Nils Lofgren - Pinkpop Festival 1977

It was the UK's NME (New Musical Express), that introduced me to Nils Lofgren, way back when I was a much, much, younger person in the second half of the 1970's.

I was so impressed I went about purchasing his earlier material with 'Grin', and feel a strange personal satisfaction that has been such a key member of Bruce Springsteen's 'E Street Band'.

This then is Nils Lofgren and band, back on the 30th May 1977, at the Pink Pop Festival, Geleen, Holland.

Source: Local FM radio broadcast.

Sound Quality: Very Good quality FM Stereo off air recording converted to 320kbps MP3.

Genre: Rock, Blues Rock, high quality guitar and vocals.

Set: Part of the festival set (as far as I know), for FM broadcast featuring key songs.

Set List:

1.Incidentally it's over.
2.Like rain.
3.Code of the road.
4.Keith don't go.
5.Moon tears.
6.I came to dance.

Total Playing Time 38:01

Links: Official Site (very good) HERE. Informative Wikipedia entry HERE.

Comments: Nils Lofgren's 1976 album release 'Cry Tough' remains a personal favorite of mine. The massive punk backlash emerging at the time here in the UK, was never aimed at the likes of Nils Lofgren, indeed he was considered amongst my peers at the time, as a great example of how rock music should develop.

In reality he was doing his own thing to a very high standard, which fared well, outside of all the music industry shenanigans, and struck a chord with your average rock music fan, tired of the self indulgence of those who had made a fortune playing the rock superstar.

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Mike @ Beehive Candy
hfs fan said…
I'll go with Nils' fatman album as the greatest single album in the history of rock. OK, maybe Born to Run by the Boss. Incredible performer. I have a great video of a Nils tribute done in Maryland. Oh gosh, it's wonderful Wonderful selection; thank you.
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hey! cool post! keep it up!
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