 8.00
3. Umleitung 7.58
4. In My Chair 3.17
5. Railroad 5.37
6. Roadhouse Blues 8.07

Line Up:

Francis Rossi - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Rick Parfitt - Guitar, Vocals
Alan Lancaster - Bass
John Coghlan - Drums
Plus - Bob 'Bandie' Young - Harp

Links: Status Quo's excellent, comprehensive and well updated, official site HERE.

Comments: 1971 saw the band release the album 'Dog Of Two Head' thus confirming their natural shift to 'rockers'. Three tracks from the album are performed on this boot, Some one's Learning, Umleitung and Railroad.

Remaining ever popular Status Quo have long passed the 'parody of their own selves' stage, into 'cultural' rockers, whose often predictive sound, still sells out concert after concert, along with a lot of product.

Download link in comments below.

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This is the full gig.
It was done for Swedish radio.