The Rutles - Rehearsals

Who can forget the legend that was Ron, Dirk, Stig, and Barry?

The 'Prefab Four' remain in our hearts forever, a legend in their own lunchtime, always to be remembered as The Rutles.

OK I hope you know the story, and some of the music, if not, and if you like The Beatles and love a good laugh this is the perfect parody.

This particular recording is from The Rutles pre tour rehearsals, not sure where, its great music though, and also known as 'Sweet Rutles Tracks'.

Source: Studio rehearsals 1978.

Sound Quality: Good quality stereo (studio rehearsal 'live' recording).

Genre: Parody, comedy, musically think The Beatles.

Set: Part of studio rehearsal's with some archive Rutles video soundbites.

Set List:

We've Arrived 3:25
Now She's Left You 1:41
Number One 2:40
Love Life 3:23
Goose-Step Mama 2:34
It's Looking Good 1:56
I Must Be In Love 2:17
Baby Let Me Be 2:44
Good Times Roll 3:08
Let's Be Natural 2:25
Get Up And Go 4:45
Blue Suede Schubert 2:35
Between Us 2:14
Piggy In The Middle 2:47
Living In Hope 2:39
Double Back Alley
Plenty Of Time

Touring Band.

Neil Innes — piano, guitar and vocals;
John Halsey — drums;
Mark Griffiths — bass guitar and vocals;
Mickey Simmonds — keyboards and vocals;
Ken Thornton — lead guitar
J.J. Jonespercussion.

Links: Official Site HERE. More factual stuff on Wikipedia HERE.

Comments: I always remember when I first watched Rutland Weekend Television (on BBC Two as it happens), itself in part a parody of then British commercial TV station London Weekend Television, and similar TV channels. As a fan of Monty Python I could not stop laughing at what seemed at the time to be a perfect antidote for Pythons TV demise.

The Rutles were first seen in the series during a 1975 sketch, that was in keeping with the overall parody of the comedy series.

It made sense that The Rutles continued both within the TV show and as a recording and performing act in their own right.

The musical takes on The Beatles are often sublime, to the point of record company litigation that led to John Lennon and Paul McCartney being credited as co-authors on some official music releases.

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Beehive Candy said…


Anonymous said…
Happy Memories of Rutland Weekend Television... :-)

Speaking of Rutland,

Can you remember the time Rutland 'really' declared independence in protest when the government of the day tried to abolish it and sling them in with leicestershire?

They set up checkpoints, mock passports and all manner of stuff - it was such a successful campaign they got their county back!

Jobe said…
I've always thought Get Up And Go was better than Get Back
zappahead said…
Proberly one of the best parodies of a band till......spinal tap...should be fun to listen to...long live eric idle.....thanks.
pokerface said…
I have to ask for you to check
Double Back Alley
Plenty Of Time
in the file as they dont seem to want to play at all.
so could you do that or maybe just try to upload those 2 tunes again Thanks